The Jim Fortin Podcast

EPISODE 304: “Your Intelligence Is Your Biggest Limitation”

January 24, 2024

Does being smart actually hold you back in life? This episode uncovers the surprising ways in which what we think of as intelligence – our book smarts and academic achievements – can actually hold us back.

Reflecting on personal experiences and shamanic teachings, we explore the societal obsession with intellectual performance and its impact. From the pressure to excel in academia to the way we define our own worth based on perceived intelligence, we delve into how these factors can limit our broader understanding and spiritual growth and how they can overshadow other valuable forms of understanding and BEing.

We discuss the overrated nature of conventional intelligence and the rich knowledge lost in history, emphasizing the importance of connecting with higher consciousness and the wisdom of the soul.

This episode is an invitation to broaden your perspective on what intelligence truly means. It's about recognizing that there's more to wisdom than what's measured by standard IQ tests or academic accolades. It’s a journey towards acknowledging the vastness of consciousness and the depth of awareness that goes beyond the books.

Transformational Takeaway

Redefine your understanding of intelligence. Recognize that our accumulated knowledge can limit our perception. Be open to exploring beyond these boundaries for a more fulfilling and enlightened journey.

Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled Your Intelligence Is Your Biggest Limitation. Now if you're like a lot of people and even me 30 years ago, when you hear that, you might think, what do you mean. I mean, I'm a smart person. What do you mean my intelligence, which has gotten me my law degree or my engineering degree or whatever? It might be my MD. My intelligence is my biggest asset, not my biggest limitation. Well, I can understand why you might think that, but as you're listening to this episode, it'll become obvious to you. That your intelligence or what you think is your intelligence is your biggest limitation. Keep listening.
Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation, and I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here you're going to find no rah-rah motivation and no hype because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.
So, as I said, in the introduction, Your Intelligence Is Your Biggest Limitation. Look around, we live in a world where intelligence is it's highly valued. I mean, we're built up as kids. When we're intelligent about how important it is. To get good grades and you know, kids are told you're so smart. And we're praised for how smart we are as a kid. And we learn to, as I did manufacturer part of my identity on how smart people told me, you know, that I was. But we also learned to place a lot of our value on how smart that we are and other people tell us that we are. And what I've learned over the years by working with a shaman. Is that what we think is intelligence is actually very, very overrated and that's one of our biggest limitations. You look around the world. Many cultures. When I was in high school, I lived in Japan for just a bit. And even today, the Asian cultures, I mean, kids are praised by the they're praised. You know about academics and by their grades and their performance. And you look at, you know, the, the Ivy league schools in the United States, people are praised for how smart they are. And look at the stress that causes for a lot of kids trying to compete to get into the best schools.
Why? Because we are rewarded for how smart that we are. We are rewarded for our intelligence. And when it comes to you being a 3d human being. Meaning you a container of skin. A life on the planet. A 3d human being. We're rewarded for the intelligence. But it's a huge limitation to our luminosity. To the luminous aspect to our luminous being. And even we can say it this way, if that doesn't make sense to your soul. Do you think your soul really needs to know calculus or trigonometry or who fought in the battle of Pompeo or all of Napoleon's wars? And who he was battling or what happened in this civil war. And these are all things that we hammer in the kids' heads. And we do it so that they can, what we say, learn about history. We don't learn a damn thing about history, even by learning about it like that. We simply learn somebody else's model of reality and map of history. On a lot of history and especially in the United States. A lot of history that is taught is not factual. It's not actual, it's simply it's regurgitated narratives that have been passed down over time. And these are things, you know, even in the U S people are, are taught from, you know, as kids to revere. You know, a figure like Abraham Lincoln. But a lot of people have never looked any deeper into why he did, why he did, why he emancipated the slaves. And it's not for the reason that we're taught about in school. But again, that's not what this episode is about. That's book intelligence that smarts. Do your own homework on that?
But your 3d intelligence, meaning this book intelligence. That everyone praises you for, you know, oh my gosh. You got a 4.0 and you are a smart kid and you were this and you were that. No one knows the exact number. But I'm guesstimating that your 3d meaning your book awareness. Is probably about 3% of your intelligence and your awareness. And the other 97% is simply the intelligence of your consciousness. For some time, I've been wanting to do an episode. And candidly, it's almost a conundrum episode. And that episode is and when you finally can get your mind and start knowing this. It starts to create some deeper awareness in you. And that awareness is, and I'm not going here with this episode, but I want to share it. That awareness is you know, nothing. But you see, I can take a book person and they can have all the education in the world.
But you know what? They only know a very small sliver of human knowledge. And even humanity today knows a very small sliver of collective human knowledge, meaning the knowledge on the planet. And even I look back to something like maybe 8, 900 years ago. And my human intelligence has forgotten the name of the, I believe the Spanish priest who burned. Something like, I don't recall the number, but like 2000 Mayan codices. Meaning profound, profound Mayan knowledge. About astronomy and mathematics and all these kinds of things. And one priest said, Hey, I am not got anything better to do when I'll burn all these codices. And the amount of human of knowledge that was brought to the planet from the stars. And we've lost it because of sheer human fricking stupidity. And the same thing, like the libraries of Alexandria. And where I want to go with this episode. Am I want to talk to some degree? About higher knowing, higher intelligence.
You know, we tend to think that we know things. And again, we really don't know anything, even though we think we know something and even me saying. That you don't know anything. Would require you to think about what you think, you know, when you don't know which then again, there's the conundrum of doing an episode on you don't know. We don't know anything. Anyway. You know, I think back to Carl Jung and Carl Jung said that the mind you know, it's collective consciousness. And that we're all part of consciousness. And when we want to, expand our experience on the planet. What we want to do. Is to be able to know more things. But it's not really knowing more things. It's having awareness about more things. And it's not about knowing about more things. It is about knowing more things. I'll talk about that in just a moment.
You know, what I tell people is that your power is really in intelligence. It's not a particular intelligence, like a book intelligence or whatever it might be. You know, you, you look at, and we don't think about this. I did an episode probably a year and a half ago. And that episode was titled. Are you it was title? Are you smarter than a potato? But what I talked about in that episode is the intelligence, the divine intelligence. That that. Potato. Whatever it's made of. I mean, you know, it. It's 3d. But that potato had divine intelligence to know how to grow into a potato. It didn't grow into a carrot. Or a strawberry, it grew into the intelligence of a potato. And see we have that. We as human beings. But we confuse our intelligence for books smarts. And we're taught that in school about our grades. And we're taught to value our intelligence as I started talking about earlier. And, you know, we're taught this as a kid. We're paddling the back and under understandably so, but we're paddling and we're pat on the back. A Small kid for good job Billy. Good job, Susie, you got all straight A's. You're a really smart kid. And then, you know what, you've got to keep doing this. And when you keep doing this, then we're taught, you know, later in life in high school. That you'll get scholarships and you can go to Harvard and you can get ahead in the world and you can have a better quality of life. But all of it comes down to how intelligent you are.
And for me, that was hammered into my head as a kid. I don't want, how, how long you've listened to the podcast. But I grew up, we didn't have any money. I mean, we were, we were poor. Very working class. And it was hammered into my head as a kid. The way to get ahead in the world and to have a good life was to be smart and to get good grades. And that was the key to life. That was the magic elixir to everything in life. And I was rewarded in high school. My parents used to brag about different things about me. And as a kid, we learn, as I said earlier, to place our identity on how smart that we are. Back in college I was just curious. And I went to the school psychologist and I had him administer a I don't know if it was a Stanford Benet or a Wechsler IQ test. One of the standard standardized IQ tests. And I scored very high on it. Very high. I'll leave it at that. And that gave me a false sense of self. Because in that moment, I started placing more of my value on my intelligence. And my life was dictated by how smart that I thought I was.
And then what I did a lot of is that I would compare myself to other people. And how air quotes smart they were and how smart I was on a lot of my primary identity and fears we're wrapped up in how smart am I? And I remember even in college, my friends, even though I was in a fraternity and we were drunk half the time. I was still known as one of the smart kids. One of the smart guys, the spite, the spite. Our amount of bud. I mean, how smart is that? Right. But the spite major majoring in Budweiser as well. But I learned to stake so much of my future based upon my false sense of my intelligence. And I think back to Malcolm Forbes. And Forbes said, and I understand stand that today. Malcolm Forbes said that some of the smartest people that he knows and is not on the planet anymore. And he said it when he was here, some of the smartest people that he knows are also some of the dumbest people. I can relate to that. I remember mentioning here on the podcast, one of my clients many years ago. Was a Nobel prize, winning physician, an MD. And he was a wicked smart man I mean, obviously he won a Nobel prize.
Very smart man. But we spent some personal time together. His wife had just passed and we connected. I mean, I like the guy and we connected and I liked him. I didn't even think about it till just now. He liked talking to me and he even said, I just, I liked talking to you and he invited me to like a museum and in Fort Worth, Texas and all that. And as I look back. The man was a very smart man, wicked smart, as they would say up on the east coast. But he wasn't wise. And many of us think that wisdom and intelligence are the same thing, but they're not the same thing. And even talking about wisdom, you may be thinking, oh, okay, Jim, that's what you want to talk about on this episode as being wise. No. I want to go deeper than that in this episode.
You know, I think about intelligence and I think back to New York city. And I remember a client. When I worked at the hypnosis Institute, he was a kid. Probably 25 years old. He had just finished graduate school at Harvard. He went to his undergraduate and graduate school at Harvard. And he was saying to me, his words, not mine. He was saying, Jim, I don't get it. I am so smart. I'm crazy smart. I mean, I graduated four-point Harvard with a 4.0. Why can't I do X, Y, Z. That's what a lot of our culture leads people to. At least in the west. We lead people to place are much of their value when especially kids. Much of their value on how intelligent they are book smart. Now I go back a lot of years. I met Don Xavier. My brother-in-law a shaman. When I was 31, As I've settled on other episodes. And I won't go into in this episode. But as a medium. And he can channel. If you don't know what channeling is, it's a being that can leave their body. And let another energetic being come. I'm going to, I'm going to cringe at this word, but inhabit their body. And bring wisdom. Let's say they're a medium for wisdom that comes from another consciousness, another intelligence, another being. Okay.
I said, okay, hopefully that makes sense. Anyway. Don Xavier is a medium and when we were together, he would leave his body. And I don't mean he's driving the car and leaving his body. I mean, when we were sitting at home, and we would be talking. And he would leave his body and his mentor would come. And his mentor was a shaman. Named Don Juan Matuse. And the first time that Don Juan came. He said to me the very first time. He said that this is exactly what he said. I'll repeat it verbatim. You think too much? When you think too much, you make yourself heavy and when you make yourself heavy, you cannot fly. I'll repeat it. You think too much. And when you think too much, you make yourself heavy and when you make yourself heavy, you cannot fly. Now fast forward a few years.
My family, those that worked with Don Xavier. I would go on sacred journeys and ceremonies, the power spots around the planet. And Machu Picchu, for example, and Haleakala and Pakustumen and Chaco Canyon and different power spots on the planet. And we were doing ceremony. Spring Equinox back in the late two thousand. Teotihuacán. I always say that wrong. Teotihuacán the pyramids in Mexico. And Don Xavier sat us all down prior to doing the first ceremony. And he said to all of us. He goes, if you try to think your way through what we are going to do, you will find yourself lost. Let me give new dimension a new meaning to that. I Albert Einstein said a problem cannot be solved at the level that was created. But what we try to do is we, we learn as a kid. To think our way through problems to try to think our way to solutions. And how many times. Have you tried to think your way to a solution and try to think your way out of a problem? And you make it worse. You confuse yourself; you get more lost. And thinking about the problem and now you're even more stuck than you were. See, we have to go to a higher level, which is where I'm going in this episode. We have to go to mind and universal mind. Does not think and the way that you think you think. Now, if you want to think, think about that.
Okay. I want to segue from the episode for just one moment. And I want to ask you, where were you most stuck in 2023? What things held you back the most? When I ask people, you know, why they're not getting what they want in life, people often say, well, I was stuck with X, Y, Z, or, and this may resonate with you, I feel stuck. If you're feeling stuck, one question I want you to ask yourself. Is, what is it costing me? What is it costing me to not resolve this and to battle being stuck? And when you add that up, whether it's money and especially in business, but in your health and your relationships, when you add that up, it's extremely costly to be stuck in life.
Now, all that's being said, I created a new challenge. I created that last year, many thousands of people have gone through it and it's called the Get Unstuck Challenge. Interesting, the name's all about getting unstuck. Now in this challenge, it's a nine-day challenge and I walk you through at a very profound level. At a very spiritual, you know, level, and even at a cosmic level, I walk you through who and how you're being as a being, meaning your presence on the planet. And when you understand that, when you understand the nature of you at a very deep level, now you might've heard me say, Be Do Have before, and that's more about 3d reality. Who do you have to be so you can do so you can have, but I'm talking, you know, what does it mean to be? And then what is that power associated with that? When you understand that you automatically get unstuck in life.
This program never offered it before to you guys. We're offering it now. I don't think we've offered it to the podcast and an ad. Maybe we have, maybe we have, I don't remember anyway. It doesn't matter because we haven't offered it a lot. If we have, but we're offering to get unstuck challenge again. It's only $97. Thousands of people have been through it and they rave about the results they're getting. And I know that you will do the same thing. So again, ponder the question. What does it cost me? What am I giving up? What peace of mind? What happiness? What money? What relationships am I giving up in life because I am stuck in my own crap. Now, as you're thinking about that, click the link, go to tcp again, and we'll drop the link in the show notes, Download the program. You get started right away and your life will start changing dramatically. When you apply what you're learning in that program, your life will start changing in very dramatic ways, very, very quickly. And as a matter of fact, in the next nine days. Okay, back to the episode.
I know that a lot of spiritualists and I'm very honored and blessed that I have this opportunity. A lot of spiritualist follows me. And what literally prompted this episode. Was a student that is currently in the Transformational Coaching Program. And she's really, really intelligent. She's also complaining that she's stuck. And she's I normally don't reach out one-to-one to people in the group, because we generally have a pretty large group. And it's not a one-to-one program. So, I generally don't reach out one to one. But I did. And she started explaining to me how she wasn't getting this from the program and that, and this and that and this and that. And I took a step back and what I noticed is that she's caught on her own paradigms. Because when people start the program, I tell them to leave everything they think they know at the door. Walk in tabula rasa, metaphorically speaking, blank slate. Well, this person didn't do that.
This person brought everything they think the new 3d. And they were also a bit arrogant when I was talking to them. About why they're trapped and how they're trapped, which is, which is what I'm talking to you about now in this episode. And I can read the tone and they were a bit arrogant. And almost cocky to me almost as if I didn't know what I'm talking about. And I continued to talk to them and show them that. As brilliant as they are analytically, 3d intelligence. And they're very gifted spiritually. They're trying to wrap all their spirituality inside the rationality of the 3d and that's when they find, and we, and all of us, they. We find ourselves lost in life. Because, as I said earlier, your 3d intelligence is the smallest, smallest amount of intelligence that you have. I don't care if you know, 17 languages. I don't care if you can play four instruments and those 17 languages. That is the smallest part of your intelligence. Took me a long time and Don Xavier helped me with this. But. 20 like 26 years ago. And I won't go into this story here. I've told another place. He told me about the book, the Kybalion, and K Y B A L I O N. It's an ancient text, even though it was printed back around 1913, I believe. And it's believed that the actual author was Hermes Trismegistus and in the first chapter of the seven cosmic laws. The first chapter is that. Everything is mind. And what I was trying to do many years ago is understand that based upon what I understood intelligently as mind. And what I've learned over the years, and I'm still digging into it. Is that mind its consciousness?
It's not a person. It's not a place. It's not a thing. But it's, it's consciousness. It's like the consciousness that we all have running through us. Like you have running through you right now. Now, jumping around here, going back to corium. That's what we want to tap into. But the person that I mentioning that was telling me how, how intelligent they were and how smart they were. And they weren't saying that through their words, like, Ooh, I'm intelligent. They were trying to and I could see what they were doing. They were trying to prove to me. How intelligent they were. So, they could prove to me how right they were about why they were stuck yet the person admitted they can't see how to get unstuck. And this person, I didn't tell him on the call when I was, when I wasn't actually in a call. I'm sorry. It was a messenger. Is, they need to get out of their head. And into divine mind and into the intelligence of divine mind. And operate from that place, which I'll go to in just a moment, which is your knowing in your sense. Not your thinking because we think we think our way to answers and even your thinking is driven by your consciousness and your higher intelligence.
So, what intelligence probably as you know it as all about left brain and I Q in grades. But I'm talking about your knowing. You're knowing in consciousness that knowing that as you, that keeps you alive when your physical body is sleeping, that higher consciousness at a higher energy. That higher wisdom that comes through you. What I'm talking about here is the phrase that Don Xavier has always has never changed. Always used with me and those that work with him, him. And that phrase is, use your sense. S E N S E. Now my parents and especially my dad, he was hard on me. And he used to always say, use your common sense. Well, this is not that. This is your higher sense of mind. So, when we look at this. That might not even make sense, but I think to most of you, it probably does. And you look at animals. Animals use their sense. By the way I just nibbled. If you heard that and I'm doing it unconsciously, I'm just, I'm stopped up right now. So anyway. It is what it is. But you, you look at dogs. And I read some research a couple of years ago. Where there's research was indicating, and it wasn't based upon environment or time of day.
You know, I have two dogs. I'm a massive dog lover. I've had dogs for 30 years. As an adult. And my dogs know by watching when the sun goes down. They know, Hey, it's dinner time for their evening feeding. And they knew what they know it by routines in the house and the lights going down and getting darker outside. But there was some research done on dogs. And they remove the environmental factors. And the whole point was the dogs know when their owners were coming home. And what they found that I believe it was done in England. What they found in their research is that dogs know. When their owners are on the way home. Even when you remove the time and environmental factors, dogs know.
And I look at that and I have no problem believing that when you look at dogs, or cats. That will literally be trapped in somebody else's. You know, 14-Wheeler, you've heard stories, you know, some cat ends up in a half halfway around the world and it finds its way back home again. How. How you look at what happened, you know, many years ago. I In Indonesia with the tsunami. The animals as I read, I was not there, but as I read the animals, were they, there were very few dead animals because they ran for higher ground. They knew through barometric pressure, which they could sense. They knew through perhaps vibration in the earth. They knew because they could sense that something was happening. Yet us human beings. What we're doing is we're sitting on the beach, drinking Mai tai's not realizing that we've got a wall of water coming and coming at us. But we don't have any sense about it. Meaning, we're not using our sense. Okay.
Now let me bring this to the modern world. I remember many years ago when we were on a sacred journey to Peru. And. I was walking on the country roads with someone that was on that trip, who was also a tech guy. And at that time, he also apprentice with Don Xavier. And we were out in the Peruvian countryside. And this was back when. You know how you plug your computer into the wall with the cable and you hear that annoying noise. If you're under. You know, you're young and your early twenties, you won't know that noise. If you're older and you were using AOL and dial up back, you know, 20 something years ago, you know, that noise. And many of you listening right now where like, yeah, I know that noise, the screeching sound right. But my friend and I, we were walking. Michael, was his name. And he said, you know, one day really soon. We're going to have internet where you can pull all the information right out of the thin air.
I couldn't understand it. It made the what, how. How were you getting information out of thin air? There's no wires. How are you getting it? And he said, it's all frequency and it's all magnetics. Now from a scientific point of view you are bioelectromagnetic, your brain is magnetic. Your brain is carbon, but it's also frequency and vibration and spiritualist. Knowing because they're using the frequency. They're using the no wing. They're using this sensing. In the dimensions of their frequency, their tuning, so to speak, like you tune a station. When we used to tune the radio. I mean, I don't know anybody who tunes already anymore by hand. I don't even think they make knobs anymore to tune radios. Off topic. I was thinking yesterday. You know, like Jim. When is the last time you dialed the phone number? And I don't mean even on a cell phone. I mean, like, you know, the old phone you had on your desk. It's gotta be like 20 years.
Anyway. Where I want to go here. Is partly to what's going on in the world, a small part right now. But I look at what robs you of your ability to sense. Now. I can't go into it in this episode. But we live in a world right now. That's extremely, extremely chaotic. The human condition right now. Is not entirely healthy. I could say more, but I'll just leave it at that. We're living in a condition right now on the planet. We're living in an evolution of consciousness. And there's a whole lot of very dark chaos on the planet. Whether it be economics, economic control. Politicians, governments war, whatever it might be. And the truth is, is that humanity is rebirthing to a higher level of consciousness. Like everything in life, it's a law of life. Something must die or something does die before something is reborn. And we're seeing the death of an old consciousness.
And. It's not my place to tell you how to live or why to live or any of that. Meaning why to live or why to do certain things. Now, why to live on the planet. But it's not my place to tell you what you air quote should or should not be doing. But I look at how to better manage yourself on the planet. And better managing yourself on the planet. Comes down to increasing and raising your frequency. Because everything is consciousness. But what I want to look at in this episode for a tangible takeaway for you. Hopefully I planted some seeds. Is what do you think pollutes your consciousness? Ponder that what pollutes your consciousness and like my answer. Don't like my answer. I'll just tell you in my observation. My experience. It's a lot of the world is designed right now to keep you distracted. News. Social media. And you look at how a lot of this. Affects people biologically. Even brain-based. I mean, I think the human attention span in the last probably 10 years as I read somewhere. Has gone from the human attention span is no longer seven seconds long. It's four seconds long. And that means that literally goldfish. Goldfish have longer attention spans. Then the average human being at this point. And then you look at things like tik tok. And tik tok is all about grabbing people's attention in a matter of seconds. What I'm sharing here is what you want to do, however you want to do it. And I'll just give you a little, a little snippet here. Something you may want to do at home. Okay entirely up to you.
But what I want to share with you in a moment, we'll show you how you erratic your brain is how your brain is all over the place. And when your brain is all over the place, your consciousness is all over the place. That reminds me I don't know why I'm mentioning this in this episode. I want to do an episode soon. Don Xavier and I had a long three hour talk about two years ago after I had the stroke. And he told me that I was an experiencer, meaning I very, very briefly left the planet. And., I asked him, I was talking about how people like you see on documentaries and stuff like that. How they, how they will be declared dead brain dead, but they can see everything that's happening below them and the ambulance and the operating room. And he was talking to me. About how to separate consciousness and the divine consciousness you are from the body that you're in. And I'll talk about that at some point, because it's pretty, it's pretty simple, but it's pretty complex. And I've been thinking about doing an episode on that.
But what I want to come back to here in this episode is we want to recognize that a lot of toxicity in the world. And especially if you're scrolling endlessly on social media. Social media is pollution in your brain. It is owning you it's altering the function of your brain. And you know what social media companies know that. They know that the more, and there was a. A 60-minute TV show on this, maybe 5, 6, 8, 10 years ago. I saw called racing to the racing to the brainstem, I believe. And it was by somebody that had come from Google. Talking about how these companies, these tech companies. Manipulate, literally their apps to keep you on the app to get your brain hooked for dopamine release so that you stay on the app. Why. Wonderful human beings. So, they can profit off from you being on the app with all of the ads in front of you.
Okay, but where I'm going here. I'll keep it simple in this episode but spend some time getting quiet. And I want to show you for most of you. How hard that is. What I request you do is find this space. Now listen, very careful to my instructor, carefully to my instructions. Find the space where you will not be bothered by anyone. Anything. Husband, wife, partner, dog, kid's, phone, TV, nothing. And in that window of time. I sit down somewhere for 30 minutes. Now listen to what I said. I didn't say get up and walk around. I didn't say exercise. I imagine this. Let me give you the best example that I can possibly give you. Imagine that you are in a super max prison in the United States. Supermax is where they put the really bad guys. They're really bad people where these people are only allowed 30 minutes a day outside of their cell. And they have like nothing in there. So, imagine you are in a supermax prison for 30 minutes. No phone. No pads. No technology. No TV. No music. No paper. Nothing to write with. No pets around, you know, people around you. I can't emphasize enough. Nothing. You sitting there and find somewhere to sit, sit on the couch. Set the timer on your watch. For 30 minutes. That's it, 30 minutes. And again, don’t try to think of anything don't meditate on anything. Do not do anything to try to occupy the time. Do not count things on the wallpaper. Nothing. Just sit. I don't know how, how, you know, any more plainly I can see it enough. Just sit by your lonesome. By yourself. No distractions. 30 minutes.
Watch. Watch your brain. Meaning just notice how you're feeling. Notice what you're experiencing. But see, that's where we want to get to. Is that where we can sit down. And we can be with our self. And we can be quiet because once we get in that space, then guess what? That's where our sense. That's where higher mind starts to come through us. And we start to experience it. So just a little exercise to play with. Okay so do this 30 minute and all that our request here is just notice the experience. And if you're like, some people you'll walk away going, oh, that was no big deal. When not even recognizing you were all over the place in your head the entire time. Because you're thinking took control of you. And that's what I want you to notice.
I want you to notice at the end of 30 minutes, Take a step back. Look at what you did. And notice what your brain did. Where you antsy. Where you restless or you climbing the walls where you like, what time is it already? Okay. Okay. It's already been like eight minutes. How. Notice what you're doing. But because see, that's you. And that's what your brain has been trained to do. And your brain is the way that you process your intelligence. And that is one of your biggest limitations. We need to learn too. Sigh. Ah, get quiet. When we get quiet. Our awareness. Expands. Our sense. Hyphens. And that's when we can connect with divine mind. Thanks for listening and I'll catch you over on another episode. Bye-bye.

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Jim Fortin

Jim is an international subconscious self-transformation and high performance expert with over two decades of expertise in brain based transformation and high performance. Using a brain based approach coupled with transformational psychology and ancient wisdom Jim has created programs that create long-term core-level life transformation in his students.

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