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EPISODE 215: “Healing And The Mind: A Follow-Up Q&A From My Bruce Lipton Interview”

April 27, 2022

This week is a bit unusual because it’s not my normal podcast format. It’s an Instagram LIVE turned into a podcast episode.

I got a lot of feedback from the podcast interview with Bruce Lipton, as I expected. 99% of if was positive and supportive and then, of course, you’re never going to please everyone, the other 1%.

I want to highlight here what I covered in that IG LIVE / Podcast.

I dove into the history of Science and gave examples of how the science of today is incomplete and only a “data point.” As well, it’s not the end-all-be-all word on all matters in life and especially not in medicine and the potential of the human body.

I touched on the “Human condition” and the deceptions of humanity, especially around government agendas, money, and control…and even more specifically about health care. It may upset a lot of people but I stated what I have observed as the obvious. The majority of the health care system in the US is a profit-driven machine and

to a large degree, the system works in the best interest of the profiteers, not people in need of medical care and healing.

Next, I went into why you should seek medical care when matters of trauma arise and how it’s smart to get a medical opinion but to use it only as a “data point.” In my personal experience, working with the mind-body connection, the subconscious mind, the power of the proven placebo effect, and ancient healing methods often produce far greater results in actual healing as opposed to dependency on medical intervention.

I was a bit fired up because it’s disturbing to observe so much corruption on the planet that actually hurts millions if not billions of people, specifically around pharmaceutical companies and health care. And for what? Profit and control!

I know this was a Q&A but I did answer the questions on my fired-up tirade. Some will hate it, some will like it. Does not matter, do your OWN research and you’ll find a great deal of truth in what I said on this IG live.

As well, some of the questions were asked from incomplete models of logic and were asked from very limited understandings of medicine, healing, and the human/spiritual connection itself. Do some research in this area, you might just be surprised how much power you have in your own mind to heal yourself of any and all ailments.

And finally, I talk a bit about my healing and how others can heal using the power of their mind. It’s shockingly simple, I DID IT, I had BOTH a stroke and heart failure in 2020 and I’m healthy today, it is so simple to heal that most of us miss it.

If I can do it, you can do it. And, it does require that you start trusting the inherent wisdom in your mind and body and not rely on the “medical system” so much.


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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This podcast episode is a recording of an Instagram LIVE that I just did where I'm answering questions about the interview that I had with Bruce Lipton, which was a recent podcast episode. Now I want to give you the frame that I had in this Instagram LIVE.

First I answered questions. That you guys had about things that Bruce Lipton said. Next I go into the history of science not being complete. And how today's science. Pretty much, it's a data point, but it's not an end all be all. And if people make it an end, all be all. Then they're most often going to spend their lifetimes in medical care. If they're making science the end all be all for their medical care. I talk about the human condition and the deceptions of humanity. Especially around government agendas, money and control, and even more specifically about healthcare. And I'm just being candid. I talk about how the global healthcare system, for the most part in the USA, at least. Is a for-profit system. That, when you really look at it does not have your best interest at heart. I mean, what for-profit company wants to go out of business. And then I talk about why, in my opinion, You should seek medical care for trauma.

You know, you, you have something broken in your body. You fall, you hit your head stroke, heart failure, something major car accident. You definitely want to go to the ER. But I also state in my opinion and my experience and my observation. That if you really want to heal long term, you'd be better working with ancient traditions, the power of the mind and brain research. For a long term healing again, not related to trauma. Science and millions of people, including myself. We've healed ourselves. And when I say science, science says many of us cannot. And what I mean is, as many of us have healed ourselves, despite what science says, And really what I want you to get out of this episode.

This Q&A. And then you may want to refer back to the Bruce Lipton podcast. You can heal with the power of your mind. Now I admit I was a bit fired up. And this. Uh, Q&A, and the reason why it's very disturbing to me to observe so much corruption on the planet, that's actually hurting millions. If not billions of people. And candidly for what for profit and control. I would like to, for me, think a little bit higher and what's good for humanity, not how much money I can make. And I know this was a Q&A. And I did answer the questions because I actually talked about them each one here on the Instagram, but I was a bit fired up and I went into a tirade. Some will hate it. Some will like it, it doesn't matter.

Do your own research because you will find that a great deal of what I said on this Instagram live. When you do your own research is true. I also want to point out that I did answer a lot of questions for the ones that we had. And when I answered them. I was obviously wanting to be very kind and respectful, but a lot of the questions were asked from an incomplete model of reality and an incomplete understanding about the power of the mind and the healing power of the mind, the body and the face of traditional modern medicine. And then many people never, or didn't even inquire about the nature of our spiritual essence, our divine mind, our quantum energy that we can use to heal. So therefore many of the questions were asked from what I call a very 3D model of reality, not seeing the bigger picture of our cosmology as a species. And then finally, I talk a bit about healing.

My own healing and others can heal themselves using the power of our minds. As a matter of fact, it's extremely simple. Extremely simple. I mean, I did it. I had both a stroke. And heart failure in 2020. And I'm extremely healthy today and what I can do. You can do so I'm going to finish up with this. It's so simple to heal. It's so simple to heal ourselves. That most of us miss it. And I talk about it. On this Instagram live, which is obviously a podcast episode. Enjoy.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. And this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

So today's LIVE is going to be a follow up about the Bruce Lipton interview podcast that aired last week. Okay. I'm. There's a couple of places. I want to go on this particular call and I want to take your thinking to a higher level. I want to create perhaps maybe some new ways to think my objective is to dispel some of the perhaps thinking processes that aren't working for you or keeping you trapped. So I want to, I just wanted to dig in here. I do want to say also that do not mention, and this is a one strike policy. Do not mention the C word or the V word related to the pandemic. And the reason why is because the algorithms on Instagram and Facebook constantly are scanning the rooms, looking for those particular words and they're censoring them.

So do not mention those words anywhere in your chat. Now I know why's my camera's crooked because my stand is crooked, but I think the camera's okay. Okay. So there's a whole lot of impact in that interview with Bruce. And in addition to your questions, I want to go a couple of different places with the questions in just a moment, but I want to go a couple of different places in my explanations and the things that I want to share with you. I'm well aware and I'm okay with it. I'm well aware that the Bruce Lipton interview pissed some people off. Didn't get a lot, but got some hate mail. Some people told me how stupid I was and all that kind of good stuff. I expected that that's normal. And you know, something we have to look at is that any time someone refutes or in some way, create an obstacle to us believing what we want to believe. Many times we get angry and we get expressive. And one of the first things we do is we deny anything. That's going to refute something that we think we believe or something that we believe strongly. That being said, I want to ask you, what do you believe? That's a very general question, but what do you believe?

So let's say for the sake of this call, and I think we're turning this into a podcast episode, what do you believe about all areas? And of course you can't answer all of that in the moment. What do you believe about your ability to heal yourself? That's what we want to look at. I want to give you a definition of belief. And I made some notes on this. I normally don't work by notes, but I really want it to work by some notes to make sure I cover everything for this particular call is a belief is an attitude that something is a belief is an attitude, that something is the case or that some proposition about the world is true.

And Epistemology Philosophers use the term belief to refer to attitudes about the world, which can be either true or false. What that means is it doesn't matter what you believe, because what you believe can be true, and it can be false based upon your disposition and your attitudes and your life experience. Meaning you're going to form your beliefs based upon your conditioning, the way you grew up your paradigms, your context, which I'll explain in just a moment. So when you watch the Bruce Lipton interview, you have to look at. What are the pre-existing beliefs that I come with when I watch this, do I have beliefs about cancer? Do I have beliefs about healing? Do I have beliefs about genetics? Do I have beliefs about what is sickness? Do I have beliefs about healing? Think about that for a moment, because that filter is the beliefs that you filter the interview through. And then what you do is you filter the interview through those beliefs, and then you decide what you're going to believe and not going to believe based upon your preconditioned, your preexisting filters that are beliefs.

Okay. So what we want to do with. I want to read the questions and comments and just a moment, I didn't get a lot. They're all, they all have the same theme. I will read those. Then I want to go to content and context. I will explain what, explain now. So I'm looking at my desk here because I'm doing an Instagram live. I'm looking for a box, I don't have it, it's over there and I don't want to move away. But when we learn things in life, we hear new information. What we do is we put it into our, box of what we already know. So let's say that you're going to take a whole new course on something. And when you do, you put that course and all the learning, which is content into the box that you already have about that subject matter.

Let's say for example, that you have a belief which is context, see your beliefs or your context, which are the frame which you work from, let's see that you have a belief that it's hard to learn. If you have a belief that it's hard to learn, and I start teaching you something, then recognize how hard it's going to be for you to learn that something which is content that I'm teaching you, because your box, your frame, your context says it's hard to learn and I'm going to leave that there for now. And then what I want to look at is a bigger picture of humanity. And I want to look at the games that humans play. Yep. That's what I mean. The games that humans play. Then if we have time after that and I'm going to move pretty fast, hopefully through the first part of this, we'll do a Q&A,so the beliefs are this. And I want to reiterate that beliefs are opinions. Doesn't mean they're true. Doesn't mean they're false. They are opinions. And like I said, your opinions are based upon your context, which is created through your past experiences, which is your model of reality. You can have a strong model of reality. The world's good, the world's great life's easy or a challenging model of reality.

People will steal from you. People will rob from you. Life is hard, and that's just one example of your context and your model of reality. Let me read the questions very quickly. Isn't the BRCA Gene Mutations associated with cancer. Wondering how Bruce interprets the current understanding. Very interesting wants to know more. Okay. I can't speak to that. I'm not Bruce Lipton, so I don't know what he would say about that. And I wish I could answer, but I'm not the expert on that. And that would be something for Bruce. Next, I want to be sarcastic and say, oh, I can't wait to tell my father and sister this boat, but then I remembered, oh, wait, they're dead from cancer. My aunt declined treatment and tried to belief that cancer away all of a sudden any way and keeping up in mind, but this hits a sore spot with me. This person very obviously came with their context. Their context is I don't believe what Bruce said because I have evidence in my life that people have died of cancer.

Let's take that apart. So your father and your sister, both were they died according to this of cancer. I don't have any background on that meaning I don't know what the particulars are and that's what happened to them. And what I want to say here is you said my aunt declined treatment and tried the belief the cancer. All right. There's a difference between actual belief and believing that you will leave something. There's a difference between a subconscious belief and a conscious belief. They're not the same thing, because you can say, for example, you can say, well, I believe that I can be a millionaire, but let me give you an example. You could say, oh, Jim, that makes a lot of sense. Yes. I believe I can be a millionaire, but you look at your bank account. You're dead broke. Your bank account comes from your subconscious identity. So even though you're saying you can be a millionaire and you think you believe it, you don't believe it at a subconscious level.

So what could have happened here? I'm not saying what happened because I wasn't there. I don't know the person, but the person actually could have said yes, I believe that I can heal my cancer. Therefore, I'm going to forego treatment. By the way I advocate what's best for you. If you need treatment, you need medical treatment, then you better go get it. I can't emphasize that enough. I'm not telling you not to have treatment. I am not saying that if it's something you feel like you need for whatever ailment or whatever, life condition, then go do it. Now, my aunt declined treatment and tried to believe the cancer away. So the question is how successful was she at believing the cancer away? What were her beliefs about her ability to heal? What were her beliefs about the power of her mind? What were her beliefs about the power of the body to heal? What were her beliefs about her healing? What were her beliefs about the medical establishment? What were her beliefs about an oncologist? If she saw one, what were her beliefs about the diagnosis she died. It's a pretty big can of worms. So to simply say, well, my aunt believes it a way, and it didn't work. That doesn't really hold water. And the reason it doesn't hold water is because what I don't know is does your aunt even know how to create and manage her beliefs? Does she know how to, how to manage her mind, how to manage her emotions, how to direct the subconscious mind, these things all play into the equation.

We'll talk about that in just a bit. Someone else said here, how about little children getting cancer? What I want to share with you is this, that's a question for Bruce Lipton. Not for me. I mean, he was on the interview, but I will tell you what I have come to understand what I have come to know. I didn't say, think I said no. What? I've come to experience. Things I worked with the Shaman for a lot of years. And what I've come to know is that there are things that we will never know. There are things that no matter how hard you try to use your analytical mind, it's not going to matter. You'll never be able to figure it out. We don't have the capacity as human beings to figure out many of the universal mysteries and how come little children. That's a big open question there and that how little are the children? And then I look at, and there's no blame going anywhere here, but this is what I know, pay attention to this and observe this children observe, and I'm going to use this word, absorb their parents and children are like, They're like a backpack on your back.

When you have small kids and you can't take the backpack off. I don't have kids. I have many friends, friends, all my friends have kids and they will, every one of them will tell you, the kids are just, I'm just joking here, but they're like, those kids will suck the life out of you. It's kids 24/7 kids all day long. I understand that. I don't know it because I'm not a parent, but I understand it because I see it, my own family. Okay. So how come the little ones get cancer? I'm going to just give you two thought postulates on that. One is what are they absorbing from you? The parent number one. And secondly, what is their karma? What did they come here to learn spiritually? What did they come here to teach you spiritually? You know, there's a book and I don't get much out of books anymore. I, you know, working with a Shaman is a whole different path. There's a book I read probably 25 years ago. Many of you have probably read the book called Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss MD.

Brian Weiss talks about past lives. And he talked about how his infinite infant died a violent death, I believe at nine months old or something like that. And what he came to realize through his work is that his child came to teach him lessons about life. And then once the child imparted those lessons, it was time for the child to go. Most of us is most of us as human beings look at life linear and that linear is we're born. Children are born. These are things that happen in life. This is how life works. This is what we're supposed to teach them. We're supposed to raise them. The parents get older than the parents leave the planet. But what if for a minute pre-suppose that the child pre-supposed that the child at a spiritual level, not an ego 3d level, but suppose for a moment, the child is the actual teacher, not the parents pre-suppose for a moment. Step out of your 3d thinking, presuppose that the child is an older soul spiritually speaking. Then the parents are on the planet at this time. So we tend to look linear and say, parents are. Not spiritually, not energetically. Maybe the child is an older soul teaching, a younger soul, which happens to be their parents in this incarnation, bringing a lesson to them and an opportunity to learn.

So that's all I can really share there. And what I want to share also is that the biggest limitation people have is they try to figure out things with their 3d mind, people try to figure things out based upon how they have their model of reality, figured out. Number one, most of what most people have figured out is inaccurate.

It's based upon their very limited model of reality. So they're trying to figure out life based upon a very limited model of reality, which is a broken strategy. You have to do what Einstein said and go to a higher level. You cannot solve a problem at the level it was created. You have to go to a higher level and then higher level is consciousness and spiritual. Spiritual embracement and working from a much higher level of the evolution of life, not the 3d evolution of life that you see right in front of you right now. Someone else had said here, so why did my two year old get cancer? If it wasn't because he had mutated P53 gene, this harmony in his life. Now what I want to point out there is number one is my condolences go out to these people. Okay. And this is going to sound harsh, but I never tell people anymore. I'm sorry that happened to you because guess what? These people, me, you, we're living out our karmic lessons and I'm not sorry that you're living out your karmic lessons . If anything, I should be grateful that you're having the opportunity to live out that karmic lesson.

So my condolences here seriously. Condolences, but everything that needs to happen is what happens. And then we look at the P53 gene. I wrote something down on that last night for you guys. I'll probably get to in just a minute, but I want to go a little further here. Someone said, so it's my, my son's own fault. He got cancer. Notice the word fault. I never used the word fault anywhere that I know of. It's not a word that I use. It's no one's fault that your son got cancer. It's simply is what it is based upon energetics and what we know Bruce Lipton and I talked about a little bit is your biology. Every one's biology is effected by their energetics and our energetics are affected by our thinking, not an opinion. Now what I won't do. Is, I won't argue with anyone. Arguing is a control issue. And I just, honestly, it's been a long week. I got a lot to do. I don't have the energy to argue with anyone. And what I want to share here is it's so easy in life to get trapped in an experience, make interpretations about it, and then say, this is my interpretation based upon my limited experience of life, without looking at it from a higher point of view, a higher consciousness, and really seeing what's happening at a much higher function of energetics.

For those of you that can relate. We can say this what's happening in the mind of God, which literally I'm going to use my terms is universal consciousness or divine mind what is happening at that level. But this person said, what about babies born of tumors? The mother's fault. Say that, that just, I just covered. That is what are the energetic lessons. But when we say things, oh, this is your fault or that fault, or this reason, or that reason, that's all 3d thinking, which, which is the context, which doesn't fall within a higher function of even mental paradigm processing. Not that the person's not smart. That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is the frame that they're working from is an incomplete frame, let me put it that way. And it's a frame built upon a 3d model of reality. Then the person goes on to Li-Fraumeni syndrome Li-Fraumeni syndrome and talks about that and how it runs in the family. Just because something runs in your family doesn't mean you have to get it.

There's a phrase that I've used a lot of years. I've learned a lot of years ago is that genetics load, the gun, your environment pulls the trigger, genetics load the gun. your environments pull the trigger, but here's oh, a lot of people were, were triggered by the podcast, but see, it had nothing to do with the podcast. It had something to do with the podcast, with bumping up against their beliefs. So you think about that for a moment. And when I say environment, the first thing that most of us think is the environment is, outside of me 3d, birds flying and people and social partly, but the environment is what is the environment in your head? What is the environment in your thinking? Because it is medically proven, medically, and scientifically proven that your thinking affects your physiology. Your thinking affects cellular function in your body. Now here's where people get into Jim,prove it to me, prove it. I'm not proving shit. Go look it up yourself.

Because even when you look it up yourself, You'll tend to be more likely to accept it and understand it. When you do the work yourself to find the research that helps you understand that a way that you want to research. But so many people will come at. me And say, prove it to me. Prove it. No. Why would I waste my energy when you're operating from a broken paradigm context? Why would I waste my energy? Proving something to you that you can prove to yourself. So I'm going to leave that at that. Okay. Here's the next comment? Wow. So wrong. Explain why people with no preexisting health conditions, young ones, even children have gotten sick or died of COVID-19. Number one, we're not talking about that. I can understand that some living in constant fear can be susceptible, but not all healthy victims. We're afraid tons of generalizations here, unless this person can speak for all healthy victims. The person is exercising an opinion, not a fact. And what Bruce Lipton was saying is that what I just said that you guys is that your environment is it, your environment affects your genes and your environment is your chemicals. You put into your body food that you put in your body, but also the thinking, the thinking that you put into your mind. And there's been a lot of research over, you know, in the several years.

And some of the pioneering researcher earlier research by an MD was back in the what, seventies or eighties, Dr. Herbert Benson and the book called the relaxation response. Now there's books out by Andrew Weil and Lissa, Rankin MD, and Lissa Rankin MD talks about the power of the mind to heal. You'll find videos on YouTube about this. You will find tons and tons of videos about the nocebo effect and the placebo effect. What are the cultural beliefs about? Somebody had mentioned the C-word a couple of minutes ago. What are the cultural belief. About that. I agree. A thousand percent with Bruce Lipton, the beliefs are Ooh, bad, bad, bad. It's going to get, it's going to kill you. I want to be accurate here. I don't know the exact number. I looked it up last year. I don't know the number anymore, but isn't it. Three quarters of 1% of people actually die from that, that virus itself, the rest are from, from co-morbidity and in our country. I think Bruce said, and I forgot the number myself.

Don't 60% of Americans have two or more comorbidities, but yet it's very easy to blame it on something else. Why? Because you've been made afraid of it. So food for thought. And if that pisses you off, then it pisses you off. I don't know what to do about that. And I say that I'm going to slow down here because I do say that with respect and I say it with kindness. But you really have to look at how you're functioning, how you're functioning and, and, you know, there's something that I say is that you didn't come into the world with any beliefs. You did not come into the world with a single belief. You learn to create your beliefs. And because you'll learn to create your beliefs, you operate from that context the most people for the rest of their lives. I myself understand that because I grew up with, you have to listen to the doctor. You have to listen to the doctor. The doctor knows what they're talking about. The doctor is the expert. I'm going to say something right now. If you need trauma medicine, you have a heart failure or stroke.

Something happens you break an arm, you got a bone sticking out of your skin. You get your butt to the ER. That's where you need to be. Long-term medical healing doesn't happen in the medical profession. The medical profession, in my opinion and my observation is designed to make a lot of people wealthy and to keep a lot of people sick. This is why a lot of, pharmaceutical companies won't develop, cures for things they can make long-term money off from like diabetes. People are on medication for a lifetime to come. Guys, you got to get this, you got to get, this is that pharmaceutical companies are for profit companies. Pharmaceutical companies are for profit. What realistic company for profit says, you know what? We actually solve XYZ problems in people's lives. And that's how we make our money because we're for profit. And we get paid by solving that problem, but you know what we want to fix that problem. So it doesn't exist anymore and put ourselves out of business.

Does that make a lot of sense to you guys? Serious. Does it make a lot of sense? Well, that's the whole game. That's the whole racket and it's a huge racket. You guys get this? When I had, which we're going to talk about healing in a moment, I want to talk about cultural myths. Also when I had a stroke a year and a half ago, I live in Sedona, Arizona. I had to, I catch, well, not like I caught, I don't remember. I was gone. I was on a stretcher. I was at the hospital. When I say it's gone, I mean, I was, I was not conscious. You guys know how much a hospital ride from Phoenix from Sedona, the Phoenix, which is 90 miles. Do you guys know what that helicopter ride? The insurance company sent a bill to me for you guys have any idea, and they wouldn't want to guess what that bill was a 90 minute, not even a 90 minute helicopter ride, a 90 mile helicopter ride. That bill was $90,000. $90,000, $90,000. Now I didn't pay it. And the reason why it's insurance paid it, but also, um, there was some legislation passed in 20, 20, 20, about 20 19, 20 20 that actually stopped.

I think it was called surprise billing or something like that, that prevented people from getting shocking bills like this, that they could do nothing about because it was driving a lot of people in the bankruptcy. I had the money for it, but there are other people that got charged I don't have the money for it, and their insurance didn't cover it because they weren't covered under that bill. Okay. We're going to get in the moment to, how do I program myself for healing, but I want to go here first.

How do you know you can believe your beliefs? How do you know? You can believe your beliefs? First question, how do you know? You can believe your beliefs. Next. How do you know the difference between your opinions and your beliefs? Next question, are your opinions always a hundred percent researched and verifiable factually. I'll ask you again, are your opinions always a hundred percent researched and verifiable? Factually? What experience do you have with your beliefs? Let me ask you this. Do you believe your beliefs enough to doubt your beliefs ponder that? Do I believe my beliefs enough to doubt what I believe? If you're afraid to doubt what you believe that right there is a problem which tells me you're tied to your beliefs, whether the belief is true or not, because the belief is an opinion and you're tied to that opinion, even if the opinion is not true. Okay. So context versus content is. Your beliefs are really, the context is who believes the belief. Your context is who believes the belief ponder that. So I have all these beliefs, one through 10 beliefs, who is the believer of these beliefs? How did I learn to believe these beliefs? What if I learned to just believe anything?

I'm told that all of these beliefs can be true or not true or factual not factual. And I still believe them because that's the way that I learned to believe. So where I'm going here is much of what you believe in life is nothing more than a learned belief, but it doesn't mean that it's going to serve you or that it's actually accurate. Okay. And the content that you're give the content, which is the media, which is the educational system, which is society, which is your family, the content that you're believing will be filtered through your context, your context, as the frame, with which, with which you think. So, if I told you, it gives you the perfect example of that. If you grew up in a household where your parents told you that what people call alternative healing and medicine, it doesn't work. You must get surgery, you must be on a pharmaceutical. You must go to an MD, you must go the medical route. If that's how you grew up believing. And then later in life, I come along and I'm like, you know, Hey, why don't you try this or try that?

 It's, you know, it's acupuncture or whatever it is, why don't you try this? And you're like, no, I can't do that because that doesn't work. How do you know it doesn't work? Well, I don't know. I haven't tried it, but that's what I learned. That's how most of us operate. Let's play with beliefs for a moment. Okay. And then we're going to go to some Q&A is, do you believe completely different direction because the world that you live in there are powers that be, that are designed to deceive you and manipulate you. Give me a couple of small examples here. Do you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone assassin with John F. Kennedy for something like 50 years, the Warren commission, which was an official government because a commission and position of the United States government said one assassin. The Warren commission changed that a couple of years ago that no. There were likely other assassins on that day in daily Plaza.

Do you believe another question here? Do you believe American presidents have American citizens lives their best interests at heart? Now I'm not speaking of all presidents, I'm just giving you an example. You could say, well, yes, I believe in American President has the lives of American citizens at his or her best interest. I mean, I'm meaning, I believe. Okay. How do I say that? I believe that an American president believes in the best interest of the American people. Well, if that's the truth, then how come? And this is actually history. You can look it up then. How come Nixon in 1968, try to Thorte the Vietnam peace talks, the reason why, and this is all archived. This is all documented now, as he wanted the Vietnam war to carry on, which would have heard LBJ had he run for reelection, which would have hurt, which would have helped his chances of winning the presidency. So Nixon tried to slow down the peace talks, which killed more American citizens so that he could actually be a stronger opponent against LBJ. Look it up.

Another one here. Do you believe that Ronald Reagan and his cronies actually supported Iranians holding American prisoners back in 1980? Again, do you believe that Nixon I'm going to start at Ronald Reagan and his cronies actually supported the Iranians holding American prisoners look up. What's called the October surprise. Pretty much a smoking gun, not a hundred percent, but a smoking gun that William Casey, who later became Ronald Reagan, CIA director was in Madrid negotiating with the Iranians. I tell you what you hold the hostages until after the election, because Jimmy Carter was only eight points behind Reagan in 1980, he was on his coattails. Reagan needed some help. So what William Casey apparently negotiated. And this isn't the presidential archives. Now also what Casey apparently negotiated was, Hey, you got Uranians hold the hostage hostages until after the election. And then when you, then when Ronald Reagan's elected, you let the hostages go. And what we will do is we will resume arms trading, which happened to the Iranians through Israel at the understanding from the United States Hey, yes, it's sanctioned. Do it. As I, as I understand that last part, that the American sanction, the Israelis trading arms to Iran. So do you believe him reform was antisemitic?

Think about that. I mean, how many Americans drove Ford cars? Well, Henry Ford actually was published a book and bought and published 500,000 copies of a book that was called something. I forgot the name here. I had some notes here and I've known this stuff for years and it kind of went and looked it up again last night to bring to you guys. But Henry Ford literally was antisemitic, but yet Americans were buying cars from him. Jewish Americans were buying cars from him and he was anti-Semitic. Did you believe bill Clinton? When he said I did not have sex with a woman? Think about that one. Okay. Cigarette companies. You guys know that cigarette companies back in the 1940s sent cigarettes to US troops. And the reason why is they wanted to get us troops addicted to cigarettes. So after the war, they would come over and they would buy cigarettes. So they got them addicted over there. And then I actually sold them cigarettes over here for a lifetime. How about when Joseph's Stalin said there's no famine and actual starvation, nor is there likely to be any starvation or famine and in, Russia, millions of people died of starvation because he was lying about it.

How about Hitler burning the right stag? Go look that one up. How about Johnson before he was elected saying we're not going to send foreign. We're not going to send American boys nine or 10,000 miles away from home to do what Asian boys should be doing themselves. 48,000 no, 58,000 men died and he escalated Vietnam. What about the Pentagon papers? One final one here. We're going to get into healing here. Okay. What about IG Farben who's ever heard? And I read this years ago, who's ever heard of IG Farben F a R B E N. Before IG Farben was prosecuted for war crimes. I G Farben created or they produced a Zaylon B, which was used to kill millions of Jews.

I G Farben look this up. It's a fact that history I G Farben was in partnership with standard oil on American oil company. As a matter of fact, I think I read somewhere that standard oil was the largest shareholder and IG Farben and IG Farben Farben was producing the chemicals that the Nazis used in gas chambers. That's how fucked up the world is that we live. So when you take that to healing and you take that to medicine and all these kinds of things, they're all influenced by corruption. I'm telling you there some good people in the industries, but they're influenced by corruption. Why would the college a very good school? I have probably seven or eight friends that are PhDs and they are they're scientists. And they work for pharmaceutical laboratories. And they're very good people. They're wonderful people. But the reality is they're working for companies who are creating products for the most part. They keep people on the product, which make the company money for a lot of years. And yes, don't even look and agriculture one more here. And then we're going to talk about healing. So in the past figure a risk. Let's talk about this theory. A scientist theorized the existence of numerous planets. Okay. But you know, at the turn of the century, we believe there were nine planets. And that's what we believed a hundred years ago.

In 1992, scientists released a report saying that there are probably millions upon millions of planets, just like our planet. And they're around distant stars. There are a lot of Earth-like planets, but nobody knew that in the 19 hundreds. What about in the 1890s? You ask somebody, can you fly? No, that's not a scientific reality. You can't fly. What about in the 19 hundreds while we know we have one galaxy, which I just alluded to. Now scientists will tell you there are multiple, multiple, multiple dimensions. There are dimensions upon dimensions and wide. Now scientists are even saying we live in a multi-verse meaning that we don't live in one universe. We have billions and billions and billions of galaxies that have billions and billions and billions of stars in this universe. And we are one universe of billions of universes, pretty serious shit. So you think about all the things that you think you can't do and all the ways you've been lied to. And then think about where does that come from?

You know, the last hundred years we've discovered dark matter in the atomic bomb and nuclear fusion and the expanding universe and anti-matter, and the uncertainty principle amongst other things. And. So what I'm saying right there, before I go into healing is even though many of you will, and I understand that I subscribed to science, but science isn't the end all be all because science is in complete human science is a baby science and there are things we talk about science and healing. Okay. We talk about science and 20 years ago, if you had a stroke, doctors would tell you you had a stroke and you've lost function because of damage in the brain. You've lost function in a certain part of your body. Now we'll give it three, six months to regain. And if it doesn't, then you're stuck with that dysfunction for the rest of your.

Doctors now, no scientists have discovered a con a lot of doctors don't know, but scientists know neuroscientists know neuroplasticity neuroplasticity is that the brain is plastic, so to speak. And when a certain part of the brain is damaged, another part of the brain can take up the function of the damaged part of the brain. Meaning we can rewire the brain to take over the functions of that part of the body. If we thought we couldn't rewire, look on YouTube, you'll find videos, go search neuro-plasticity. You'll find videos of people that have had strokes. And they've learned how to use the brain and work with the brain. And they've regained function of different parts of their body. So we're going to go here first, when it comes to healing, I'm an expert on healing and I'm not some expert because I have somebody. I'm an expert because I've done it. And when you can do something and do it well, you're an expert at it. And I, for example, in 2020 had heart failure and a stroke the very same year. I'm not going to go into the long story. But when I went to the hospital with heart failure, which the doctors don't know what caused any of this, they're like we're clueless as to how all this happened to you. I'm glad it did happen to me. I'm grateful that it happened to me because I wouldn't have learned what I learned about healing had it not happened to me. I could pay lip service and talk about it, but I wouldn't know it because I hadn't experienced it. And when I had heart failure, I went to the hospital and I was checked in obviously, and I was at 32% heart function. And when I had the stroke, seven months later, doctors don't know what calls that.

When I had the stroke, the neurologist said to me, he goes, I thought you said you had Hartford. Earlier in the year. And I'm like, I did, he goes, we did an echocardiogram. Your heart is functioning at 77%. The average, as I understand the average American, the average person functions functions at 50%. And I was at 77%. But look at all the people that have, um, congestive heart failure CHF, which is what I had. And they're told for a lifetime, you're going to be sick. When I was told I was going be sick. I said, bullshit. I'm not going to be sick for a lifetime. I'm going to heal myself. And I did. I did. And when I had the stroke, I healed myself.

Why neuroplasticity the power of the brain, the environment? What environment am I creating? Psychologically? What things do I get fearful of? What things do I embrace? What things do I not embrace? And the way to heal. Is to seek your medical advice. I think that's important for a lot of people, but here's what I'm going to tell people. And I've got to slow down to be careful of what I'm going to say. So one of the doctors after the stroke put me on beta blockers and that was also after the heart failure, but I was on beta blockers and I, this guy's a neurologist and I did a lot of research on beta blockers. And what I discovered is that there are, there is a certain class of beta blockers that don't work, but yet doctors recommend them because beta blockers have been the recommended medication for 70 years or thereabouts. So doctors today, some are recommending things that are psychologic or medically proven not to work, but that's all that they know. I'm going to tell you guys, candidly. So my brother-in-law just talked the shaman, Don Javier. I just talked to him a few minutes ago. We're talking about some healing and different things that I'm taking.

And the, when I had the stroke, the neurologist, he was, he was scaring me and I was allowing him to scare me by saying things, Ooh, okay. We haven't gotten your, your blood pressure under check yet. And regulated modulate. You could have a second stroke. And if you have a second stroke, XYZ can happen to you and this bad thing and that bad thing and all this kind of stuff. And my brother-in-law said to me, he goes, you gave your power to the neurologist. You let him tell you what to believe. And he told you what's not true about healing. I've had many friends that are MDs. I respect them tremendously. But what I want to tell you is doctors, what my friend said, who was a doctor MD? He said, doctors are not healers. They're practitioners and diagnosticians, or however that word is not dieticians, but they diagnose things and they say, here's what you take. And, and they learn from the industry and the pharmaceutical companies. I'm going to say something to you guys. That's going to be very controversial for a lot of people and other people are going to go right on.

I'm going to tell you not what the truth is because I don't know my experience, my observation and my belief is that the pharmaceutical industry is designed. Apparently to create medication to keep you well. But what the medication does is actually prevents your body from healing naturally because when you put the medications into your body, long-term what happens is they take over the body's ability after a certain amount of time to, to, to buy the biochemistry, to produce what needs to be produced for the healing. And then we become dependent on the pharmaceuticals. And guys, when I got out of the hospital with the heart failure, they put me on a pharmaceutical and I understand it's for profit. I understand people have to be paid. I get, I get all of that, but get this, they put me on a heart medication when I was out of the hospital with the heart failure.

And I think it was called Entresto, something like that. And that medication. Just that medication per month was $700 per month, per month. And most people can't afford that I can 700 bucks per month. So what I'm going to say, it's controversial and you can throw rotten eggs at me. If you want. There is a segment we talked about how malicious humanity can be with what I just shared. There is a segment of the world we live in that makes money off from you being sick. Please listen. There is a segment of the population that makes money off from you being sick. Therefore they want you to stay sick so they can make money. Tia said something here about. I am drinking 120 ounces of water per day. I bless the water and thank the water before I drink it, I'm going to have a guy on the podcast soon. And this guy had multiple sclerosis and multiple sclerosis is pretty challenging disease. Okay. Pretty challenging. And it causes a lot of really horrible things in the body. And he healed it himself in six weeks.

That is the power of the mind I'm going to have him on the podcast soon. He's already agreed to be on it. He's on vacation and I'm going on vacation. After that, we're gonna hook up for a podcast on healing. What doctors tell you cannot be healed. So you guys look at me right in front of you. Stroke, heart failure. One year here I am right now. And. You look in life. You'll see a lot of people that have healed things that are not supposed to be healable. So who tells you they're not healable and that's generally, and I'm going to, I mean this with a lot of respect, I do, I promise. But a lot of times doctors just don't know what the fuck they're talking about. They know how to diagnose something. They know how to tell you X, Y, Z, they know how to put you on a prescription. But a lot of times doctors don't know what I'm sharing with you guys. Doctors also are not allowed to, I'm going to use my words, give you hope, because they'll say, well, we don't know for certain we can't predict on these certain percentages based upon other people this is what your outcome might be. Well, the wa the way I'm thinking about it is those other people you're basing your prognosis. What if all their outcomes are fucked up, because they don't know how to use the power of their mind, because they've been listening to doctors and the pharmaceutical industry and their parents for a hundred years.

What if they don't know Jack shit about healing, you're basing your opinion based upon those people. Then you're trying to enforce that opinion upon me. I'm not buying it. I didn't buy it. So how to heal yourself is how to heal yourself. I want to go there for a moment and we can open up. We can do a few questions. I'm going to tell you how to heal yourself. It's so simple that you are going to miss it. I know we even said, it's that simple, how to heal yourself, see your body as you want it to be not as it is when you see your body, as you want it to be. In that moment you're, let's just use this word, engaging neuroplasticity. When you're seeing, when you're imagining the body, as you want it to be, you're engaging the right side of your brain. You're engaging your imagination. Imagination is the language of the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is connected to divine mind, which is healing energy. Bruce said something that I agree with a thousand percent through my experience, Bruce said not on the podcast. Medications don't heal anything. They're band-aids I had a friend I talked to last week. He has a DO doctor of osteopathic medicine. He even said, medications are crap. They don't heal anything. They're band-aids. And Bruce Lipton said something that it's true. It's true. He said that divine mind is what heals.

And I did a podcast episode awhile back three four or five months ago. And I titled that, are you smarter than a potato? And a potato knows how to grow into a potato without anybody getting it instructions or medication or anything. A potato knows how to grow into a potato why divine intelligence. You have divine intelligence in you. Divine mind knows how to heal. So I use divine mind for healing. I call on my divine mind to restore function to my entire body. I call on divine mind to restore regenerate, to renew, restore, and regenerate my entire body. That's actually what I say is I call and I think divine mind for restoring renewing and regenerating my entire body.

I think divine mind. And I'm grateful for divine mind for renewing and restoring and regenerating my entire body, my bones, my organs, my heart, my brain, everything in my body. Another way to heal your body is to be grateful for your body. And that I think my body all the time. Thank you for driving me to the store. Thank you for letting me have a good day today. Thank you for assisting me to have a good day today. Thank you for allowing me to go to the gym. Thank you for your support while I was at the gym. My brain. Thank you for calculating that because after the stroke, I lost some short-term memory. I have it back.

And thank you. Thank you for allowing me to compute that. Thank you for allowing me to understand that. Thank you for working with me. And so I'm constantly talking to my body, which is also ancient wisdom ancient, Arabatique, and I'm constantly talking to my body. So how to heal yourself is you have to look at what do you believe about healing? I definitely recommend you get Bruce's book the biology of belief, but again, what do you believe about healing? What things do people told you I'm being transparent with you guys? Um, after I was out of the hospital, I was getting into a conscious fear that I would have a second stroke and. Because why? Because the doctor put the fear of God in me about that for a bit. And I let it go because I recognize when I started doing research, that that doctor was giving me some outdated research. And I want to say that there are some really good doctors, too. Okay. There are some really good doctors as well. I just want to point out the doctors traditionally are not healers they're practitioners and not all doctors are the same. Okay. Cause I don't want them up all in the same category. I guess what I'm really saying is you must be a hundred percent responsible for your healing.

No, one's going to heal you doctors. Aren't going to heal you pills. Aren't going to heal you. Nothing's going to heal you except you yourself and your responsibility you accept for your own healing, the responsibility you accept for managing your internal environment, the responsibility you accept for managing your emotions. That is the only thing that is going to heal you. Now let's take some questions here. If we can, um, Ram spiritual that's the first one, uh, random thought spiritual. Let's see if they're there. Let's see what we can chat about here. I do want to reinforce again. I'm not going to argue with anybody. I'll just cut the live off. I'm not going to argue with anyone. That's not what I'm here for. All right. Who wants to chat today? There we go. Okay.

Jim Fortin: Okay. Got to bring the camera down where I can see you. Sorry. I've got dogs barking in the other room, guys. I apologize for that. All right. Can you bring your camera down where I can see you? If you can't. I don't know that I can cut you off. So if somebody else will just ask to go live, we'll do that. I don't know how to cut this person off. I don't know who they are. They ain't going anywhere. Okay. At least they have clothes on. All right. So they're not stepping in the shower or something. Okay. Who's next? Who wants to chat today? I don't know how I could say it more succinctly. I'm sure I'll do another podcast episode as I start. Okay. Well, someone, we got somebody here, your camera's live. I don't know if you know that or not. I'm going to be doing more interviews with people that have extraordinary healing stories, just so you guys know that. And I want to do that because I want to create examples for you because people have said to me, how the hell do you turn this bottom camera off? People have said to me that they've said, Jim, listening to your story. I had somebody say, listening to your story helped me heal from a stroke. And so I know that when I bring some other extraordinary. You could see what a lot of people do is they want to bring famous people on their podcast. Well, that's well and good. And Bruce, Lipton's pretty well known and I've got some other people lined up that are pretty well-known. But what I'd really want to bring to you guys are just real people that have done extraordinary things, because if they can do it, you can do it. And I want to bring to you and I want to bring you their story, their advice, their wisdom on, on healing and how they did it. All healing is self healing. Just so you guys know that all healing, somebody said here, guys hit the make the comments. I'm reading it. All healing is self-healing and if you're not healing, let me go here first.

Okay. Something had changed. My life dramatically is dramatically is one, a one time heard that there's nothing in my life without my agreement. Now you could say, well, hell no, a lot of degree to cancer. I didn't agree to a stroke. I don't even agreed a heart failure. That's not true. At some level of consciousness, you agreed to it for your spiritual lessons of lifetime. You did agree to at some level of consciousness. So I'm going to go to Tia here also. And if anybody knows that my team, how to kick this other person off here, guys, whoever you pay attention to here, dude, wherever you are, your camera's open.

Hi Tia. How are you?

Tia: How are you?

Jim Fortin: Good, good. We've talked before. Haven't we?

Tia: Yes we have.

Jim Fortin: Yes. What's up.

Tia: I'm good. I'm doing well. Thank you.

Jim Fortin: What do you want to ask?

Tia: Well, one thing I just, you know, I wanted to talk about the healing. And I can share my story for people, but it's not necessary, but I would ask you why there are so many people don't want to talk about it.

Jim Fortin: I don't know that I answer that. I mean, I can only answer from an opinion. You mean talking about what specifically

Tia: About spirituality, why it's something that it feels like people want to keep it as like a secret u

Jim Fortin: Humanity is not very evolved at this point. We, as a species are not variable humanity, unfortunately is trapped in a very tragic place right now. And they're trapped in. I'll keep it simple. They're trapped in egoism, materialism, and nationalism and religion. They're trapped in social structures. People are trapped in the US and the world and commercialism people are trapped in money, money, money, money, money. I need money. Got to have money, gotta have money, got to have money, money, kind of have money, got to make money, gotta make money. It needs to cure all this crap. They don't know themselves. Truth. Be told we're all spiritual beings, unknown to most people. So people are so consumed with that world that makes money off of them like Facebook, who literally makes money by keeping people's brains trapped on social media so they can sell that space. So it's money. And if you don't want to hear that, that's the truth. There's, there's newer research that demonstrates that that is the truth, but people don't want to hear it because so many people want to stay attached to their money. But the truth is we're extraordinarily powerful beings. And a phrase that I work from it's very powerful to me is St. Germain St. Germain once said, w when we, when we understand how the universe works, we cease to believe in miracles, but yet most people live in their 3d life and they believe in miracles. And where I work from is miracles are the way the universe work. So how do I work from that place? Not my 3d reality. So anything else? Yeah. Is there anything you want to add?

Tia: Oh, it's, it's fascinating. Well, I am, like I I've healed myself. when not even like with my knees, I've, I've had problems. And I, I went to the doctor for two years in a row. They couldn't find what's wrong with my knees. And later on, when I, you know, when I started doing meditation and yoga, my, I started talking to my knees and that's how it started to heal. And now I have pain.

Jim Fortin: I talked to my heart, same thing. I talked to my heart. I thank my heart. Somebody said here, where to start is start to know your body. Thank your body. Talk to your body, communicate with your body. I've also learned through experience that when something is going sideways in the body is because something is going first sideways, spiritually. It's coming from a higher level of energetics. And until we clear up the higher level, we can't clear up the lower level. We've always got to go to a higher level and that's literally divine mind. Call it whatever you want. Call it, God, call it. Yhahveh call it Buddha, call it Mohammed, call it whatever you want. But we have to go to that higher energy, the universal intelligence to bring it through us. However you want to label it they heal. Okay.

Tia: Okay. It's very true because that's what I help my clients my people to declutter, declutter their mind, declutter their home, let go of anything that doesn't serve them, that doesn't spark joy or makes them happy. Because I do, I see a daily with my, with my cleaning service. People are trapped, like you said, in the beginning with a lot of materialistic stuff and are stressed, they're overwhelmed and they don't know why.

Jim Fortin: Yeah, no, I'm going to, I'm going to leave it on that and go, but I agree with you a thousand percent is declutter. Declutter the most powerful thing that you can do is declutter the crap out of your life. Declutter your negative, thinking, the cover, the clutter, your anger, declutter, your resentment, declutter, your grief, declutter, your jealousy, declutter your ego, the clutter of these things because they're poison. And especially as humanity is evolving. Rising consciousness on the planet. We have all this clutter, it begins to make us physically ill. All right. Tia Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Let me talk to a few more people today. Good to see you Thank you.

Tia: Yep. Okay.

Jim Fortin: Who else today? Let me see who else we got one or two more. And Marie, I'm going to send you Marie derrick's going to send you an invite. Hey guys. Allude to everyone. The simplicity. Hey Marie. What's up?

Marie: Hi, Jim. How are you?

Jim Fortin: Thank you. What's up?

Marie: I am loving this podcast. So starting since I've worked with you in TCP this past year, I've been on a journey of, you know, La lot of things, but I, 100% when I started with you, I had severe vertigo and, in my journey I've learned to stop giving my power away. And I've actually, I mean, I've had, well, I had vertigo for three years and I signed up with your brother-in-law on his waiting list, DX to speak with him, to help me through my vertigo, because it was so debilitating. I've been to every doctor on the face of the earth and they there's nothing they could do they didn't know what it was. So I, um, haven't met with DX yet, but I, when an episode starts to come, you know, starts to hit me. I just say no. I mean, and it sounds so crazy, but I just say, Nope, Nope. I'm not owning that anymore. And it certainly goes away and I've never had vertigo again after three years. .

Jim Fortin: Isn't that interesting. Right. Isn't that interesting. The power of the mind, the power of the energy behind the mind. The power of your intention, the power, what you're doing is you're willing it a way you're using your will, which is your life force. And we have to use that to heal, to heal is using our will our will to heal veil, those words. We have to use our will to heal. And that's exactly what you're doing.

Marie: And it's 100%, 100%. And it's so easy. And the hard part, I believe with our 3d humanities, way of thinking is just getting over. I don't know if you would call it an ego or just this mindset you've been living with your whole life to think one way, like you had said, like you're always looking to doctors and are being told, you know, listen to the doctors and did the doctor. And finally it just got to the point where I was like done. No, I don't receive that. I don't accept it. It's not mine to own anymore. And, um, never had episode

Jim Fortin: Notice what she said this is powerful. It's not mine to own anymore. When you owned it, it owns you.

Marie: Oh, yeah. I labeled myself. Oh, I have, I have vertigo. I mean, that is like, so killing myself right there. Right. Like I have, like, I I'm owning it and it wasn't mine to own. It says it's not mine. I don't label myself. I don't own it. I release it. They don't receive it. Okay.

Jim Fortin: That's how you heal. Okay. Everyone listening. Thank you for doing a better job than I've done today. Marie. That's how to release it. That's how to heal right there is. That's how I healed from the stroke and the heart. I don't own it. I don't own it. And DX got on me one time after the heart failure, before the stroke, but after the heart failure, he said to me, I said, um, I said, well, you know, I have to be really careful because I had heart failure and we were having dinner at his house. And he's like, I mean, he's my brother-in-law. So he's like, he was really cool about it, but he's like enough already. Get over it already. Your heart is healed. And I had a stroke the next month. And they're like, your heart's in perfect condition. He could see my heart was in perfect condition that very night so, and everything else that happened was, I mean, there's what much more significant spiritual answers how come he didn't see you at the stroke. There are things that needed to happen to me. There were things that needed to happen so I could grow, but you nailed it. Seriously, everyone listening that could have been the whole webinar to some seminar or duh, that could have been our whole talk. The takeaway is that people own it. Then what they do is when they own it. I am blank. Oh, I have vertigo. Therefore I can't blank. The doctors say this, it means X, Y, Z, about me because I have vertigo and then they own it. And then for most people that becomes our lifetime. Whereas you're like, I don't own it anymore. And I find that shockingly hilarious that you stopped what doctors couldn't find just by not owning it and recognizing that yourself that's fricking power.

Marie: And it was the journey of through TCP. I have to say. And if anybody doesn't know what TCP is, you, you need to, um, you are my Mr. Miyagi. I just, I love you. And I have learned so much. I have chills right now because like, you've changed my life. I'm going to cry. You change my life.

Jim Fortin: That's what I do at TCP is I changed lives, but let me, let me share something here real quick. Do you remember in TCP? How a lot of people come in and they're like, I don't know what's happening. Why are things starting to change with me? I mean, this is kind of crazy. The change is happening. This quick for a lot of people, what we have to look at is what is the energy also the group that I've created the community and are we letting the energy in? Are we receptive to being loved and to being healed or are we angry, angry, and defiant? And my way, my way, my way. So we have to look at that. And it's the energy of the group that helps the person heal when they come with the right energy to the community, which you, you know, is safe and it's private. And I don't know what helped you heal in that group, but maybe it could be the safety or the privacy or the acceptance plus things that I taught you guys and led you guys with, but it can also be other things. And I don't know what it was, but I know it's the combination of the energy because energies and thought is energy. Energy is what actually makes as well, or makes us sick. And I want to tell you it's an honor. I mean, I'm the onethankin you. You not vice versa. It's an honor. And a blessing. Speaking of blessings, it's a blessing for me to be able to assist you with that so that you can now go serve other people. I mean, thank you for allowing me to do that.

Marie: Thank you, Jim. It's like, I'm a, I'm a coach and, but I never stopped learning. And I agree with you when you said you looked at your stroke and your heart condition as a blessing, like I looked at, I look at everything. I started with all the, all the vertigo or whatever I had. I mean, it's a blessing because, you know, when I started learning about how powerful, I mean, we're, we're, we're in control of all of it. Like we are in control of all of it and we give all our power away. And when I, this past year learning with you is what got me here. And, it's. I mean, I have no words. I just, and they are, they start off as feeling like small little like shifts and you're doing your thing and nobody knows what you're doing, but you're doing magic. And when you said on day one, you're going to look back and go look how far I've gone. And it's life-changing if, if anyone wants to DM me and ask me about TCP, please DM me because I can share with you as from an experienced, um, I don't know if your group here, they probably know what TCP is, right? But it's, if you want some serious growth and just lessons about your, if you want to learn who you are authentically and help this world, the way it needs to be helped and live your best life and, and, and just. I I'm just full I'm full and I failed and I'm just honored to know you. And, and you're my mentor. You'll always be my mentor, Jim.

Jim Fortin: I want to came talking forever. I have to go for one or two more people. Okay. Thank you so much. Okay. I'll chat with you a little later. Okay. Bye.

Marie: All right.

Jim Fortin: Okay. I want to comment here. Somebody had said, how do we help other people? I think a lot of you might have people that are sick in your life or whatever, and you're wanting to help them. And here's the reality. Something I learned from my brother-in-law many years ago is Marie. Also remember to turn your camera off. He said, open the door. Oh, you guys introduced people to working with me, which is dirt cheap. I only charge, he only charges once and he gets opened the door and then leave them alone. So one of my good friends for 30 years came to visit me a while back and he's got some significant health issues and he, you know, what, not one time did he ever say to me, Jim, how did you heal yourself from heart failure and the stroke? Because he's literally probably 50 to 70 pounds overweight, and a lot of health issues, his thyroid shutting down. And here's the thing is he's been one of my best friends for a lot of years, but he has anger issues and not anger at me, but anger issues at the world his mad at the world all the time. And I said, you know, I'm not sure you recognize this or not yet, but anger issues actually affect the thyroid and he knows what to do for a living. And he never asked me for any thoughts on it. And I gave him a book by Dr. Lissa Rankin MD. And it's about we see his wife as an MD, so I thought, okay, he can relate his, wife's an MD. This book's written by an MD and it's on healing. And I said, tell you what you read this, this was last September. You read this book and once you've read it, let me know. And I'll take you to the next step. Now being a friend of mine for 30 years, he has personal access to me all the time. Whenever he wants, he's a good friend. He's like my brother we've lived together in college and after college. And I gave him the book in September. How many months ago is that? I don't know, half a year, thereabouts.

It's not by the book. And I wanted him to read the book, not because I wanted him to read the book. It's because I want him to start understanding healing. And from a medical perspective and Lissa Rankin, didn't say anything that I haven't said in this podcast or this, this call today on Instagram is it's mental. It's mental, it's mental. That's how we heal as mentally. And I covered it with one line, see things as you want them to be just like Marie did not as they are. And that will affect the biochemistry in the body. Not an opinion, scientifically proven. Okay. We're going to wrap up today, guys. I appreciate all of you very, very much. I'm very grateful for all of you. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve and we'll see what happens. Maybe we'll do some more calls like this. Maybe not. I don't know, but I want to tell you guys that I'm very grateful for you guys being here. All right. You guys stay well. Take care of yourself, manage your mind, stay out of fear. And remember it all starts inside. Take care guys. Bye-bye.

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