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EPISODE 59: “Money Doesn’t Come From Hard Work”

October 9, 2019

If you’re like me you’ve heard it a million times growing up… “You have to work hard” to have a great life, get ahead, have financial security, etc, etc.


It was drilled into our heads by society and our parents and family, and here’s the thing, it’s just not true.

After all, you see people working hard for a lifetime and they have little to nothing to show for it.

In this episode I talk about:

And three powerful books that will actually help you develop your wealth and prosperity consciousness.

The truth is this, great abundance does not come from hard work, it comes from your money consciousness.

Many of the motivational speakers and internet personalities are yelling all day long about “hustle, and hard work and grind” and none of them have a clue that that approach generally repels the very wealth that you want.

Transformational Takeaway

You will not be rich until you feel rich.

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Full Episode Transcript


You’re listening to episode number 59 of the Transform Your Life From The Inside Out Podcast. Plain and simple, the headline is pretty self explanatory. In this episode I talked about the fact that money doesn’t come from hard work. Keep listening.

Hi, I’m Jim Fortin, and you’re about to start transforming your life from the inside out with this Podcast. I’m widely considered the leader in subconscious transformation. And I’ve coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you’re going to find no rah rah motivation and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of brain science, transformational psychology, and ancient wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you’ve never thought possible. If you’re wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive. And to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. This podcast is for you. Because you’re going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I’m glad you’re here.

Money Comes From the Universe

So when I say that money doesn’t come from hard work, that probably flies in the face of what a lot of you believe. And if you’ve been listening for any time to this podcast, you’re already aware that what I do flies and things that I say flies in the face of a lot of conventional thought, a lot of cultural myths. And you also know you probably heard me tell my story that I grew up a small town Texas farm boy, literally 2000 people in the town. I grew up on a farm, a real farm. And a lot of people find that shocking when they know that I lived in New York City. And I’ve been all around the world that I really don’t look like a air quote farm boy. But I was thinking this weekend as always driving that my mother had us working when we were 12 years old. And obviously, well, not obviously, but it wasn’t like child labor, abuse and all that.

But definitely when we were kids, I remember in sixth grade, my mother already had us outside working from the age of about 12. And I worked all the way through. After school, I worked all the way through high school, I get up at five o’clock in the morning, feed the cattle and get dressed, go to school, come home three o’clock, if I wasn’t doing sporting activities, or whatever, then I was back working again. And I even remember, I’ve never told a story. And it’s such an ancillary story. If you’ve ever picked up a bale of hay, anywhere in the world, I mean, I don’t know, there’s people here from all over the world. But a bale of hay is I don’t know, it’s about 70 pounds. And my last summer before college, a guy named Jimmy Mark and I work for his dad, Jimmy and I both of us bailed 49,000 bales of hay that summer, just just the two of us. I mean, that is hard work. And we got paid a nickel each per bail.

But I’m going to tell you that I grew up and it was hammered in my head I mean, hammered and drilled and instilled from my grandfather and my father, my uncles, that you have to work hard, you’ve got to struggle, you have to grind, you’ve got to put in the long hours, you’ve got to sacrifice. And you’ve got to just as I said, work hard to make money. Well, that’s not true. You know, in my family, I make more than in terms of attracting money and wealth, I have more wealth and my entire family put together. And I help a lot of people in my family.

The reality is the family mentality, which is pretty much universal. I don’t care where you are in the world is that you have to work hard. And when I went to college, I said you know what number physical labor, I mean, I’m a college guy, now I’m going to be college educated back in the 80s. And I got a good education etc. Got out went in the work world. And I even believe back then that you had to work hard, and you had to put in the hours and you had to struggle. And I’m going to tell you, if you look around you look around you. I don’t care if you have a college degree, I don’t care how many hours you work, if you look around you and I’m about to demonstrate to you, and you might have heard me say before, is that hard work is for the most part, there might be an exception every so often. But if you look at the masses, hard work is not going to bring you a great deal of money. And it’s not going to attract wealth and abundance for you. You might work hard, but what you’re doing for the most part is trading dollars for hours. And for the most part, you’re trading dollars. I’m sorry, you’re trading hours for not very many dollars.

And the story that I just gave you about me growing up, I’ve done this for a lot of years. And I talked to a lot of people and most of you have the same story. As a matter of fact, I know you’ve heard me say before that I read an article in the Wall Street Journal, I believe that it was it was a reputable publication. And the statistics are that 78% of the population works paycheck to paycheck here in the US. And it’s probably similar around the world. If not even much worse than that. Many of you might be working long hours, you’re working two jobs, you’re working three jobs are working long hours, some of you are working in an unhealthy conditions, and then go look at your bank account. And I can give you 1,000 examples of people working really, really, really hard. But not being successful financially.

And I want to point out that, financial success really isn’t a big deal to me, and that, the old phrase, you can’t take it with you. But I’m going to tell you, it sure makes life a lot easier. And your life would be a lot easier as well, if you had money just piling up in your bank account, and you had money coming into you that show that you could cover all the things that you want, whether it’s taking care of your elderly parents, or extra health care, or health care, even for that matter here in the US, which is extremely expensive. As a matter of fact, here in the US, I know people in the middle class that have to pick between healthcare and a mortgage because they can afford both.

And yet they’re working really, they’re really hard and still not making their ends meet. So if you look at your own life, and if not just look out your window, look at people you know, look at your neighborhood, look at your family, look at your friends, I guarantee you, I 100% guarantee you there are people working very, very hard, their nose to the grindstone, and guess what, they’re not making a lot of money or they’re struggling to make ends meet. Now, let’s go somewhere else with this. And I did create a similar episode, episode number nine, which I definitely recommend you listen to. But I want to take a little different slant and talk a little bit more about where money comes from, and give you some more perspective on it.

As well, I know because I get emails and Instagram messages all the time, that many times you listen to something and you absorb part of it and you listen again later or you hear it in a different way. And then finally that little click a little a-ha goes off and you’re like, whoa, okay, I get it. All right.

Most people work from what I call the Newtonian which is Sir Isaac Newton, the Newtonian Mechanistic Model of the world. And basically, it’s like the entire world is just a machine. And cause and effect. If I do this, I’ll get that. But the Newtonian, the Cartesian. The Cartesian Newtonian model of the world is that the universe is one big mechanistic machine. And at the turn of the last century, quantum mechanics, quantum physics started changing that the work of Max Born and Werner Heisenberg and Wolfgang Pauli, they’re the ones who actually coined the phrase Quantum Mechanics. And then we have Einstein a little later, and then Max Planck a little earlier, and then String. And all these all these Scientists, all these Physicist, actually completely invalidated the mechanistic model of the world.

So what Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics basically says, is that everything in the universe E=mc2 everything is energy. And what’s interesting is that you are a radiating bundle of energy. And most of us have never really sat down to really, really grasp what that means. I mean, you literally are electrons, neutrons and protons, you have consciousness running through you. So if this is the case, which is the case, it is a fact of Science, then the Laws of the Universe and Consciousness apply to you. Yet most people insist upon working on the or through the Newtonian Cartesian Model of the universe being one big, giant, gigantic machine. And it’s a 3d world. And I have to work in that 3d world. And I’m not working with what I call the invisible world, which is the World of Physics. Now, let me go somewhere with this for you.

Everything started to change for me in 1996. That was the year that I met my brother in law, Don Xavier the Shaman. And that same year, I was in a bookstore, and I picked up a book. Well, I used to read voraciously. I mean, a lot of books, I’ve read over 5000 books in my life. So I’d go into bookstores and spend a half a day just picking out a dozen books. That would be my books for the month. And I picked up a little book called the abundance book. You can find it on Amazon today for probably $5. The author is John Randolph Price. Again, this is 1996. I remember I picked it up, it was September of 1996. Because I remember where I was when I picked it up. And the books are really easy. I mean, it probably take you 30 minutes to read. And it has 40 days of meditations. 10 days of meditation repeated four times. And off topic here, what you’re supposed to do is do the 10 days of meditation four times in a row. And just being candid with you. It took me many, many tries to be able to actually finish the 40 days of meditation, whole different topic, and that that would be a topic on habits, which I do have an earlier podcast about habits. One of the first episodes I think first 10 episodes is about habits.

But in the book, he said something and it just made sense to me. And I had no basis I had no foundation, I had no reason for it to make sense. Other than I used my sense, not my common sense, but my higher sense, S-E-N-S-E. And it made sense to me what I read. And what he said in the book is that and he uses the word God I prefer to use the word universe. But he said that money doesn’t come from work. Money comes from the universe. Now if you’ve listened to episode number nine, you have heard me say that before. All right.

At that same time, the same year, I met my brother in law, Don Xavier the Shaman, and he wanted to and I wanted to I mean I was I was eager to start working with him. And to start doing dreamtime work with him where he assist people, he started assisting me to master dream time and demand to master understanding dream time, the different aspects of dream time. And by the way, there’s a podcast on that here also, I think I call it your greatest superpower is something like that. And it’s dream time. But back then I quit my corporate job. And I was I was kind of hobbling along waiting tables at that time not making a lot of money working hard working, you know, so many hours a week creating my, time my life energy for dollars, and not a lot of them even though I was working at a nice restaurant. And he said to me one time, he said, How come you’ve not started the instructions that I gave you? And I said, Well, I can’t afford to pay you. Now mind you, he never asked me for any money, not even one penny literally not even one penny.

And I don’t know why I had to solution that I had to get him a set amount of money. But I wanted to give him like XYZ amount of money. And he said to me did I asked you for any money? And I said no. And he said, You know what? My job, I am here meaning on the planet. I am here to serve. And he goes I do what I do. I do this service that I do. And I get my compensations from the universe.

And that’s the way that I’ve always seen him work. And I have a couple of Podcast here on money. And I know I talked about him a lot because I’ve learned, I’ve learned and I’ve come to know so much higher wisdom by following him for so many years. And it’s worked beautifully in my life to help me create a health, a life of health, wealth and abundance and prosperity, and many, many life areas.

So in the Price book it also and I’m you know, I’m thinking here at this time, because I was just starting to get to know and to start to work with my brother in law. I thought the same thing. I’m like, well, Price says that in his book is that money comes from what he calls God. So like I said, I knew it was true. And I’m watching my brother in law live that way, and back then we didn’t have any social media and even today from back. It’s crazy today. You know, 25 years later, he still has the same ridiculous AOL address, email, I mean, who uses AOL anymore for the most part, and the same phone number that he said 25 years ago?

I’ve watched the universe compensate him yet I have no evidence in my 25 years with him. And I have no evidence from anyone that’s encountered him. No evidence of anyone ever saying, you know, what, can you please give me money? He has never said that. Why? Because He’s also not a shaman, but he is a sorcerer. And a lot of people don’t know what that means. They don’t think it exists. But he’s a sorcerer. And being a sorcerer means that he works with source and all of us whether or not we know it, we work, you know, with source which I’ll get to in just a moment.

So the very first Christmas that I knew him, I said, Hey, you know, I called him Xavier back and I’m like, Xavier, what do you want for Christmas? And he says, I don’t know. He goes, You know what? He goes, why don’t you get me a copy of a book called the KYBALION and you spell it K-Y-B-A-L-I-O-N. He says, You know what, many years ago somebody gave me that book and I lost it over the years and it’d be nice to have another copy. Now me thinking in a very simple way that I did back then and I thought, oh, okay, he wants a copy of the KYBALION. No, that wasn’t it. He doesn’t need a copy of the KYBALION.

What he was literally thinly veiled doing is saying, Hey, Jim, I want to introduce you to and I want you to get the KYBALION and I want you to start understanding the KYBALION. And now the KYBALION was written, it’s believed the manuscript was posed was published in the early 1900s. But it’s believed that the manuscript was written by Hermes Trismegistus, which means thrice great, he’s also an Egypt known as Hermes. And it’s an ancient manuscript of the seven cosmic laws. The first cosmic law is that the universe is mental. Now, this is believed to be this manuscript is literally believed to be thousands of years old. And when the first universal law is the universe is mental. Well, Quantum Physics is everything is consciousness, everything is and even thinking is consciousness, which is mental.

Alright, so I want to jump ahead here, as I said, I read a lot of books. And I tell a lot of people to read a book that was written about 100 years ago called the Science of getting Rich. And it’s by Wallace Wattles. It’s an extraordinary book, pretty simple formula and an extraordinary book. And I want to say that I endorse what’s in the book, through what I’ve learned in my own life experiences, and what I’ve learned through working with a shaman, and a sorcerer. And in the book, he says, one of the main principles to getting wealthy to attracting money is to understand that there is a thinking substance that pervades all things.

Now listen, again, a thinking substance. And this is, by the way, was prior to even quantum mechanics and all the news about it, it was around that same time, but I mean, news traveled really slowly back in the early 1900’s. And basically, Wallace Wattles says, if you don’t get this concept, then nothing else is going to matter when it comes to creating great wealth and abundance is that there is a thinking substance that pervades all things in the universe, which in the KYBALION, and thousands of years old manuscript says the same thing in terms of the first cosmic law, everything is mental, and quantum physics validates it.

So money doesn’t come from hard work. It doesn’t, it can, but really, very limited supplies. Because also hard work is finite. Because to do hard work, you’ve got to trade your time and your energy to do the hard work and your time and energy are finite, therefore the hard work is finite. Therefore the wealth you can make from your hard work is finite. So what I’m sincerely wishing and sincerely hoping that you get here is that your level of wealth in life doesn’t come from your behavior in your physical activity. It comes from your prosperity consciousness.

So you can work hard and you can have high prosperity, consciousness, and the hard work will contribute to the wealth. But you can work really hard and have a low prosperity consciousness. And you’re going to do nothing but work really hard and not attract a lot of money. What I’m sharing with you in this podcast and in an episode number nine, I’m not sure the correct word that I want to use here. But this leap, leaping from the Newtonian Cartesian Model of the world, everything’s physical. And I’ve got to go do things to make money to the Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Physics model of the world, that everything is consciousness, and everything is energy. That leap is when I say I’ve got to be careful of words, but I’m going to use the word hard.

That leap was one of the hardest leaps I ever made. And it’s one of the hardest leaps for most people, is because in our behavior, we can see our behavior and we can say, Well, if I do x,y, z behavior. And then I calculate x, y, z dollars are my metrics are my conversions or whatever. If I do xyz behavior then I can make XYZ dollars. If I punch the XYZ time clock for eight hours, and I get paid 20 bucks an hour, then I’ve got XYZ dollars coming. That’s all mechanistic, it’s all mechanical.

And to make this leap, to make this leap requires and Wallace Wattles said it and I agree, is that we must embrace, we must come to know we must own we must work from that there is a thinking substance in the Universe, that pervades all things. Now when I say thinking it’s that’s a very nebulous way to put it. But basically, what he’s saying is everything is consciousness. And if you can’t get your mind around that, then in my experience with me and watching the world is most of us continue to toil away, and get up early and work long hours and not make and not attract a significant amount of money.

Many years ago, I had a client when I did a lot of one to one coaching. And he refused to accept this. And literally, he was making what I would say is decent money he was making $700,000 a year. And I actually had to let him go as a client because he wouldn’t let go of his old paradigms about money and about service. And I’ll just leave it at that for now. But he said to me, and he was always worried about money, because he lives in California. He has two boys, they wanted to go to private school. He lives in a wealthy area of California. And he said to me, he goes, you know, Jim, You don’t worry, you don’t worry about money because you have money. And I started, you know, gently laughing and I really liked the guy back then I like him now, he’s a good guy.

And I said, No, no, you have it reversed. I have money because I do not worry about money. I have money, because I do not worry about money. And I want you to look at your life. Do you have money? Do you not? Do you worry about money? Because for the most part, there’s always exceptions to the rules. But just take a step back and look at this. Have you noticed that most people that have money, don’t worry about money? And people that actually don’t have money do worry about money? Do you see a big aha here, considering the fact that science demonstrates that everything is consciousness, the KYBALION and the Science of Getting Rich, everything is mental? Are you starting to see the correlation here that the more peaceful of mind that we are, the more wealth we can attract more abundance we can attract. And the more worry that we entertain, the more that we actually repel money, because money, money is consciousness. Thought is consciousness.

Consciousness has a vibration. Worry is consciousness. Peace is consciousness and vibration as well. So what I want to share with you, think about this, and this is the biggest leap for most people, I get it. And actually, I consider this to be one of the greatest victories you will ever experience in your lifetime, is when you stop working from that 3d mechanistic model of the world. And you start working from the quantum mechanics, the quantum physics, the consciousness aspect of you and the world and physics, and recognize that every thought that you have, even Ernest Holmes, who wrote the Science of Mind back in the early 1900s. Now, I don’t have this in front of me, but let me see if I can recapitulate one of his quotes, and there’s a good chance I will mangle this.

But he said something along the lines of and again, I’m not going to be able to recapitulate all of this. But he said, “Just imagine your mind. So plastic, so receptive, that it receives the slightest impression of your thoughts. Not some thoughts, but every thought is taken up and acted upon.” Actually, I think I nailed the first paragraph. But notice what he said there is that not some thoughts, but every thought is taken up and acted upon? So what are your thoughts about hard work? And what are your thoughts about money, and then again, do your own research if you want go to YouTube, look up the double slit experiment, double slit, S-L-I-T experiment on YouTube, watch the one by Dr. Quantum, and basically the material world around you bends to your consciousness.

So I also want to point out, actually, before I point this out, have you ever noticed, have you ever noticed that the people who need the money the most have the least amount of money, generally speaking, and that’s pretty much 9.9 times out of 10, the people who need the money the most which where is their consciousness, where is their energy, have the least amount of money. Why? They have the least amount of money because their need for money, and they’re wanting money, which is worry, and fear and anxiety, these are all vibrations, they create a corresponding experience in the physical 3d world around them. This, again, is why money does not come from hard work, or at least a paradigm that I’ve got a struggle and I’ve got to work till my eyeballs bleed, and I’ve got to just bang it out. And I’ve got a hustle. And I’ve got to be the first one up in the morning, every bit of that is absolute nonsense.

Okay, so to contribute more to this, is go listen to episode number nine. And in it, I talked about this, but in a different way. And I think if you take episode number nine, and you put it with this one, that may actually help you chip away even some more and give you more epiphanies and more AHA’s about how to attract the kind of abundance and prosperity that you want into your life.

Okay, so the big leap is this. And this requires trust. And the second hurdle. When I say it requires trust, I’ve been there, I’ve been there before. The first hurdle for most people is to stop working from the 3d mechanistic model of the world. And to fully embrace that we are consciousness, we, as beings, we have energy running through us, you might have heard me say before, we have a heartbeat, which is energy, we have an EEG and an EKG, brainwaves and a heartbeat, we are electromagnetic beings. Sit with that for a second you are an electromagnetic being. Because without electromagnetics running through your physical body, which is your 3d body, your 3d body would be a dead bag of skin.

So the fact that you are an electrical magnetic being also means that you are subject to the Laws of Pysics, which are the Laws of the Universe. And what that means is that you’re part of consciousness. And what that means even further is that wherever you hold your consciousness, according to the double slit experiment, wherever you hold your consciousness, the physical world, because it’s responding, the consciousness actually organizes its way around you. So what a lot of you doing is you’re working from circumstance, and then you feel bad about the circumstance you’re working from. Because you know what I’m working all these hours, oh, my gosh, I’m really, really tired. And then I look at my bank account, and I feel bad. And then because I feel bad, what’s happening is I’m actually creating that and putting that out out in the consciousness.

And the universe is returning that to me, you know, in episode number nine, which is your Transformational Takeaway, is I clearly lay out that the layers and levels of thinking, and actually, let me let me just say this, what I see in that episode is that, from our thinking, comes our feeling, from our feeling comes our vibration, and from our vibration comes our frequency. And guess what? Money responds to frequency. And when you think things like I’m going to worry, worry, worry, then you feel, and that brings your vibration and your frequency down. When you’re thinking that you know what I’m grateful, and money flows into my life. Money’s easy to attract. And I am part of this, this quantum soup. And when I feel rich, I vibrate that. And that frequency brings it to me.

So the takeaway is this, is that and I tell people this and I’ve seen this and there could be there could be an exception to the rule, but really, I haven’t seen it is that you will not be rich, you will not be rich and attract wealth, until you feel wealthy. Now the next question is going to be here, as people will say, and I’m going to make this very short, people will say, but Jim, I don’t have any money, how do I feel wealthy? Easy. Look at all the things in the world around you, that supports you, the water that you drink, that support you, the air that you breathe that supports you, your lungs actually support you because without lungs, you wouldn’t be alive. But what about this? What about being grateful, because when we are in gratitude, Oprah used to say gratitude is the attitude. Well, gratitude, it’s a way of thinking, which creates a way of feeling which affects your vibration, which affects your frequency. So be in gratitude. And when you start feeling rich, and you start feeling grateful for what you have, the money starts coming in, based upon or I’m going to say commensurate with your level of consciousness relative to money.

Okay, so I think in our time together, I have fully dispelled and you know, I’m probably going to do some more episodes on this because again, 78% of Americans alone live paycheck to paycheck, you must get, you must accept, you must embrace, if you want to stop working as hard as you’ve been working, is that money doesn’t come from the hard work. It comes from your consciousness. And when you’re working from the 3d mechanistic model of the world, and money comes from hard work, and hard work comes from your time and energy and time and energy are finite. What happens is you are then stale point to what I call it your stale point when it comes to attracting a significant amount of abundance into your life.

OK. So the next episode is a Q&A episode from Cathy. And her question is this. Her question is you talk about working from point B, meaning where you want to go in life, to point B, meaning instead of trying to work from where you are to where you want to be work from where you want to be, which is point B. And then she says, but I don’t know what my point B is? Well, she says many other things, and I’m going to take it apart in the next podcast. So in this podcast, remember that I just said that everything is consciousness, everything is energy, and the double slit experiment, the physical universe actually organizes itself around your consciousness. Well, I didn’t even realize it till I start to think until I just started thinking about this, the next episode corresponds, because when you work from point B, as if you are at point, I’m sorry, let me back up. When you work from point A, that’s where your consciousness is. So you keep creating more of point A, where we must work from is point B. Because when we work from point B, then that’s where our consciousness is, and the universe, the physical universe, actually materializes around that. So these two episodes kind of go hand in hand. And again, I didn’t know it until just now. So thanks for listening, and I’ll catch you over on the next episode. Bye, bye.


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The first cosmic law is, everything in the universe is divine mind.

Double-slit Experiment
We as observers of the universe affect the material universe.
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