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EPISODE 44: “How Marcus Had His Best Month In Business Working From The Inside Out”

August 19, 2019

This episode is another transformational interview. We are visiting with Marcus, who is a current student of mine right now. He's going to share with us his incredible story and amongst other things how he shifted one thing inside which led him to have one of the best months ever in his business.

If you're an entrepreneur, you're going to want to listen to this episode.

In this episode Marcus shares:

And, of course, much much more.

Transformational Takeaway

When you change things on the inside, things automatically change on the outside.

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to episode number 44 of the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. Now in this episode, it's going to be a transformational story interview podcast. And I'm visiting with Marcus. Marcus is a current student of mine right now. And he's going to share with you how when he shifted one thing inside of himself, he had one of the best months ever.

Now, obviously, we're going to talk about a lot of stuff. But if you're an entrepreneur, you're going to want to listen to this episode. Hi, I'm Jim Fortin. And you're about to start Transforming Your Life from the inside out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah-rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one to take you're live two levels, you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, then this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

Marcus's Journey: Living the Be Do Have Life

Okay, so today on this week's Transformational Story, I'm talking to Marcus. He is one of the current students in TCP, the transformational coaching program. And I want to talk to Marcus and I want Marcus to share with you guys more than anything about how him making changes in his life and him transforming himself from the inside out how that made significant changes in his business and his outcomes very, very quickly. So I'm going to let him tell you the story. I'm going to just ask him some questions. Let him tell you the story. And we'll just see where this goes. So Marcus first, thanks for being of service to everyone. And you know, people listening and thank you for our time together today, maybe helping them gain new perspective about how quickly they can change. And what happens when they do it.

Yeah, not a problem at all. Dude, glad to be here.

I'm glad to have you. And I'm sure they're going to be glad to have you as well. So let's do this. Let's start here. Where were you before you came into program? And you don't have to mention specific numbers, but like in your business growth or whatever, and anything else in your life, you want to mention where things have shifted? Where were you before you started? Where are you now? 12 weeks later?

Yeah, so I've always been kind of like a go getter and my personality. So when I joined TCP, like my business was already running. We've doubled our revenue since last year, it's just getting to a point where it's like, I'm starting to feel like this new responsibility of like, Oh my gosh, like there's all this money coming into the business. At some point, I should probably be like a business owner with this. Right? So I guess I was kind of looking for a bit of clarity. And I had been recommended to you from a good friend Brandon, who said, Dude, just kidding on if you get a chance, it'll like he's like a change my business, it'll change your life too. So I just like took the plunge. You know, for me, it wasn't even so much of like, the investment, it was just like, I just knew I had to be there, if that makes sense.

Okay, but we're so your business was doing? Well, you were already up and running,

Right? We're running multiple, six figures with an online business. We've been doing it for almost going on two years now. Officially full time online. So

Okay, in two years, it's all it's awesome. Where are you now, in your business compared to when you started with me?

Dude, I feel like the biggest thing, if I could sum it up is just like a whole new confidence. And, like, just belief in myself. I felt like there was maybe I didn't really have a clear sense of vision or purpose. I always was, like, I always hear people talk about you need to have your, your purpose and the thing that motivates you. And you know, that was kind of where I came in, I felt a little bit lost. And it was kind of strange, because like I said, you do all these things. And you hit all these metrics and these numbers that people say this is success, you're running a successful business, but I still wasn't fully sure of like, I guess me, I didn't have that as locked down. And that was kind of something that really, I don't know if that answers your question. But I guess that sort of sets the stage a bit more as to why I really felt the need to get into the coaching program with you.

Okay, I'm gonna take that apart. So number one, is your businesses on fire? You doing really, really well. Okay. And you actually, at this point, are working in your business as a different person than you were when we met?

Right, of course.

And I want to take something apart. You said just a minute ago, but how specifically, do you think you're being a different person?

Wow. I mean, it's the, I guess, the best way for me to explain it was like the biggest shift for me was realizing that, like use this analogy of the be do have sort of thing versus have to be how most people operate.


I came into it. I was like, one day, I'll have this amount of money coming into the business, I'm going to, you know, do and be this person. And and I think that was the biggest shift for me that I think it was like even in the first week. And it really just just took us on this whole new trajectory over the 12 weeks, you know, and I know, I haven't even seen what's going to happen from the seeds that have been sown yet. But it's just like a total different momentum, a whole different energy, a whole different approach to how we're serving our customers, our community right now.

Yeah, and let me dig in there. So I was watching some testimonial videos last night, I don't when people send testimonial videos, personally, I don't watch them. And last night, I recognize that I would serve me well, because it gives me a better perspective on how to serve them in the community. But James Webmore more said, and his testimonial video, which I coach James, one to one, and but the same program. And James said that even though he had actually made more money, I believe the last quarter of the year than he had made like a significantly increases income, I mean, by like seven figures in a quarter. And he said, Oh my gosh, I've already completed the program. But now, I am amazed at what I sewed back then has continued to continue to expand from me which


Sounds like what you're saying as well, which is the intention of the program, because I tell people, it's an ancient phrase, but you cannot know what you know. So and you've heard me say this before, and I'm going to tie this back to the audience and people listening is that once you create transformation in your thinking, you don't go back to the old ways, because you're not that old person anymore. There's no person to go back to.Right?

Yep, I would definitely agree with that. I think that was the biggest shift for me to Jim was that I felt like in this world where everyone's giving advice, it can get really overwhelming to just sort of lead. And again, coming back to that, who do you have to be the thing that you constantly speak to us on these calls and stuff. Like that really just hit home for me. And I just like, it's cool feeling like I'm in control of where I want to go with this business. And that I can take the confidence of this thing that's inside of me this vision, and just lead it and just know that the people who will resonate with it will find it and experience that you know, and even just the timelines for how we've done things. It just stuck to my head just like who you being and every time I get into this little rut, I just I hear your voice in my head be like Marcus, who are you being right now? What is this? Come on? Get your shit together?


I can swear not sorry.

Yeah. I don't say that. Don't edit that out. But I'm sure that's fine.


No that's fine. I'm sure we all relate to that. That's, that's where we'll go on this particular call with you is, who am I being? And that's such an it's so nebulous for a lot of people. But I look at who and how and what ways are you be-ing, and you got it, you got it, because I used to work that way I used to work from have to be, if I had more money than I could hire, you know, I could hire this, that or the other. And if I can hire that, then I can be successful. I can't be successful, because I don't have the money to hire three Facebook ads person, therefore I'm stuck in my rut. And let me add right here, while we're talking about this concept for people listening. I'm just going to bring it home and just be you know, you've worked with me,I'm just direct. And I'm just called the truth. It keeps things really simple. But there are a lot of people listening right now. And there will be many that will say you know what I really want to transform my life. And providing I'm the one if I am the one to assist them. They'll say I really want to transform my life. But I don't have the money to invest in the program. So what they're saying is they're working from have to be if I have the money, money, exactly. And what you're you're verifying here, and I've said before, but I want them to hear from other people is that that one day is never going to come?

Never going to come. Because unless you're being the kind of person you need to be to step up to the plate, you will never have And if you'll never have then you'll never do and if you'll never do you'll never create the outcomes that you want.



Yeah, exactly. I think that was like a big thing for me. So we started at the beginning or mid May, was it when at some point,

S ome point? Yeah,

I know, a direct correlation to me showing up and just asking myself, like, I think the before I get to that exact because I want to share a number because I think it might hopefully inspire some people to one thing that for me was a little bit made me a little bit not super hesitant, cuz I'm usually pretty good when people recommend but because it was a little more, it wasn't as like, here's ABC, very, like, I guess you operate more from a heart operating place rather than a logical I mean, you do implement a lot of like, of those sort of things. But being able to put yourself in a position where you can be vulnerable and ask these questions like maybe Who am I not being as a result of not being in this program? You know, who what, what am I missing out on? And within a couple weeks of john joining the program, I'm not seeing these results are typical for anybody. But just for that instant shift for us. We did $60,000 in sales at the beginning of June, that wouldn't have come in if I didn't, if I wasn't a part of this conversation. If I wasn't looking inward and being brave enough to shine a light on in on the inside of myself and say maybe I don't have it all figured out. Even though I may look successful on the outside. It just took getting to a place where I could just be vulnerable. And that was something that I like it's absolutely priceless, priceless, that you can create a space where people can explore these ideas of like, Who am I? Who do I want to be? What do I want my future to look like? You know, and? And that's what like, that's priceless dude. Like, if you're caught up on the price tag, then I mean, who are you by not being in here? Like, do you want to be in the same situation next year? That's That's what I'd say.

And then what and what people say also is, well, I'll see where you're going to be a year from now. And they'll say, well, same place. No, that's incorrect, you're going to be a year behind are now the bond because you've lost opportunity costs, and revenue. And what I want to point out about the way that you were being and then I want to go to the way you're being in your business, is the way that you were being in the program is that you were you were playing full out communities, a very safe community. It's a closed group, people are very vulnerable in their about their fears and insecurities, which are things we work through very quickly. But who you were being is you were being present and the program you were showing up. Now when it comes to being what do you think the number one way that you have been being in your business that's contributes as a result of being in the program that's contributing the most of your growth of your business?

I'll get you to repeat that one. Once more. I'm just trying to let the question wash over me

Let's make it simpler what's the powerful way of being that you are now being?

Just confident, like fully in charge, and like, leading, that's loose? Those are the words that I feel like whereas before I was like, I want to say it was coasting, but I just I didn't have that full confidence. And I was always looking external defined. find solutions when it was like it's inside of you already.

Yeah. So let's go a little deeper with that is what what do you think caused that shift that epiphany that aha, that brought the call the confidence for you.

I think just from like, showing up like from from doing the homework exercises, you have those weekly PDFs from watching the videos from suspending disbelief and just willing to dive into this and just have like, no expectation, but at the same time, imagine the amazing possibility, what could happen if, if things were, you know, the way you lead people could change everyone's life? I think it just comes down to having this almost like childlike awe and wonder when you approach it rather than skepticism and all that sort of thing. And if you can get past that voice in your head, that's where real magic can happen. I believe that.

Yeah, we talked about that a lot in the program is the stop thinking which day number one, I started out with the crowd, stop thinking stop thinking get out of your head, which people's biggest limitation, that internal critical voice in the mind? Yeah, so let me ask you here is week number one, the creator of week number one is 100%. Possible 100% of the time? And you said here I just wrote down? Amazing possibility. What is amazing possibility mean to you now?

Amazing possibility. What does that mean to me now? I just like, I'm just excited about life dude. And, and the potential of of where things can be, but also being excited and the here and now as well. Because I think that's something that, especially people as business owners, it's almost like we can we beat ourselves up a lot more, we don't allow ourselves to be as happy in the moment because we're always like, Oh, I'm not good enough yet, because I'm comparing myself to people who are ahead of me or something like that. And, and I think just from a lot of this transformation, and the journey has been, like, accepting where we're at where I'm at, but also the, or yet also the the potential that it can go anywhere. And that doesn't have to be limited. And that it's, it's unique to myself as well. And that it can be the journey that I envisioned rather than me, I guess. Here's a correlation, or an example, I bought a lot of business development courses. And I've always felt burnt out after a while, because it always felt like I was building someone else's business model. Whereas this just helped me get in touch with like, well, who do you want to be? How do you want to do this? And that's just been the biggest thing for me, dude. That make sense?

know, absolutely. You go back to that. So if you can share with us, and if you if you don't want to, that's fine, too. Yes. What does being confident mean?

Man, I just feel like it's being confident, it's exciting, it's just operating from a place knowing that things work out. And that things flow, you know, and, and that you don't have to always feel like you've got to, I used to always want to be like a control freak. And I feel like a lot more. Now, the being confidence, just allowing things to come. Rather than ever, you know, do all these x, y, and z, or Zed, depending which country you're in. To make things happen, it was always felt like we were forcing things to happen. Whereas now it just comes from a place of like, a little more peace of mind, if that makes sense. A little less stress and anxiety.

Well, what's interesting is people listening that haven't been in the program, basically, you're regurgitating. And you but you have become a lot of what you come to know in the program. Because these are all things that covers is stop thinking, let go. competence is an illusion. Everything always has been is now and will always be fine. Just be in the moment. You know, peace of peace. You can't do anything without peace of mind.


And what's interesting is these things have really actually, instead of learning these things, you have come to know these things. And for everyone listening, there's a difference between understanding something and knowing something. And when you know it, you operate from that place.


So it doesn't have to be about the program. But it's an epiphany and revelation of yours is you said, I'm not in this interview. But prior that you were surprised at how quickly you can change. What does that mean?

I feel like coming into TCP, or just any course in general, I always feel like oh, there's a journey, you have to go on over 30 or 60 or 90 days, right? Because you're signing up for a 12 week or whatever it is. But I think that was the biggest thing for me in that first week after that first call was just like, you don't have to wait 12 weeks just to see transformation. You know what I mean? It's just like, just choose to be different. Okay, cool. Like I, I literally moved the timeline up on this new course, or an upgraded version, of course, because I just realized, who do I have to be as the person who's going to serve our community across the world, pushing this off till September and starting it is not the being any to be like, we got to get this done now. Because there's people who need our help now, right? And it's just, it was just that flicking the switch for me that just made me realize like, oh, okay, like, I I know that. And even along the way, like I did, a lot of major stuff happened in that first week. And I just remember being so excited to tune into those weekly calls, because there's just, even if I wasn't asking questions, it's almost like there's this almost like a universal theme that a lot of people are going through. And by the end of the call, I'd be on the queue for the questions. I'm like, actually, you don't have to put me on the questions. It's already been answered now. Right. So I just think it's really cool, man.

Okay, so you know, when we look at that so many people, well, first off, you've it seems you're appearing or appears that you have mastered or gotten close to mastering that, all I've got to do is shift my being. That's the hardest thing to get into people's heads. And I want to talk to people generally here. And so I noticed, that's why I invited you to do this, I noticed that very quickly, in your behavior in the coaching is that your week number one, boom, you're just getting results. I mean, things are shifting, whereas other people are moving a lot slower. Yeah, the thing is, this is we have to ask yourself, which I told people clearly in the group, but this applies to life. Who are you being? Who are you being right now? And what are you committed to? So you were being open, you were being flexible? You were being a sponge, you were being in the group, all this kind of stuff. But here's something that's interesting is that you were not being afraid to change. And you notice that it shifts over time and the group those that are afraid to change actually start changing. And everybody's at their own pace, but you were moving very, very quickly, when you started to change. If you were to coach somebody, and it's not about TCP, but if you were to coach somebody right now, you would have student, what would be the biggest lesson that you've maybe already covered it? What would be the biggest lesson you've taken out of TCP that you would want to coach someone on?

Be do have, like that concept? 100%? Like, they're just that little shift in how you approach your life. I mean, when I look back at all the a lot of the things that I was stressed out about in life before it was because I was operating from the have to be right, one day, I will have all this money, Jim. So I can go and do this thing or get that thing or, you know, and I'll finally be happy. Yeah. And and it wasn't until like just being like, oh, wow, that's a script that was like I always think about like the mind like an operating system or computer. It's like that's an old outdated script. Let's update the the operating system here and look at how things are going. And yeah, I think that was the biggest one for me. And I've even shared it with other people. And it just seems to be the one that always sticks, because a lot of people are always looking for the one thing that's going to make things work for me, give me the magical formula, Jim. But I feel like the formulas just like getting your head and heart in place where they're flowing together, you know, instead of just trying to like logic your way to a big breakthrough.

Yeah, and just being and being the person. So what do you see? what ways do you see in obviously, you're in business, and you're an entrepreneur, you know, a lot of printer and you're in the space and you see a lot of people? What are the biggest ways I'm going to live this general, what are the biggest ways you see people being in business?

I feel like a lot of what I see is, there's a lot of either a wanting to be somebody that you're not or, or also like a fear or I feel like a lot of people that I speak with or even people that we help in our community, you can help people like make money flow into their life, for example, by following sales training. But it doesn't change who you are at a core level. And if you don't address those things, like the money isn't necessarily going to fix the heart or the mind. You know what I mean? I'm not I'm not here to say that money is bad either, because I'm a big fan that it flows easily and effortlessly, you know. So I think that's one of the biggest things that I've seen a lot of people struggle with is just again, trying to approach it. So logically, like one day, I'll have all this stuff and things will be great. But then a lot of people in the business community especially they get there, they get the stuff. And it's like, oh, I'm still this dude. Or I'm still this gal like what the heck, I'm not happy. I'm not fulfilled, or I'm not, you know, in this amazing state, like everyone seems to talk about it.

If that makes sense. No, I was thinking last night that I make multiple, seven figures a year. And I still have even though my life's a lot easier than a lot of people. I still have things in my life that everyone else has. Yeah, you know, it doesn't the money doesn't change. Like people think that Oh, once I have the pot of gold, and I'm going to live this La La life.


You know, I have a really good life, but I have stuff to deal with it. Everyone else has to deal with as well, you know. And so I want to look here is I observed coaching for many, many years that the way that most people be even people in the entrepreneurial space 70 to 80%. They are being completely fearful.

Yeah. Do anything.

Yeah. Afraid to do anything afraid to put myself out there people are which we take? We take care of all this and TTP, are people going to judge me? Am I good enough? Are people going to compare me right? And then is my funnel good enough? Is my copy going to work? And as my launch going to work, and then all know, my launch didn't work? Now let me feel bad about it. Let me beat myself up.


Right. You know, I'm not good at this. I can't do this. I can't do that. And at that point, it's just mechanics. Once you've got your funnels put together, you know, yeah. And the biggest way that I see people be-ing is fearful about a program like this is, is well, I'm being fearful. So I want to guard my money. And I do not want to invest in a program. But yet I want to sit here and be a victim. And create the same thing saying over and over and over and over again. Yeah, you said something that I'm sure people they may be heard, I heard you say, I heard you say twice here. And it's not typical for people. But I've watched you, you said, Hey, if I want something different, I've just got to be somebody different. How What do you think has allowed you to make those shifts? Because it's not typical? That was shift so quickly from my being this person, I need to be someone else?


What happened here?

Man, I think that's like, a million dollar question. I've never really felt like I fit in with a lot of like, the normal things because and sometimes I really have a lot of respect for the amount of empathy you can have when you're in coaching calls with people, because there's a lot of times where I'm hearing the same thing. I'm like, just get over your crap already. Let's go Come on, you know, but I don't know if it's just, I've always been interested in again, coming back to that that concept of endless possibility, like, what could life be like, if we just try this, I don't want to just have to be constrained to we operate in this box. And that is a you can do and good luck. You know, I just like asking questions, like, what if things were different, and I mean, I came into TCP, fully expecting that it was going to change my life, if I was willing to show up if I was willing to leave suspend disbelief, like I said, and just be present. Because I've been through like, tons of courses I've been through all those things that teach you the mechanics, like you were talking about, like the funnels and the things that people get caught up on. But I think a lot of it just comes down to also knowing like, for me, a lot of my purposes, is rooted in seeing the success of our students and what we do and like we teach filmmakers, sales, training skills, for example. And when you see people's lives start to change, and they start bringing in like, being able to communicate the value of what they bring as creatives and and they're able to serve business communities and help clients you know, and not just make pretty videos. Like, that's insane. And when you start finding ways to help other people, at least that's what motivates me a lot more now is just like, that's, that's better than any high you could ask for. So I mean, why would you want to get in the way of, of helping people you know?


Is that answer your question, or,

Yes, it does. And I want to go somewhere else there, which we do in week number three in the program, is unconscious values. And what you just told me, which I did not know is one of your highest values is helping people. So, share with the group if you would, and if you don't cover everything I want, I'll come back in here. But do you recognize now and everyone listening, recognize now how important it is to build your business in your life on your highest values?

100%. And I think that I also want to add that there was an exercise, I believe it was week three, like you said, where you have to do this sticky notes post it notes don't want but I can't say anything other than it changed my entire life, dude. And when I went through that exercise, and I saw everything in front of me, I was like, Oh, my gosh, no wonder I'm where I am. What happens if I just, I can't say too much. What if I changed some of these things? And again, it's just instant, right?

Yes. What if I shift some my values? What if I make something a higher value to me?


Shift any anything when listening? And everyone, we can shift our values at any given moment?


And I don't want to give away any secrets for people that do actually join me later. But most of us don't recognize. And what I do is I take people through a process to discover their subconscious values. But most of us don't recognize that our highest values are not aligned with the outcome that we want to create in business.


And that's why we spend our you know, we keep spinning our wheels, and spinning and spinning and spinning is because we're literally being driven by these values that are not aligned with the outcome we want to create in business. And then we wonder why can I motivate myself to go to work? Why am I Why am I beating myself up? Why is this so hard? So it all comes to values? So Yeah, sounds like your highest value, or one of the top three values is helping people. It's up there. Okay. So, go ahead. No, go ahead.

No, I just think like that, now that I think about it, because I totally wasn't even on my mind until you brought it up. But that whole exercise in itself was like worth the price of the course alone. Where does that sounds? Because it was just like, I was able to see like, it was almost like stepping out of my brain for a second and visualizing my life on paper and being like, Oh, this is what took me to where I am. But it's not going to take me to where I want to go. Okay, what do I what needs to shift here? And, and that was like such a really awesome experience. So just want to thank you for that. And for anyone who gets into the program with brace yourself?

Yes. Let me add there is which we're not going to, you know, again, share any secrets, but many people, and especially entrepreneurs, they don't have the values that they need to have to be a successful entrepreneur. Yeah, then they wonder why why am I doing all this work and working 50 and 60 hours a week, but I'm not making the money. And you also said something here, so I can take I can pull just a lot on our time. Because you're you're you're a poster boy for the for the program,

go for it.

But I want to pull something else out that that you embody. In week number 11. We talked about the reciprocity of life. And we talked about that we build our businesses on Service to other people. And when we do that the money becomes a lot easier because now we're not chasing money. we're attracting it through actually creating more expansion in people's lives.


What's your and I know you're aligned with that, or what's your take on that whole concept?

In terms of the the rest of it,

yeah, how? Yeah, I feel like

It's one of those things that it helped me let go of the need to feel like I had to control everything. That was the first thing for me. And secondly, I feel like and maybe this isn't directly answer your question. But and I also wanted to know your two cents on was like when you just step into being a different person. It's amazing how much stuff flows into your life as a result, not just the money side of things. But like we've had people who've reached out who wanted to help us with aspects of our business, for example, like, again, we serve our the filmmaking community. And we had one of our students close a big deal, like it was a really big deal. And he reached out, just want to say, I want to thank you for it. But I also want to build this automation funnel thing out for you and your email campaign that can help you serve your audience better. And I was like, well, that's amazing, because I've never done anything with email. And I know it's important, but I just don't think that way, like analytically like that. And it's crazy how many people come into your life, when you just stop operating from the fear of like, Oh, my God, if I give this money away, it'll never come back. Or, you know, and it just server like, how do I serve my community at the best? And it's like, every decision we've made since signing up for the program has gone through that lens of like, how is this best serving our customer?How is this best helping them? Like get out of their own way, so they can start seeing the shift in their lives as well.

And then money starts piling up, and we work from that place. Let me let me add, so you've been in the movie for three and a half, four months now. And my whole theme, the theme is how best do I serve the community? what's in the best interest of people that I'm working with? Not for me, not what I'm going to get out of it. But how can I move all of these people the fastest?


And you know, that I when I share with everyone in the group is that's where we work from. Because when you do that, then what happens is people pop out of people identify with the mission, they're like, I want to be part of that. Because you know, we talked about in TCP every week is that the world needs us to transform because the world's in a lot of distress. Yeah. And the more that we transform, the bigger impact we can make in the world. And to give an example to the audience, people listening. Somebody messaged me yesterday that's in the group you're in. And she says, What if I start a movement in the group that everyone in the group post on social media, their biggest takeaways from this program? You know, what can we do then? And I'm like, you know what I please, I'm not complaining, please, if you guys want to do that, that is awesome. But I see that and everyone listening, what people do, and Marcus knows is that it's a huge mistake that people make, let me earn money and take care of me and my needs first and my business and then what I'm taking care of which I just ended up a couple of other episodes on this with AYNI and then one of James Wedmore


Then when I've taken care of my business, and I'm secure, now. Oh, I can breathe. And so how can I help you? How can I help you now?


And they're working from the wrong place. And where I work from is, let me let let me be the bridge for everyone from point A to point B, let me serve with an open heart. And every one of our programs fill up. I mean, I've got people now saying, hey, when's the doors? Oh, you know, what are the doors opening again?


You know, through being in the program, that a large a large, over 50% of people repeat the program over and over and over again, to stay in the community and to actually immense themselves and immerse themselves in the teaching. So yeah, we get reciprocity. If you haven't listened to the episodes here on AYNI there. There are a couple of recent episodes, and the one of James Wedmore go listen, those, those are gold and my interpretation. All right, one more thing here, more above as you've mentioned, confidence multiple times. But how does, how do you demonstrate confidence? I mean, you can talk about the word but what an A, maybe I missed it. But what does confidence mean, in terms of your action? Give me an example of a confident action that you you now do.

I mean, the biggest one for me, I would say was being confident in in leading our community more effectively. And quickly. Like I said, at the beginning of May, we we just spent essentially the first half of the year creating a version two point O of our course like the past year, we've done nonstop coaching calls, and we're just trying to figure out how do we make this thing so it can work regardless of if we're on a call or not with somebody. And we got through that whole four months. And in my head, I was like logically saying, Oh, yeah, we can get to the next one in September and then started Jim's course. And I'll do like this amazing thing where I'm going to go on a sabbatical and go into Jim land. And, and when I got into it, it just instantly, like, I got so invigorated and inspired dude, to just take action, I got on a phone call with my partner, business partner. And I was just saying, like, you know, what's, what's your schedule look like for the end of June, and he's like, it's open. I was like, hey, I've already booked the flight, I'm coming town. And we're going to do this, this next stage of the course, you know, it's just being confident. And the other thing about confidence too, and I find this a lot is you can't like think your way to confidence. Confidence also is built from taking action as well, I believe. And that's like my perspective on it, you know, you don't just I'm going to read a bunch of books to become better at sales, therefore, I'm confident going into a sales meeting. It's like, Well, no, you show up, you start doing it. It's like learning to ride a bike. And eventually, you might scrape your knees a couple times if you fall over. But that builds a little more like, what if I could go a little bit further. And for some people, they might fall off the bike, and I'm just sad, or they might launch their funnel, or they might, oh, they didn't buy on my webinar, or Oh, and it's like, well, you just scuffed your knee, who cares? Like pick yourself up, keep going, like, that's part of the process. If it was like, instantaneous, like everyone would be doing it, you have to just keep willing to serve and to grow. Because, you know, when you're in these positions of serving communities, you're gonna have a lot of people who fling mud your way, or just, you know, there's people who are like haters and all that stuff. But it's just, like, if you let that get under your skin, how can you serve other people, so I just feel like it's like confidence is this wonderful thing that you can have, you can just choose a habit and but also you have to operate from it, you have to do things and even if it's uncertain how it may plan up, pay out, play out, sorry, mixing words up here. That's okay. Just just doing it, you know, like we we made this idea to, to create the two point O version of our next level course, like the higher up one. And we didn't have anybody pre sold. And we're like, let's just open it up over this weekend and see if people want to pay to join it. And then we'll also let them come and fly in and be part of filming the course. And we had like, 10 people sign up for it, I believe. Like they said, it's just like, oh, wow, okay. Which you wouldn't have, I wouldn't have I would have been in the way of that for like three more months. If I just didn't do it. You know,

You're demonstrating what I've said on the course is no matter where you are in life, people are always looking for you right now. Yes, somewhat ahead of you and someone behind you. But wherever you are, there's someone behind you're looking for you right now, couple of more thoughts here is confidence. you've demonstrated also what I see in the course is that everyone wants most everyone wants confidence, the confidence comes from competence. And to become that you've got to do something. And you know what riding the bike, you might fall over the first time, but you get up and you do it again. And again. Now you're developing competence. Now you have confidence. And I want to point out that by nature, which we go through the disc profile, also look at ourselves, you're probably by nature, a Heidi, you're a doer, but I want to point out is that even though you're a doer, and it's easy for you to take action, it's not that way for everyone. And what precedes the doing is Who Are You Being that's doing the doing? So you're being characteristics of being for you, you would be driven, motivated? Something that apparent to me after talking to you in this particular call for this long is that you're highly driven by possibility? What could happen if, and that's exciting to you? And actually, what drives you? Is that excitement that you feel from the possibility like I what would happen if I open this door? I don't. But I'm going to find out because I'm curious what's behind this door. So in so many coaching to you here a great place, a great strategy for you is always to work from curiosity, because that keeps you motivated. The what if what if we did this? And when you ask yourself that question, where your brain automatically goes is possibility and for you that's motivating, and then that sends you into action. All right, anything you want to add any will have, you know, a lot of people listening, but anything you want to add to the entrepreneurs,

Dude, I feel like you even said something there just sound the disc profile that I just wanted to emphasize as well. Like, if you may listen to me and be like, Oh, of course it works out. He's out there, he's extroverted. He's the loudmouth. Go, go go sort of guy and make it happen. One thing that I really loved about the whole program, and everything you do, man is just really helping serve people and also help people become aware of like, a lot more of like, who they are intrinsically from, like the brain science stuff, too. Because so many, a lot of people, like I said, you can buy as many entrepreneur or business building courses. And if you try to do these steps, but maybe it's not in alignment with your the way you're wired, as well. It can, it can be sticky, and it might make you feel like a failure. And that's one thing that, like you just made it so abundantly clear from all these calls. And just like it can be possible for anyone, no matter how you're wired, no matter if you're an introvert or an extrovert. No matter if you're, you know, you love being in crowds or you hate it. Like, there's so many ways you can serve. And if you're willing to just show up and get out of your own way, so that you can learn to play at a higher level. That's where things get really exciting.

Let me add there and we'll wrap it up. Thank you so much. And to be transparent here is this popped in my mind until right now is that I've been in the NLP neuro linguistic programming, high performance, peak performance field for a lot of years. And I for many years have made multiple, six figures and honest that's kind of coaching, I've been coasting because like I got life pretty easy. You know, I don't set the world on fire. But something just dawned on me that I want to share more wrap up with that is remember, many years ago, I sat down or reading somebody's email, and I sat down and like, you know what, I don't know how to be an entrepreneur. I'm an entrepreneur, but I don't know how to be. And that's what got me into the trip, I would not be here had I not had that original thought years ago, is what ways would a six not do, but what ways what a successful entrepreneur be. And when I started that the whole program is built on the being. And when I thought about that, that's what shifted everything. And when I shifted from doing an entrepreneur to being an entrepreneur, that's when I went from six figures into this and the multiple, seven figures, and shifting that component of my identity. Everything hinges on that little razor's edge and the ways of being. And you have been being awesome. And I appreciate you showing up and, and sharing your story. Because even though we move very fast, and you didn't have the rags to riches story, at least for our time here, there are a lot of people that are already in flight, and they're doing well that are listening to the podcast, but they're like, how do I go from, you know, the high fives to the mid 60s? Or how do I go from the 60s to the 70s, or the 70s to the 80s. And I think you're a great example of that. So thank you for sharing that with everyone.

Yeah, thank you, Jim. And for anyone who's listening, who's on the fence, get off the fence. Seriously, it's not that much money in the big picture of things like it's really underpriced. If you ask me.

Raise the investment. I'm gonna keep it where it is that people like this should be $15,000 for the bigger brother,

Marcus, why'd you have to say that? No, I was going to get in. And now he just raised and doubled it.

Now I'm not there's somebody big marketers like Jim, you should charge 100 grand for your one to one coaching, and a charge 25. And it's like, I was shocked when I found that you only charge $25,000 for one to one coaching for 12 weeks. But at some point, we'll we'll see where it goes. Right now. I'm in the mode of, of serving as many, many people in the masses that I can for the ripple effect that we're making.

That's really powerful to dude. Like I said, the community aspect. It's one thing just to go through a course on your own and to show up for calls. But just being able to be accountable and have other people who are on that journey with you is priceless. Because everyone's there with this, the expectancy or the willingness to suspend disbelief or like How could my life change if I just did the things Jim gave us in our homework assignments, for example.

It was funny as they which will go here because I don't you know, we'll keep this under 45 minutes. But when people just make a shift, and they come back to the group and like, Oh, my God, things shifted. And make it interesting how that works isn't a huge shift on the inside. Things happen on the outside. Now we've got momentum, and let's build on it. All right, brother. Thank you so much. Big hug to you and I catch you inthe group

Rock and roll dude.

Okay, talk to you later. Yep, bye. Okay, so hopefully you enjoyed the interview. And you got some great takeaways from listening to Marcus. I also apologize for the sound quality, I was using an earplug mic as opposed to my regular microphone. But nonetheless, you most likely got a great deal of value. And in my opinion, the biggest takeaway, which, you know, this whole podcast is about that is about when you change things on the inside, things automatically change on the outside. And, you know, perhaps you heard the story of how he, you know, he had his biggest month ever, when he just started changing the ways that he was being on the inside. So your takeaway, which is obvious is there's a direct correlation between your income and your revenue, which is on the outside, the correlation between that and what is on the inside, and your ways of being? Okay, as I say on every episode, you do know that I'm doing a I'm doing the first of a three part series of trainings starting on September the fourth, so mark your calendar, and we will be releasing the you know, the times for that very quickly. Okay, the next episode, now I've already shot Well, that's still video and me and the old habit, I've already created another episode early on episode number five about bad habits. But I'm going to create another episode on that. And that's going to be you know, the following episode. And the reason that I'm doing that is I want to dig deeper into habits because, you know, you might have heard me say before, is we don't get in life, what we want, we get in life, what we are and what we are, it's a reflection of our habits. Now, of course, I go to many esoteric places, you know, in this podcast, and I could say a whole lot more. But for now I just want to talk in terms of what we create in the external world in terms of productivity, or money or jobs or wealth or bodies and everything else really just comes down to our habits because we are, you know, the reptilian brain actually drives us and research demonstrates that. Okay, so the next episode is going to be why your bad habits are so hard to break. So I don't really care where you are in your life, whatever. And you're there because of your habits. Because everything comes to habits is whatever you do, please make sure that you listen to that episode, because I'm going to give you some very tangible takeaways that you you can use to start breaking. If you didn't listen to the earlier episode, how you can start breaking bad habits very, very quickly. Okay, thanks for listening, and I'll catch you over on that episode. Bye bye.


Thank you for listening to this entire podcast. If you're the kind of person who likes to help others, then share this with your friends and family. You know, if you found value, they will too. So please share via your social media channels. Also, if you have questions, I'm here to assist. You can email me questions to And I may even use your question for a future podcast episode. Also, if you want transformational content like this daily, connect with me on Instagram, my Instagram name is @iamjimfortin. Finally, I do have a personal request. I believe that we're all here to help others and to grow and evolve ourselves. together. You and I, let's help more people. If you would, please leave a review on iTunes and a good one by the way. I'd be grateful and through your assistance together, we can transform more lives. Thanks for listening.

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