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EPISODE 201: “How to Make Anything And Everything In Your Life Better”

January 12, 2022

A few days ago I was thinking way back to 1988, my first year out of college. One August morning I woke up pawing at the sheets and throwing up. Little did I know I was having a panic/anxiety attack. 

With no access to mental health care, I struggled with that for a year until I remembered back to some mental training I had a few years prior. Using that training I completely eliminated a life condition that debilities many people for years and for many, they take medications. 

In this episode, I share how I stumbled onto self-hypnosis and I share all the many ways you can use it. 

I know I talked about it in earlier episodes but this one is my own story and how I used self-hypnosis to regain function in my life.

Being a former hypnotist I have heard a bazillion times, “I don’t believe in hypnosis.” Candidly, this is an ignorant statement. 

Hypnosis and the power of it have been endorsed by pretty much every credible medical, scientific, and psychological association and organization in the world. 

Simply put, it’s the “power of the mind.” 

No matter where you are in life: facing surgery, giving birth, anxiety, depression, fears, physical pain, PTSD, or even performance anxiety – sexual or otherwise, self-hypnosis CAN most likely assist you in healing and living the life you want! 

Transformational Takeaway

How to Make Anything And Everything In Your Life Better With The Power Of Self-Hypnosis.

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Full Episode Transcript

Episode 201


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled How to make Anything and Everything in your life Better. Well, obviously the name of my podcast is titled, you know, transform your life from the inside out. And I want to talk to you in this episode about really, really working from the inside out. Keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast. I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation. And I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years. Here, you're going to find no rah rah motivation, and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels, you've never thought possible. If you're wanting a lot more in life, to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive, and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life and this podcast is for you. Because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want, then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

All right. So working from the Inside Out this episode was inspired. Quite honestly. As I just had to get this done very, very quickly, because the last episode that I did for you guys, which has not aired yet, literally it was a fluke. It was a mess trying to get that episode up and it didn't record on my computer. Didn't record on my phone, the microphones didn't work, everything was registering as working and it didn't work.

And my team couldn't recover it anywhere in the software. And I'm like, well, hell okay. I'll do. Another episode. But I'm not going to do. The one is what I said to myself that I did last week. That was a fluke. Because that episode was all about frequency and for some reason, some frequency was off, off somewhere. And that episode was really a challenge. So I will do that one probably next week or the week after, or who knows when. So this episode, how to make anything and everything in your life better.

When I was thinking about the episode this week, a new one as I was just saying. I was originally going to title this episode, overcome overcoming anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. And I wanted to talk with you. About my experience with really bad anxiety and panic attacks and depression. You know, many years ago, right after college. And how I quite literally eliminated all of that in my life. Using the power of the mind. And I've talked about it at other places, but I wanted to dig a little deeper in this episode. And then I decided, you know what, I want to appeal to everyone. Everyone, you know, obviously. That listens so I expanded that.

How to Make Anything And Everything In Your Life Better

So anyway. You already know the whole, you know, the whole series is about. Transforming your Life from the inside out, which means what ever you have in your external life. And I mean, every thing you have in your external life Is a reflection of your internal life, which is a reflection of your subconscious paradigms and your subconscious thought processes, which are all basically ingrained from a very early age in life. So I want to go back to Padre. Well, it's Padre Island, basically. It's where I grew up Padre Island, Texas. Big spring break spot. And I graduated from college in Central Texas in 1987, economy was depressed in Texas. And I moved back home to South Texas. And I look, I grew up close to Padre Island. Big big spring, spring break spot. And I started managing a store on South Padre.

And I've told this a little bit, but I'll go into it a little further. And then I want to take this apart and then talk about how you can apply this to your life. Not what happened to me, but what I learned and then what you can do with that to quite literally. Work even deeper and more profoundly from the Inside Out. So I remember it was August of 1988. And I woke up and I was almost literally clawing at the sheets. I mean, it's like I wanted to tear it the sheets. And I got up hopped in the shower. And I was sick in the shower I couldn't, I didn't know what was happening to me. And the interesting thing was I also have a degree in Psychology or a double major in Psychology, but it never dawned on me in that moment that, oh my gosh, I'm having anxiety or a panic attack or both. And whatever I was having a combination of either, you know, anxiety and anxiety attack and a panic attack. I remember throwing up in the shower and I just, I was out of control, mentally meaning what's going on with me. What's happening with me.

And I got dressed and I went to work. And I try to be as air quote, as normal as possible that day, but I was just, you know, if anybody's ever experienced a panic attack or an anxiety attack and a full blown attack. Holy cow, can that be a terrorizing thing? I mean, it just comes at you like a steam roller and just rolls over you. Now I've read stories of people getting they're in their car and it hits them and they get paralyzed and meaning they just lock up all the sudden. That don't mean they stop in the middle of the freeway, but it just hits them and it comes over. You. And any of you that have had that I've been there.

And as I said, I didn't really know what was happening. But I lived on South Padre, which was probably, I guess, about 30 to 45 minutes from Brownsville, Texas. And there's no healthcare in terms of mental health care back then. On South Padre and I'd have to go to Brownsville. And also the job that I had kept me really busy. I wasn't looking, making a lot of money. I didn't have any health insurance and I don't know really. I don't know why. I didn't think about getting health care because, well, I probably looked into it, but it wasn't available. I looked in the phone book. We didn't have the internet back then. So anyway, I went through some time. I, you know, months having a combination of panic attacks, clinical depression, and anxiety attacks.

And I remember. Now, obviously biologically I'd get hungry during the day. And I remember thinking, okay, I'm getting hungry. It's around lunchtime. Okay. If I eat, how do I feel? Because if I eat. And if a panic attack or anxiety hits me, I'm going to throw up my lunch. Because it would just literally jolt me that hard. So as I was having all of this and I'm trying to recapitulate this story in my memory is I'm sharing this with you. And by the way, I did a lot of self-medicating and I'm sure that's not new to a lot of people that have experienced anything like this. A lot of alcohol. But I remember thinking one day, one day when I was at work and it was a little slow when I had some time to think.

I remember thinking. How relaxed I used to be in college because my, it was either my junior or my senior year. I saw in the back of a magazine. No, not Superman x-ray classes or anything like that. But I saw this cassette program called Relax in the Alphanetics. Now what it really was, was like a 12 audio cassette program. On they called basically Alpha Brainwave State. They called it Alpha netics. And how to, how to relax into that and then how to use that for different things in your life. Essentially Reprogramming your Subconscious Mind. And basically it's a precursor or a prior version to the relaxation response by Dr. Herbert Benson MD, which was, a hit, I believe back in the nineties thereabouts.

Anyway, I thought about that and I remember that I learned to relax. When I would air quote Relax in the Alphanetics. And I was really into it when I was doing it back my junior, senior year in college. Yes, it was my senior year okay. I just remembered, popped into my mind. And I remember that I was dedicated to it. And remember on Friday, my fraternity used to play beer ball in the park. We'd take a keg of beer and play softball in the afternoon on Friday afternoons after classes. And I tell the guys, Hey guys, I'll be there but I've got to do my meditation first and they used to make fun of me for doing that. But for me, I knew it was right for me.

And I did that program for, I don't know, maybe six months a year, and then like a lot of things in life. I put it on the back burner and kind of forgot about it. But I remember just kind of thinking this day when I was at work, I was like, oh yeah, When I would relax in the Alphanetics meaning just in the Alpha Brainwave State. I'd be very calm, very relaxed. And when I have anxiety and depression and all these kind of things, I'm not relaxed. So if I want to relax, I need to go back and get back into that brainwave state that I had when I was relaxed in to alpha Alphanetics . And when I started doing that I remember thinking that when I would relax in the Alphanetics, I would start thinking about, wow,how good this feels ,how powerful this is, how there's nothing that's stressing me out. How I'm not in depression, how I'm not in. Anxiety, and I'm not having a panic attack.

And so I started doing that. Every day. A couple of times a day. And what I noticed, and I didn't notice it right off. But I'm the kind of person, when I say I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it. And I can be relentless when I want to. I can be relentless about follow-through or dedication or commitment to something. And I knew that I had committed to it and really I'm thinking back I really didn't have any other options. So I did it every day and I noticed that I started feeling better. And then I started feeling functional and then I started feeling days where I was having no anxiety or depression or panic attacks.

And then they were, then I was having another day and another and another, and then a week with no. You know, anxiety and clinical depression and anxiety tax and all those kinds of really gnarly stuff. And then it dawned on me. Wow. I use the power of my mind is what I called. Then its what it's really is. I use the power of my mind to heal myself to stop all of these things and all these undesirable emotions and all this you know, the depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. And I really didn't know it, but I was kind of on the forefront of people meaning in the mainstream population using the power of their mind. The power of the mind to heal because I wasn't healing physically, per se. I was healing mentally and socially and psychologically. And so, like I said today, we know this has the power of the mind and there's tons of books on it, out there in different things on it. But I want to talk a little bit about that in this episode.

Because I talked about it and I think episode number two or three or four, or there abouts. Now I know that I know.,I know,I know some people could say, Jim, this is old news. You've already talked about this before. And candidly, I don't care. And the reason why is because so many people are self-deceptive. And they think, oh, I already know that. No most people don't know that just because somebody's heard something before doesn't mean they know what it simply means. They've heard it. And I've experienced it in my own life and observe this. You know, and you know, for many years doing what I do watching people. Saying, oh, yeah. That strategy for habits or whatever. Yeah I get that,I get that, and then six months later, they're still in their old ruts doing the same things again and again, and again. And I will say, did you do X, Y, Z? And they'll say, oh, I forgot about that. Thank you for reminding me.

So the reason I'm doing this episode is once and for all. If you haven't started learning self hypnosis. And you've not learned how to manage the power of your subconscious mind then commit and devote and research. And learn how to do this. It'll be the most valuable life skill that you ever develop. Now, if you've listened for any amount of time. And by the way, if you're new, go back all the way to the beginning and start there. And I don't really know that all the episodes build on each other, a lot of people say that. But go to the very beginning. And the reason why is because every episode. Is pretty much applicable to your yes, you listening right now. Your life, because if you're on the planet, I'm talking in every episode about something that pertains to us. Living on the planet. So you may remember that I said many years ago, I was a hypnotist.

And I worked at the Hypnosis Institute in New York city. And I did hypnosis sessions, which I'd actually learned hypnosis back in the early nineties, 93 or thereabouts, when I did my NLP Neuro-Linguistic programming training. And I kind of learned hypnosis. And then at the hypnosis Institute, I had thorough, thorough, thorough training with a well-known hypnotist in New York city, he was on all the TV shows, et cetera. Daytime talk as what I mean, TV shows, daytime talk and, you know, radio shows and stuff like that. And he'd been in the industry 20 years and I candidly owe a lot to him. Because I learned to develop a lot of my skills and was taught by a master. And then I spent probably a decade being a Hypnotist. And. I'm going to recap here very, very quickly, hypnosis is simply a brainwave state. We have four predominant brainwave states, which are beta,alpha, theta delta. Beta is full brainwave activity right now you're listening. Alpha is when you're relaxed and you're daydreaming. Theta Is when you're out. And you're lying on the couch maybe, or you're relaxing. And you're just drifting in and out. In and out. It's kind of like watching a TV show and you're drifting. You know, you're drifting into the show and out of the show into the show out of the show.

That's Theta. And then alpha and and the lowest state is Delta and you're out. That's when you're sleeping. But when you're an alpha and theta. Literally it's like your analytical mind relaxes, meaning the critical factor of the mind, the thinking part of the mind, the analytical part of the mind. The air quote thinking part of the mind relaxes and it opens the doorway to your subconscious mind.

I want to segue from the episode for just one minute. Now, what I do know is that all of you folks listening, you represent what I call one of three places in financial society. There are some of you that are broke. Some of you that are literally what I call just enoughers. Which means you make just enough money and your entire life is about making just enough. And then there are people that do very, very well financially. So you fit somewhere in one of those categories for the most part. That being said, it's that time of year again and I'm going to be doing. A live training very, very soon. And it's a money masterclass. And the reason that I'm doing it and I'm titling the class. How the Law of Attraction repels the Money and Abundance you Want and how to become Rich. Now the reason I'm doing it is because I am tired of seeing so many people in so many walks of life and from somebody's walks of life struggling to pay their bills and to make money.

Now here's the kicker, what we're taught and I know because I was taught this or all of my friends were taught this, what we were taught about money and how to make money and financial security and all these kinds of things is wrong. It's broken and to prove that look at your own life. Look at the world around you. If it wasn't broken, then 80% of the us population would not be living paycheck to paycheck. You've been taught backwards. I've been taughtbackwards. And there was one time in my life after college. I was literally, and I mean, literally near homeless.

I didn't even have a car. And I was sleeping on a fraternity brothers couch and I might've had literally 7, 8, 10 bucks here and there. And I was struggling to get by and this day and age, I'm a multimillionaire and it didn't happen overnightobviously.But I'm going to teach you what I learned about money and how to make money and how to become financially comfortable in this up and coming masterclass that I do once or twice a year. And one is coming up very quickly so all this being said right now is watch your calendar watch for details because they will be coming to you And if you want to grow and advance your financial standing in your life and your financial security Then whatever you do get registered for this program Once we send out the details Okay back to the episode.

So when you learn to relax and simply give yourself suggestion, you were quite literally talking the language of your Subconscious Mind. Now, what I want to share with you is a lot of misinformed people. Oh, yeah. It's kind of shocking, right? Misinformed people on the planet. Right I mean, who's ever heard of that, but no, seriously is. The amount of uneducated misinformed people that will say things like, oh, I don't believe in hypnosis. And you don't know being a hypnotist. How many times I've heard that? And here's the thing hypnosis has been and is endorsed by Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, the Mayo Clinic, the National Institute of Health, the American Psychological, the American Psychiatric. The British. I think the British Medical Association, the American Dental Association. For crying out loud these are professional research organizations. And when I say Harvard and Stanford meaning, the psychology departments there have done mass ive medical schools have done massive, massive, massive amounts of research into this concept of hypnosis. So you can say, well, I don't believe in it all day long. You know, all day long and that's fine. That's like saying you don't believe in gravity. That's fine. Go jump off a 10 story building and let's see what happens.

Whether or not, you want to believe it. This is the power that you, yes, you listening right now have in your mind. And quite literally you have the power to do just about anything, because I have seen people do extraordinary things based upon social perceptions of what people can and cannot do. And let's cover some of this. Because many of you, if not 90% of you are going to fit into one of these categories. So when I talk about pain, mental and physical pain. Okay, so let's talk physical pain first. According to the Stanford Institute of Mind Brain Research. One of the most effective uses of hypnosis and we can even call it trance is pain alleviation or elimination. As a matter of fact, it's been medically demonstrated that people that use hypnosis prior to surgery use 90% less anesthesia. The people who do not use hypnosis women also use hypnosis for it's called hypnobirthing. To go through birthing without the epidurals and the medications or whatever they're choosing to do.

And my business partner for many years, Peggy Dean. She for many years own the peak performance corporation in Atlanta. And she was an NLP trainer. And Peggy and I were also personal friends. She was a coach and mentor. And when she would go to the dentist, she would literally tell a dentist. Okay give me just a couple of minutes.I don't need any Novacane. I don't want any, give me a couple of minutes. And then she would sit back and breathe, which we can do, which I teach people how to do in my programs, breathe herself into theta and then literally air quote, numb her mouth. So that, you know what, she would have all dental procedures. No pain and also no anesthesia. And if you look online, this is not an isolated case. You will find tons and tons of research and cases like this, which substantiate what the Mind Brain Institute at Stanford University said. So that's physical pain, even Harvard, a study done at Harvard medical school several years back stated that people that use hypnosis after surgery or, in healing will heal two thirds quicker than people who don't and they simply just use conventional mental approach to their own personal healing.

So I mentioned mental and physical pain while I've talked about the mental pain and what I did. I mean, I'm going to tell you if. And anyone who's had, it knows mental. It's not mental pain. It can be mental hell. Is when you have clinical depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. I had all three, like, you know, what's called the triple crown. I think many people have one. I had all three. I mean, hell when I do things, I do it right. And do it to nth degrees. So why not have all three? Like I did a couple of years ago when I had a stroke and heart failure in one year, I mean, hell if you're going to do it, then. Then go all out. But you can use these resources, these methods for healing and talking about mental healing. I think a lot of us are aware. I have a family member who killed himself having PTSD after coming back from Afghanistan. And I think most of us are familiar. Error made of the fact. That I think something I could be wrong. I'd have to go look this up again, but I think for every American soldier killed in battle six come home and kill themselves. That's how bad the trauma of war time is, but PTSD. I mean, how many people come back from Afghanistan? You know, the last 20 years and Iraq and the mental hell and torture and trauma, they go to go through the PTSD.

And research done at the National Institute of Health. Demonstrates that hypnosis. Can significantly eliminate the impact of PTSD. So think about how many people have PTSD and what resources they have available, but yeah then people go into, well, I don't believe in hypnosis. We'll then fine stay in pain. You know, I'm telling you a way to get out of pain. And if you want to sit there all day long and say, well, I don't believe in it. That's fine. But then what you're really saying is I don't believe in the power of my mind. And you mean that same mind? That knows how to keep your heart beating and you breathing in your autonomic nervous system. You mean that power right there that knows how to keep you alive, that you don't believe in. That is the power of your mind. Use it.

And I look at my clients over the years doing hypnosis and I had them come to me for many things. And the big thing with hypnosis with clients is weight. Women wanting to come to drop weight. And it's never about the weight many times, not always. And of course, medically not always. But many times weight can pertain to a psychological subconscious issue. Or it can be physical. And what I want to tell you with 100% certainty in my own life, plus tons of medical research to back it up and scientific research to back it up. You can heal your body. That's why I think I'm on the mission that I'm on to some degree is we live in a especially in the U S we live in a very, I'm just going to say it a very sick world, physically.

And even mentally a lot on a lot of ways. All these people are sick. Number one, from a lot of the garbage they put in their body in their minds because the food industry literally is not a healthy industry. It's full of crap and full of garbage people put this in their body, then they wonder, oh, why am I sick? Why am I having IBS? And why am I having that? And why am I having this? And why am I having Crohn's disease and all these kind of things. There's a mental component. Also, aside from the, from the physiological and the chemical and the biological, you can heal both using the power of your mind.

But I remember a woman coming in one time for weight management. And she said, Jim, do you know how I know when I'm, when I'm in hypnosis? And I said, no, I don't know. And I was a hypnotist. You can observe the breathing patterns and what's called the hypnotic mask, meaning their face just relaxes and everything about them relaxes. And she goes, I know that I'm air quote and hypnosis. Because I can't feel my sciatica or sciatic pain. And I said, you didn't tell me you were in pain and she goes, yeah, she goes, I'm usually in so much pain. That when I go to the supermarket, I know where everything is and I count the steps because I know my level of pain and how many steps I'm going to have to take to go to the coffee aisle or the vegetable aisle or the back of the store or whatever. She goes, that's how much pain that I'm in a lot of times. And I said, we can get rid of this. We can like actually get rid of this very, very quickly. And I want to share with you listening. I'm not kidding. Many times you can get rid of pain, significant pain like this in one or two sessions. I also want to say when people would come to me with pain. The first thing I would say is, for example, if they were having headaches, I would first say, have you checked with your family, physician, your neurologist, whatever. Because I wanted to make sure it wasn't something like a brain tumor or something that was literally, you know, really needed to be looked at.

But many times as well, pain is also caused by something psychosomatic. There's something subconsciously causing the pain and that's where I can really help or I could help the body heal so that they could eliminate the pain, or I could give them suggestions to heal, to eliminate the pain. So if you or any one that you know, is dealing with pain. I strongly suggest you get online and just Google Hypnosis Pain Relief. Now what I do want to share this day and age 2022 is most of us actually, we don't even go to hypnotist anymore. People that doand even recently, after the stroke, I did hypnotist for six months. Is, we will literally do everything via zoom. What I want to share with you is, if you're going to find someone online, this is what I ask that you do. Hypnosis is for the most part, unregulated by state and federal government. And not that I'm a fan of regulation. Yet or what that means there are, there may be in there used to be, but not maybe so much anymore. A lot of people who practice hypnosis that really might've gone to a weekend course or something like that and they're really not that skilled.

What I want to share with you is it doesn't matter. They can't hurt you anyway. And it's basically just a waste of your money and time. So what I want to share with you. Is, if you decide to get online and look for a hypnotist. What I would suggest is you look for some you know, you look for someone that has N G A certification. National Guild of Hypnotists and the reason why that's the as best there can possibly be. That's the governing body for hypnotist in the U S and they have, you know, very strict criteria about what it takes to be skilled as a hypnotist and the tools that are going to be needed and the psychological background and everything else.

So I would say for sure, get online, but find somebody that is N G A certified. Now some other things here. I remember, I remember many years ago. My office was a couple of blocks from wall street. And this guy called and said, Hey, Jim I am smoking. Can you help me stop smoking? And his name was Rob and he came in and I did one session and they stopped smoking. I mean, I've had clients come in and I've stopped them smoking three packs a day. Literally they've smoked three packs a day for 10 years. I mean, one of my clients will many were in New York city because one of my clients was famous. And had a big mouth and told a good, a good way until a lot of his friends. But I had a client come to me. And say that in his first movie and he was a well-knowned actor still is his first movie, when he was 12, he had to smoke a cigarette. Part of it was part of the part. And he started smoking after that for whatever reason. And they came to me in his twenties and I did one session. And he stopped smoking at 10, he busted a 10-year smoking habit. No cravings. And then he sent his dad to me who was smoking three packs a day. Stopped one session, no cravings. Really quick here. I want to segue is that hypnosis is not the magic bullet, but it can be a really good bullet for a lot of people per se. The reason why is research shows that not everyone, not a hundred percent of the population will get a a hundred percent benefit from a hypnosis session. Yet I'm sharing with you doing this for many years.

A majority of the population will get benefit from doing a session with a skilled hypnotist. So, like I said, you know that you really can't hurt yourself with a hypnotist. I mean, you've never heard of anybody being stuck in hypnosis and they have to go to the emergency room to get out. You really can't be hurt in hypnosis, and you really won't violate your core value belief systems. And you're not going to collect like a chicken, unless you want to cluck like a chicken. But Rob came to me to stop smoking. And then he said to me, he was a vice president of the Goldman Sachs. Um, in New York. Uh, on wall street and he said, Hey Jim, he goes, a lot of people in our office are they're studying for their, their what's it called their series, whatever tests, series 11 series, 22 security tests. And he goes, a lot of them are, they are, they're nervous about it. They can't focus, et cetera, et cetera.

Do you think you can help with that? And I said, absolutely. And he started sending people to me and I started helping people with that. So you can use it for smoking cessation. You can use it for memory and focus in consecration. Especially kids or college kids. I had a client one time come and say, Jim. He was also in New York and he goes, I believe that the power of the mind that hypnosis got me through all the fears that I had associated with getting through the police academy. If not for hypnosis, I would not have gotten through the academy. I had maybe 15 years ago, a woman called me and said, her son who was in high school was still wetting the bed.

He came to me one session and he stopped wetting the bed. It's that easy when I used to live in New York city, I had tons of actors coming to me. Some well-known some, just a bunch of. Uh, you know, Broadway actors and many well known as at that as well. And. I'm nurse even one time that I had three cast members from Saturday night live at the same time as clients, not at once, but three cast members from Saturday night live coming in as individual clients. But a lot of actors used to come to me and especially people that were auditioning for big parts on Broadway. And what used to happen is I would say they would take their body to the audition. And let their mind to be a wreck'cause they get in line and they're auditioning and they see all these people auditioning for some, you know, one part and a Broadway show.

And they started thinking, oh, she's prettier and he's taller and she's this and they're that. And all I know that person they'd been in three of their shows and there's no way that I could compete against them be that person. Basically, they don't show up and perform a hundred percent. I mean, they don't go in and they don't nail it. Why because they're in their mind and they're in. And to all of this anxiety and this fear and this chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, mentally. Yes. You can use hypnosis to eliminate that. I had another guy come in and he goes, Jim, I had to play at the Harvard Conservatory for this X, Y, Z group of important people. And, and I don't remember all the uppity up big stuff about it, but he goes, this is a big deal from my career. And he goes, the problem is I'm nervous. And when I get nervous, what happens is I play faster and I can't play the pieces that I'm going to play and rushed through them because I'm going to destroy their performance. I need you please to teach me how to. How to be calm. And how to play. And how to play well and play the music at the speed that it should be played.

And what I would do in that case is I would. What's called anchor in. Anchor. When I say anchor, like putting a stake in the ground, I would anchor in confidence when they sat down at the piano. Ah, They could relax. Clear the mind. And now play their best possible performance. But that also works for public speaking. It works for athletes. I mean, I was even, it didn't happen, but I was even asked to work with one of the, well, he was a number one tennis player in the world. And he fell from number one. And I heard him say, one time, he goes, I lost my mental game and I think he dropped to the top 10 sometime that year. But the number one male tennis player in the world. And I was out in event and his hitting partner was here. The person that he hit back and forth, forth within practiced. And she goes, can I introduce you to my hitting partners? He needs you. He needs to do this. And for whatever reason it didn't happen. And that's fine too. But I've worked with Olympic athletes and musicians and TV stars and movie stars and Housewives and smoking and wall Streeters.

And all segments of society wanting to heal or to do something, which is the topic of this episode. Is how to make anything and everything in your life betterby using the power of your mind. So what else. I had a young guy one time come in for smoking. He was probably 23, 24, 25. And smoking is such an easy thing to eliminate because people don't smoke for emotional trauma. That all smoked because their father hated them and beat them. And their mother did this. No, they just smoked because they smoked generally to get along with the other kids at school to be cool, or back in the forties, they smoked because it was programmed by the cigarette companies into them. Yes, that is true. That's why so many soldiers after world war II came back and they had the addiction of smoking. Why? Because of the smoking companies getting them addicted or the tobacco companies. But this guy came in for smoking and I said, what else do you want to work on? And he said, well, I have a hard time. And he literally said, and I hear this a lot. I can't talk to women.

Like, no, you can talk to women is what I said. You can talk to women and say you actually flip out when you have to, whatever your definition of that is you freeze up. When you have to talk to a pretty woman. Now, all of you guys listening, ladies, you don't know this. This is a hurdle that women don't have to overcome in life. And women, it could say, well, men don't have to shave their legs. They don't have to ever come that. And I get that and I'm kidding. But I'm telling you 9 times out of 10 men. That want to date women are afraid to approach a woman and especially a woman that he deems as a pretty woman. She becomes intimidating and there were afraid to approach and fellows you got to admit that because, you know, it's the truth. Many times you're afraid to approach a woman. Because then you won't do it. Because you are afraid you're going to get shot down. So, or she is going to reject you or whatever.

But I told the guy, yeah, we can work on that. And after that session, he's like Jim, a month later, he called me and he's like, I need to come back for a tune-up on the smoking. But I met a girl a week later. I had no problems talking to her and now we're dating and he goes, I think it's because of the session that we did. I knew it was because of the session that we did. So I think by this point, it's obvious whether it be wanting to date a woman or wanting to date a man or wanting to date both, or you're playing piano with Harvard, or you're an actor or your wetting, the bed, or go into the police academy or studying for your series 22 or 11 or seven. Or you got pain or weight issues or whatever. You can use the power of your mind. To make anything and everything in your life better. Okay. I think I've said quite a bit there. What I also suggest is go back to the earlier episodes. Go back to episodes I believe number two, three, maybe four and five. And I've got another episode on this and I talk about it in a different way. Honestly, it was over two years ago, I recorded that. I'm not going to go back and listen to it. And if I said similar things there, which I think I said similar, but not as many things as I said here, well that I just reinforces and hopefully you'll absorb it and soak it in and use this toolbox to transform your life.

So your transformational takeaway this week is you can make anything and everything in your life better when you use the power of your mind. Hypnosis you'll learn the skill. You master the skill, which is very easy. And by the way, all of us, every single one of us. And again, yes you listening right now. We go into hypnosis. And we spend most of our life in the hypnosis, which is an altered brainwave state. If you've ever been driving. And you almost miss your exit because you're in your head thinking about this meeting you're going to, or a family event or wherever you're going and you almost miss your exit. That literally is a state of light hypnosis. So obviously if you're serious about transforming your life, there's nothing to be afraid about because all you have is the opportunity to use this. You know, the skill set that transform your life. So that's your transformational takeaway is you can make anything and everything better when you learn to use the power of your mind AKA hypnosis. Thanks for listening and I'll catch you over on another episode. Bye-bye.


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