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EPISODE 244: “Four Principles That I Live My Life By”

November 16, 2022

People often ask me, “Hey Jim, what are your favorite quotes?” 

Like a lot of people. I have tons of quotes that inspire me in some way but I have a handful that I live my life by and ones that have helped transform the way I show up in life. 

In particular, they have brought so much, joy, peace of mind and solitude into my life, and I wanted to share these with you. 

Candidly, you have probably heard me speak of these at some time in a prior episode, but I put them together for you here. 

I’m not exaggerating when I say that there is a good probability that these four quotes, or we’ll call them principles, have saved my life. 

Here they are. 

1) You are where your attention is. 

2) Everything always has been, is now and will always been fine. 

3) Fear is the idleness of will. 

4) Every single thing that happens to me in life is a blessing. 

You may have heard me say one or all of these before and you may understand them but when you come to know them, you then live them, and when you live them your life becomes a great deal easier and happier. 

It’s obvious, they are quite simple yet I caution you not to trivialize them. There is great power in these life phrases. Well, there is great power when you integrate them and live your life from them. ifl

Transformational Takeaway

Your subconscious mind determines 95% of your life circumstances. Want a better life? Change your subconscious programming.

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled Four Principles That I Live By. Often people will ask me, Hey Jim, you know, what are your favorite quotes? Honestly, I have a lot of quotes that, you know, I really like, I mean, why would I be different than anyone else? However, I've got four principles that I want to share with you. I learned all four of these over the decades from my brother-in-law, the Shaman Don Xavier. And candidly these four principles of quite literally I would go to the extreme and then even say, they've saved my life. And if not that they give me an extreme amount of comfort and peace of mind. Over the past two and a half decades. So let me share these four principles with you and hopefully you can find some places I know you can apply them in your own life. Keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah-rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life and this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

Okay. So, Four Principles that I live by. Notice, I didn't say the only poor principles. I just say four principles. There are others. But I find these to be pivotal. I find these principles to be pretty much as I think about it all encompassing. And again, as I said in the introduction, they give me a whole lot of peace of mind. A whole lot of solitude and a whole lot of comfort. Now, I don't know about you listening right now, but I think a lot of us would like to have a whole lot of peace of mind and solitude and comfort. So, the four principles and I'll go over each one. As I explained them to you. But the four principles are number one, by the way, before I tell you the principles. I know you've heard me say them before. Actually, I'll tell you what they are in just I know you've heard me say these principles before. And I'm going to tell you what the, you know, the amount of people that I interact with and even looking at my own behavior what we do as we hear things, and we think, Ooh, okay I've heard that before.

And many times, when we think, you know, when we hear something, we think that we know it and it's not that we know it, it's that we understand it, which you've heard me say before. And then when we think we understand something, we dismiss it, never coming to know it. The power in these principles is coming to know them. And when you come to know them, you will come to live and that's when you will literally automatically find the peace and the solitude that I talked about just a couple of minutes ago. Your life literally and I mean, literally. I will become a hundred times easier. And you'll become happier. And you'll become more peaceful as I've said before. When you match to these principles, also something I learned from Don Xavier. Is he once told me, he goes, you want to be like a polished And I said, what do you mean? I want to be like a polished rock. And he goes a polished rock you can pour things on it, and it just slides off.

Now, obviously you can't pour tar on it. I mean, not unless you've got some kind of coating on the rock, but you know what I mean. Right. Things slide off from it. And when you master these principles, a lot of things in life that might've been a big challenge to you. Will slide all from you very, very easily. Okay the principles. And you've heard me say these before but take your time with these. And even write these down, put them up somewhere. And, and start to integrate these in your life. That's when the change will happen. Here are the four principles number one, you are where your attention is. Number two, everything always has been now and will always be fine. Number three, it's a quote by Éliphas Lévi and that quote is fear is the idleness of will. And the number four everything that happens to me, whether I think it's bad or good is a blessing so that I may grow and evolve spiritually.

Okay. Those are the four principles you are, where your attention is. Everything always has been now and will always be fine. Fear is the idleness of will and everything that happens to me, whether I think it's bad or good is a blessing so that I can grow and evolve. So, let's dig into these and I want to give you a synopsis of each one and you know, maybe how I apply them in my life and what they've done for me. Okay. I know you guys have probably, you know, you've heard me say this before. If you've listened for any amount of time. You are where your attention is and I know many of you might be thinking, okay, Jim, give it a break. I get it I've heard that before. Okay. If you've heard that before, then ask yourself. Okay how come I often find myself getting into my shit. How come I find myself in fear? How come I find myself in frustration? How come I find myself with ill health? How come I find myself without money? How can I find myself and often find myself going from relationship to relationship to relationship. Why. Because you are meaning your life is where your attention is. We tend to literally look at our life and not the internal life, the most important part of us. We look at the external part of our life. And then we make evaluations about it. And, you know, the name of this podcast is Transform your Life from the Inside Out.

Because you're not going to transform your life from the outside in. So, let me put it simply as I've said before. What you have in your external life, meaning your environment, meaning your physical world, meaning the condition of your body. Meaning what you have in the bank, your relationships and everything else is a 100% reflection of your internal world. So, let me stop right there and segue and ask you. How come you listen to this podcast? I mean, there were a bazillion, I think how many, what are, are there a billion podcasts in the world? Or they get a billion downloads or some astronomical number? I don't know. How come you listen. You listen because you want to create a better life. And if you're not creating the better life, there are many reasons for that.

But maybe it's because you're missing some of the subtle power and some of the, some of these things that I'm sharing with you and fairness to you. I have no right. And no place to judge, because again, working with Don Xavier for years, I mean, I can't tell you the number of times, he's like, you know, he will explain something and I'm like, I get it. I get it. And he's like, well, no, no, you don't, but that's okay. And I'm like, no, Don, I really, I get it. And he's like, no, you don't, but that's okay. And I'm like, no, I get it. And he will, you know, he'll in the past, he'll say, okay and then two years later, I'm like, whoa, I didn't get it back. So many things that I'm saying really, they require you to keep your attention on them until they become part of who you are until they become part of your operating system because that's when they have the most amount of power in your life.

So, talking about where your attention is, your attention is literally where you're holding your thinking. So, wherever you're holding your thinking. And if you notice this. That when you hold your thinking on anger. It usually expands when you hold your attention on fear, it usually expands. So, where you hold your attention not only expands a lot of times. But that's exactly where you are in that moment. Literally you are exactly there. And then many times we don't want to be there then we wonder how come I'm here. I don't want to be here. Well, you're there because that's where your attention is. And over the years, I've learned that. And I'm no different than the rest of you. I've learned that you can get up in the morning and you're carrying it from dream time, but you get up and you're in a crappy mood and you're like, why am I in a crappy mood? I just woke up. There's no reason to be in a crappy mood.

That would be one example or somebody, you know, does something and, you know, your triggers, you whatever. Here's what I know If something is bothering me it's going to continue to bother me if I keep my attention on it. It doesn't mean that I'm ignoring it. It means that I'm not choosing to keep my attention on it and the way that I have my attention on it to create whatever internal state, which is undesirable that I do not want in the first place. So, what I look at is if I'm not feeling good about something, I'll tell you right now, this is a key. If you're not feeling good about something. You're agitated you're perturbed, you're angry, you're envious, you're jealous, whatever negative emotion, which is what I'm really, you know, talking about.

Whatever you're feeling. You're not liking the reason you're feeling that is because you have your attention on it. The reason why, which I've mentioned before a concept called dual task interference, the brain, your brain can not hold two thoughts simultaneously. Meaning you can't have an, A thought, and the B thought at the same time. You have to have an A and then go to B or B and then go to A, or a combination of A and B or whatever. But to give you an example of that. Let's say that you're worried about bills, worried about bills you're worried or worried and worried and worried and worried and worried and worried and worried and you're driving along.

Oh, my gosh, you almost had a car accident. And then you move your attention to that. You notice that you're no longer worried about the bills that you were worrying about one minute ago. Why? Because you have moved your attention. You must get this. You must actually examine your life. Your life and the totality of your physical a reflection of where you keep the majority of your attention. If you have what you want in life that's because that's where you're keeping your attention, which is also intention your attention, A T T E N T I O N affects your intention. I N T E N T I O N. And then intention is literally the foundation of manifestation and what you create in life. So, what you create in life is based upon where you hold your attention. This is why it's vital, that we master the concept of attention. That's concept number one. You are where your attention is.

Concept number two is everything always has been, is now and will always be fine. Full transparency. Don Xavier is a Shaman, a Sorcerer Babalau. Is also a medium. And he is he channels, meaning he channels beings through him. And it's not like he just sits there with open eyes and channels. I mean, he's completely gone. He's out of his body completely. Doesn't even know what's happening. He's gone. And his mentor named Don Juan Matuse would come through him. And then talk to me and those that work with Don Xavier. And many years ago in the early 2000's, he said this phrase and I've always remembered the phrase. Everything always has been now and will always be fine. Now, when you look at your 3d life, the life running in front of you, you might say, you know what, Jim, I'm looking at my bank account. That ain't fine.

I was just in the hospital that ain't fine. I'm getting a divorce that ain't fine. Someone in my family just passed over that. Ain't fine. My dog just died. That ain't fine. Somebody parked in my driveway and blocked me in, and I couldn't get out and go to work. That ain't fine. Well, we have to look at what I call the levels of life and where this phrase comes what Don Juan mint was, is that. Life has continuity. I mean your life, you cannot die. The law of the conservation of energy and a law of conservation of matter by Einstein, from Einstein, your physical body's going to die, but you know what your consciousness is not. You are a BEing that lives in continuity, and you will continue to live for Google number of years.

I mean, it's, it's incomprehensible the number of years you've been on the, been around as a soulful being and will continue to be around. And when you live a life from continuity. Anything you're dealing with now. Trust me. It did not matter before you got to the planet and it ain't going to matter after you leave the planet. And you have to ask yourself. I mean, I have all large propensity people that follow that are what I call spiritualist. And it doesn't really matter whether you believe in reincarnation or not. That doesn't matter. You look at physics. And physics pretty much demonstrates you cannot die. You are an electromagnetic being housed in a physical body.

That being said, you're going to be around as I mentioned earlier for a Google number of years and Google is a one with what? W I forgot, what is it? A hundred zeros behind it. I mean, that's how long you've hung around. As a soulful energy. So, when we think things aren't okay. It's because we're looking at life from what I call this reference point in the continuity of our life so example this reference point, well reference point and the continuity of our soulful life. This reference point for me right now is I am by name Jim Fortin, living on the planet earth. This is my cosmic point of reference right now in my cosmic evolution. However, when I leave this planet, this is not going to be my point of reference.

Anything that happens on this planet. Ain't going to matter to me when I leave the planet. So then, you know, where I work from is no matter what happens on this planet. It might matter in the moment to my ego, to my personality, to my thought process, whatever. As it pertains to the circumstances of my life. But in the totality and the continuity of my soulful being, it does not matter. And then I go to, if it doesn't matter, then why do I make it matter? Why do I make things that are insignificant. Why? You know, why, what I used to, I don't anymore. Why would I make the matter when them. M A T T E R. Not matter. Why would I make them matter? When all they do is drain my energy and weaken my personal power.

When I work from today. Pure just pure honesty is there are things that, you know, what I have not created in a different way because of my attention. And I'm, you know what? I know that I can improve upon those things. If I don't have something in my life that I think that I want. It's up to me. I can change that. But where I work from is no matter what goes on in the physical world really seriously, no matter what goes on in the physical world. Everything always has been, and the continuity of my soul is now and will always be fine. And that being the truth, then why would I get into a load of shit on this planet with things that don't matter? I mean when you really contemplate that, it really doesn't make any sense. So, the concept or the precept or the principle, the second one, that's an over, you know, overriding thought process in my life. Everything always has been now and will always be fine.

Number three. This one has got me through a lot in life. It's literally just changed my life in dramatic ways. I read this many years ago by an occultist Éliphas Lévi. And that phrase is fear is the idleness of will see your will is your life force. It's the power in you the capacity in to create something to manifest something, to make something happen. I mean, if you want a brand-new car, think about where you're holding your attention. Yeah. Let's go there for a moment. I want a brand-new car. I want a brand-new car. I want a brand-new home. I want a boyfriend, the girlfriend, the wife, a new dog, whatever it is.

Notice where your attention is but notice how you're feeling about your attention. You're in the state of desire, but not only that you're already in this state of creating. And when you're in this state of creating, you're using your will, which is a divine force, it's also physics to create the object of your manifestation. I've always watched for, I mean, when I say always decades, watch Don Xavier use his will. I remember one time we had to go; we went not didn't have to go. We went on a spiritual journey to Uluru or oo · lr · oois how they say it in Australia Ayers Rock. And we used to go to a power spot on the planet every year on the spring Equinox and do two ceremonies.

And that year, I think it was 2001 or two. We went to Uluru and when we flew from Dallas to LAX to go to Sydney. Literally, I'm not exaggerating. There were literally a thousand people in line in front of us at the international terminal in LAX and Don Xavier goes we have to be to Sydney by a particular time. And the reason why he's talking about, you know, alignments. Alignments of star systems and everything else. And it goes, we have to be there at a certain time. And he goes, every one of you get behind me. And he goes, put your head down, follow me. We literally cut in line. There was 22 of us or 23, something like that. We cut in line, went to the very front of the line in front of a thousand people.

And literally, maybe one person said something. And later I'm like, Don, how did we do that? I mean, we, that would have created the commotion, had people been paying attention or whatever, and he said, I did it. Because we had to get to Australia, we would have missed our flight and we would have messed up some alignments. We had to do it. So, I used my will to make it happen. Now if you've listened for any amount of time. You know that I had both a stroke and heart failure in 2020. The biggest blessings of my life and they happened. I know why they happened. They happen for non 3d reasons. And the doctors were baffled about why it happened. They had no explanation because it air quote should not have happened to me. And it happened. And I remember after I got out of the hospital with the stroke the first thing Don Xavier said to me was now you can help more people.

And as a result of having that stroke and heart failure, I grew dramatically and tremendously, spiritually, and in my awareness, but I also, I also came to know what it means to heal from an energetic level. When I had the heart failure, which came first, that came in February and the stroke came in November of 2020. When I was in the hospital, he called me the very first day. I had heart failure. By the way we'll go to the next principle in just a moment that I want to talk about. Number four. But I was bothered zero. ZERO. And I mean that I mean it to the depth and core of my being. The doctor said to me in the ER, you're in heart failure, because see, I went to the ER. And they, you know, they put me through the CT scan and all that. And I see it. I sat in the, uh, the emergency waiting room that my private, the hospital room, whatever, you know, my, the room that I had bought myself. And the doctor came in and just matter of factly, he goes, okay, we know what's going on. You're in heart failure. You're in heart failure. And I was like, Okay. I mean, it didn't even phase.

Why. Because everything always has been now and will always be fine. That heart failure was just a situation that I was in momentarily in that moment but not only that. When I was in the hospital, they, they, they, you know, admitted me immediately wheeled me up to like the 10th floor, whatever the cardiac unit and I was in the hospital for, I think, three days and Don Xavier called me. And he said, do what I do. Use your will to heal yourself. Now for you think back to your life, when you made something happen, you really, really, really wanted to make something happen. Now what most of you do is you attribute that to your physical behavior. When you're a kid, you want a new pair of shoes, which I'd mentioned before. In a podcast episode, I went, and I went and mowed yards.

But here's the thing. Do not look at the physical behavior because that's at a lower vibration and frequency than the mental aspect of it, which is where you're literally affecting universal consciousness, cosmic consciousness. So, when you want that pair of shoes, as an example, think about how you're feeling, how you're generally feeling is not. Oh, I hope I can do it. I hope I can do it. No. How you're generally feeling is I'm doing X, Y, Z, so I can have XYZ. Notice the distinction. I'm doing X, Y, Z. I'm mowing yards so that I can have that pair of tennis shoes that I want for me back in 1976, it was a pair of Nike's when they first came out. And my mom said no, because they were like $24 and too expensive. But here's the thing, so many people when they're sick or they're ill, they relinquished themselves. They resigned themselves to the physical, you know, the physical moment of being ill. I did not do that. What I did is I started using my mind and I started already willing. That I was going to be a hundred percent healthy, which by the way I was, I think in four or five months later, the doctors are like, you know what? Your, your hearts perfectly healed. You're perfectly fine now.

And this goes back to the old phrase. I don't know the phrase. I'm going to really mess it up. But I think. At least the Jesus in the Bible, not the cosmic Jesus, not the Jesus of history, but the Jesus in the Bible said something like, again, I'm going to mess this up and you're going to laugh at me maybe. And that's okay. But something like that, you know, move that mountain in front of you by commanding it to move or something like that. And Don Xavier taught me years ago to use my will to command my body. And when I look at my health today and where it was two years ago, I made a very, very speedy recovery. I learned that shit ton of lessons. Trust me on that. I mean, I had some lessons that I never would have had the opportunity to learn. Had I not had a stroke and heart failure? But I used my will because using your will is calling on that divine energetic life force within you to create. So, to speak it's like Moses’ parting, the red sea. I mean, he's using his literally cosmic will. He would call it God back then, but he's using whether he did it or not. I don't know. I wasn't there and I don't really think that it happened that way.

But anyway, he was using. As I understand. I got asked Don Xavier about that, but he was using his will. So, you think about. Using your will. And when you use your will, you have no need none whatsoever to get in the fear, because you think about what you get in the fear about, and your fear is you getting in the resignation. I can't do. I can't be, I can't have, therefore I'm afraid. Let's take money, for example. Let's say someone because everyone can probably relate to this at some point in life. Let's say you have money fears. If you're getting our money worries. If you're getting into fear, what your effectively saying is that you know what. I have money challenges and I'm a victim. I have no power to change. I have no power to affect. I have no power in any way to affect the fact the life situation, the external situation. That I don't have money. I have no power. Therefore, I'm going to roll over like an Armadillo and I'm going to be in fear. You've surrendered all of your power in that moment. And when you use your will literally for a lack of better words, like Mom told all of us when we we're kids. If there's a will, there's a So when it comes to any fear you're getting into, because I could have gotten into a lot of fears, having both.

That year I had heart failure I had a stroke and I had COVID. Talk about. A year, 12-month period. Holy Mackerel. And even when I had COVID I had come morbidity with the heart failure in the stroke prior. It worried me a zero didn't even cross my mind 1%. Why? Because I knew I knew a hundred percent that I would recover a hundred percent. I knew I would be well, why? Because I'm going to use my will to make it happen. Now many times we think when we're making something happen, it's physically. And it could be because your physical body's doing the work. But it's the energy. It's the energy. The life force of you willing it. That makes it happen. So, the phrase third principle. Fear is the idleness of will. And I know that if I'm getting into any fear whatsoever is because I am not using the power of intention, which by the way, I have an episode coming up on that. a more extended Aside from the one I did back about a year, year and a half but if I am in fear, it's because I'm choosing it. I'm allowing it. And I am not using my will to create something else. All right. Fear is the idleness of Will principle. Number three.

Number four. Don Xavier told me this back. I remember where I was sitting and when he told me it was 1996 and I was sitting in Atlanta, Georgia at my folks' house. And he and I were talking. And he said every single thing in your life everything no matter whether you think it's bad or is a blessing. So that you can grow and evolve spiritually ponder that. Everything in your life, no matter whether you think it's bad or good is a blessing so that you can grow spiritually. When you think about that? That's really powerful because see what we get into is. Oh, my gosh, this happened to me because we love humans. Love to live in their past history. Oh, my God, this happened and that was so bad, and they did this, and it was so bad, and this person did that to me. And I'm in victim mentality so bad, bad, bad, bad. I don't even go their guys, honestly. And I am walking my talk. I'm not somebody who gets on this on a podcast and just blaah blaah's away. And then I don't live what I'm saying. I mean, literally. There are things that happened that I'm like, well, shit, I wish that wouldn't have happened or that'd be nice if that didn't happen, but you know what it did.

And when I work from that place, what I look for then is, okay, so this happened, it's not what I had in planned or thought what happened. How can I take this? And learn from this and grow from this and evolve from this. And, you know, we're all different, but we're not, we're the same. I mean, I had an alcoholic father. I had a mother who had two brain tumors. When I was in high school. I had a sister who died when she was 21 with cancer. I was adopted. I've had all kinds of life traumas throughout the years. None of these things I relish and bathe myself in. There are things that happen so that I can grow and evolve spiritually. So that I can come to know myself better so that I can see life from a higher and different perspective. And so many of us look at life and we think, oh, it's bad or it's good. And I look at it as everything's a blessing, which means everything is good so that I can grow and evolve. Now, as I'd mentioned a bit ago you know, a couple of years ago and about, I was about a 15- or 16-month period because I had the heart failure and the stroke and a six-month window. And then I had COVID really bad. I mean, I was out on the couch for 13 days. My downstairs sleeper, one of us slept upstairs. I slept downstairs.

Just because we probably are in the habit of it. My partner, I mean, And I had, I mean, I don't know how to describe it. I had a pretty bad where I was so weak. I was like, I'm too tired to brush my teeth. You know, I was just so exhausted. And when I look at having heart failure, A stroke. And COVID. And that year. I remember lying in bed with the COVID. And I literally just, I was kind of incapacitated. I watched a whole hell of a lot of TVS for that time when I wasn't sleeping. And I remember thinking this COVID what a blessing. What a blessing. Other people might think this is a curse. What a blessing. Why because it's reinforcing, it's making me remember. It's taking me to remember. How grateful I am when I'm feeling amazing and feeling awesome. So, I look at the stroke and the COVID and the heart failure. Those are pure blessings. If you told me, you would give me $1 billion right now, and I wouldn't have any of those three things happen. I would tell you to keep your money.

Now. Being a hundred percent, just honest. I do not require or need them or want them to happen again. But, you know, what pure blessings, pure Madison, that that happened because I got to see things and learn things and become things that I never would have had the opportunity, to experience had those things not happened to me. So, a lot of people could say, you know, that's really bad. I had the worst year of my life. I mean, oh my God, I had a stroke and heart failure in 2020. That was a bad year for me, it was a blessed year. Because it was a year that I was, let's just say maybe revitalize spiritually reborn. Because even after the stroke, I literally felt like I had been given a second chance at life. Mind you I already had the podcast prior to that. I was already impacting lives all around the world, financially sound and successful and healthy. And I've got a great life and a great partner and a great family.

But when that happened, it was like a snake shedding its skin. I was, it was, I was rebirthing. There was a new part of me growing. I was transforming and I was transcending. And I even had experiences between literally between what we would call just different levels of consciousness. And again, I could put no money value on that, and I'd never trade So what people might think would be bad. To me was a blessing. Why? Because how I look at life and how I look at life is everything is a blessing so that I can grow and evolve.

Your transformational takeaways. You are where your attention is number one. Number two. Everything always has been, is now and will always be fine. Number three. Fear is the idleness of will. Number four. Everything that happens to me. Whether I think it's bad or I think it's good is a blessing so that I can grow spiritually. Okay. So those are the four principles. And as I've said before, earlier in this point, when I started the podcast, it's so easy to hear this stuff. But it's not just about hearing it because hearing it means you can understand It's coming to know what I shared. And I also said, and I'll stand by When you come to know what I shared in this episode. Your life will immediately inadvertently. It has to become so much more peaceful and happier and harmonious and enjoyable.

Why because when you take the four principles that I gave you in this episode, you will find that they pretty much cover any and everything in your life that has caused the unhappiness in and when you master these, all that unhappiness cannot also simultaneously exist. That's why it's vital because people will also say, you know, Jim. Thank you for reminding me. You said that before, and I forgot what I want to point out other than having a brain injury or dementia. If you're forgetting this stuff, it's because you're choosing to forget it. You think about that things that are important that have to happen. You do not forget why, because you make it a point to remember, to remind yourself, to make sure that it gets done.

These are four points that I'm telling you right now are all encompassing. They're blanket for your life and will make your life one hell of a lot easier. You are where your attention as everything always has been now and will always be fine. Fear is the idleness of will. And everything is a blessing, whether you think is bad or good, so that you can grow spiritually and evolve. Okay there, you have it this episode. Thank you for being here. Please share. If you think other people you know, people, you know, would get benefit from this as well. As I've said before, please, if you find the podcast beneficial, I mean. If you don't find the beneficial, why would you be here? But go to iTunes and leave a five-star review, please, because anything below that's not really going to help me help anyone else. I'd be very grateful for that. And it's a way for us to be an AYNI with each other, meaning reciprocity of life. I bring you the podcast episodes. At least you bring me the opportunity you know, give me good reviews and everything else and tell people about it so that I can help more people. Win-win we both went out of it. Okay. Stay well, make it a great day and I'll catch you over on another episode. Bye-bye.

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