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EPISODE 233: “BEing Prosperous Even In Tough Economies”

August 31, 2022

Yes, another episode on money and prosperity. Why another episode on money on a transformational podcast? 

Easy, because to have total prosperity, even in a bad economy, requires internal transformation. 

As you have perhaps heard me say, “Wealth is an internal game,” and if you want money to still flow into your life, even in the 2022 economy, then you must improve your internal state and “Way of BEing.” 

How is your internal state related to your external circumstance of money? Again, easy… 

Please listen or re-listen to episode #9 where I talk about how most people use the Law Of Attraction to repel money. 

Unlike the past episodes regarding money, I also talk about your “Ways of BEing” in this episode. 

We’re human beings, not human doings yet most people have never really learned or accepted that and they function only as human doings. When we are only human doings, we are then restricted by the laws of physics and the material world and we are then at the mercy of our financial system. Our BEing attracts our circumstances. 

When we function primarily as an “aware” human being, we are then working in and with the worlds on vibration, frequency, and attention and this is our true cosmic (and economic) power.

Transformational Takeaway

How you are “BEing” is where your attention is and where your attention is, that is what you are attracting.

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled Being Prosperous Even in Tough Economies, you know, right now with what's going on in the world and especially the global economies. A lot of people are worried about money and their finances and theirs, you know, stability and security and everything else. I know I've talked about it on other episodes. And I wanna talk about it and maybe a little bit different way. I want to talk about your ways of what I call your ways of being B E I N G. And I wanna talk about your ways of being relative to the economy and fear and worry and different things that you might be getting into. So, if for any reason you're concerned about the economy or money or your prosperity and keep listening. And even if you're not, even if you've got all the money in the world and you've got a billion dollars in the bank, I promise you the concept of your being, how your being pertains to many other areas of your life. So, keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast, I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation, and I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years here, you're going to find no rah-rah motivation and no hype. Because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology, and Ancient Wisdom, all rolled into one to take your life to levels you've never thought possible if you're wanting a lot more in life to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive. And to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life then this podcast is for you, because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness. And when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

You know, as I just mentioned, a couple of minutes ago is being prosperous, even in tough economies, there may be some people, and there are a lot of people. I mean, I do well, there are a lot of people who do well financially, and these people can think, well, it doesn't really, you know, hurt me. It doesn't apply to me. I'm okay financially and I get that. But you know what, when it comes to the concept of being, which I want to talk about in this episode that applies to anything and everything in your life, it applies to your money, your health, your relationships, and pretty much every aspect of your life. So even though I'm going to predominantly talk about the economy, you're gonna apply this to your life no matter what you wanna apply it to.

And I know that I'm talking about money again, and some people might say, Jim, come on, you know, money again. What does that have to do with transformation? Well, it has nothing to do with transformation and it has everything to do with transformation. It has nothing to do with transformation because money's external, it's something outside of you, but you know what? Attracting money. And attracting what you want is all internal. And if you're not attracting what you want, whether it be money or relationships or whatever, it might be, that's an internal job, not an external job. So therefore, this episode applies to every single person. Listening and where they are in their life, no matter where it is, you know, every single thing starts in your life.

It all starts from the inside out because we function from the inside out. And, you know, when I say, and it's the podcast title, transform your life from the inside out. I mean, we analytically get it, but you know what? I could say it 10,000 times and there are still some people who just don't get it. And it doesn't mean because they're slow or muddle headed or any of that by any means. It simply means that something about it is not resonating with their identity and their self-image. And I don't have any room to tall stones because for many years in my life, I struggled with money, even though I had, you know, the college degrees and all these kinds of things that society said you should be doing very well. I still struggled why? Because I was doing some things in my life specifically. With my thinking and my ways of being, and specifically with my energy and my vibration and my frequency to actually repel money. And I remember many years ago I was sitting down with Don Xavier, my brother-in-law the shaman. And I only say that because many of you that have listened know that Don Xavier, not the one on YouTube is my brother-in-law and he's a Shaman, but we are constantly adding new listeners. And I just want to share that for reference for them. And many years ago, he sat me down and he said, you know, you have a lot of good things to offer the world.

Have you ever considered why money doesn't come to you so easily? And I don't recall what I said, but I remember him saying that for you to attract the abundance and prosperity that you want, you have to change your frequency when you change your frequency. Your money situation in life will change automatically. Now, I don't know about you, and you probably have heard me say that and maybe other people have said that to you. And you're scratching your head going? Well, I thought I had changed my frequency. I mean, why am I not attracting the money? Why am I not attracting what I want in life? It's because we haven't changed our thoughts and feelings that create the frequency. So, I want to recap a couple of things, and then I want to talk about being B E I N G. And I often say capital B E ing. And I wanna talk about what I mean about that, because this episode right now I'm gearing up and getting ready to deliver. My BE DO HAVE series. I do it twice a year. It is a three-part live series, no charge. And it's all about your ways of being. You know, it's how do you have to be, to do what you must do to have what you want to have in life? And I, you know, I've been mapping out the content and looking at different strategies and I'm always looking at how can I present things in a way? And by the way, if you've been through these series before then I've changed, you know, quite a bit of it.

And if you haven't that series, quite literally, many people have said it's changed their life. I've had people say, Jim, it's free. You should charge a thousand dollars for that program. I mean, it's that amazing now. I don't like to too my own horn, but I know it's pretty damn well. It's pretty damn good content. Let me put it that way. And I talk about how we actually work our content into our context. Now, if you wanna know what that means, then actually get registered for the BE DO HAVE series. Anyway, what I wanna share with you about BEing is relevant right now, because what I wanna look at is how are you being relative to money because see, that will determine whether or not you have money in your life. Now I said, recap. If you're new to the podcast, many people will start with the most recent episode and I've had many people tell me over the years, and this podcast has been downloaded 3 million times. I've had many people say, you know what, Jim, I listened to you. And I did start from episode one and I've listened to all the episodes all the way through. And that I've been through all the episodes. One times, two times, three times I've even had people tell me they've been through the episodes four and five times. Why because each time through you're growing and you're picking up something you missed the prior time through the episodes, but episode number nine, I mention it a lot. It's one of the most downloaded episodes as well. Maybe, maybe because I mention it a lot, but it's about how people use the law of attraction to repel money.

And in episode 9, I say that we go from our thoughts, our thinking to our feelings, and then that creates our vibration and frequency. And it's our frequency that determines the money we have in our life, because money is also energy. Thought is energy scientifically proven. And that is a frequency and like frequency attracts like frequency or like frequency attracts similar, but like frequency, meaning they're similar. They're, the same. And we can hear that, but people listening oftentimes will say, you know, Jim, I get that. I get that seriously, but you know what? If you're struggling with money, you don't get it. You don't really know it, you understand it, but you don't know it. And there's a difference between knowing something and understanding something. So, but people will often ask, okay, Jim, how, how I'm listening? How do I keep my frequency high? Many years ago, Don Xavier and I were talking, and he told me he said to keep your frequency high. It's really a, a simple matter of just being happy because happy is an emotional state and your emotional state translates into your vibration and your vibration translates into your frequency. And if you wanna raise your frequency, then raise your emotions. And the way to raise your emotions is to be in the emotions that create the highest level of frequency.

And those emotions are feeling good, but mainly being happy. So, what I request you do right now is you look at how you are. Emotionally about the economy right now. And look at specifically, are you happy? Are you in a state of fear? Are you in a state of worry? Where are you emotionally? Because that will determine your frequency and your frequency will determine what you bring back to you. You know, something he said to me in the mid 2000's and it took me a long time and I understand that's why I'm not, you know, harping on you. I get it. Sometimes we just don't hear something until we hear it, you know? And I'll come back to that story. But I remember many years ago we were on a family vacation, and he was telling me something and I'm like, Don, no, I get it. And he is like, well, no, no, no, you don't. But that's. I'm like, no Don. Seriously. I do. I do. I get it seriously. And he is like, mm, okay. You don't, but again, that's okay. And he is saying it honestly in a very compassionate and loving way. And then I look back two years later and I'm like, dang, he was right. I thought I was getting it, but I wasn't getting it.

So, I look back to myself in the mid 2000's. He was talking to me, he talks to me all the time and we talked a few times a week and he said to me, he goes, most people think that they will be happy when they have money. And that's backwards when people are unhappy, that affects their frequency, and it lowers their frequency, and it repels money. And then he said to me, the way, the easiest way to become rich on abundant and prosperous is first to be happy because many people think that money creates a happy life. And it's the reverse that a happy life can create money for you a lot easier than an unhappy life. Why not? Because of behavior or mechanical things that you do. But because of physics because of frequency and vibration.

Okay. Let me segue from the episode for just one moment, you may or may not have heard me talking about my BE DO HAVE series last year. I didn't plan on doing this series again and especially I didn't plan on doing it live. But with the crazy economy that we're in and how that's affecting a lot of people, specifically their internal states and affecting them emotionally, I decided to do the BE DO HAVE series again. And not only that I revised the BE DO HAVE series from all the ones I've done in the past. The BE DO HAVE series is basically a concept called BE DO HAVE most of us work backwards. We work from HAVE DO BE if I had more, I could do more. I could be more where you want to start working from is BE DO HAVE who do I have to be to do what I must do to have what I want. Do you see how that's so pertinent in this current economy, because the masses are working from HAVE DO BE if I had more money, but I don't have more money because of economy because of external factors. So, I don't have. all the things that I might want to need. So therefore, I can't do anything differently. Therefore, I can't be more successful or whatever the end result that you might be wanting.

So, I'm doing the BE DO HAVE series again, and I'm going to show you how to reverse your thinking and start thinking from the correct way to create the outcomes that you want. And that is BE DO HAVE. Now, how are we going to do that? The entire BE DO HAVE, which is a free three-part series is about helping you shift your subconscious identity and helping you understand what it is that sabotages you subconsciously, because that's exactly how it happens. And the reason we want to shift your identity. Your subconscious identity is because no matter what you think, or no matter what you want, you can never operate outside the context of your subconscious identity, which means if you want more in life, then you must first be more. So, whatever you do go to Jim and get registered again. There's no charge and tell your friends about it. People that are looking for more in life, the reason why is it's going to help them also understand what they've been doing this sabotage themselves. And I guarantee you, they will thank you for inviting them. Okay back to the episode.

I know a lot of very wealthy people, very, very wealthy. I've literally coached people that are worth, you know, hundreds of millions and some people run multibillion dollar corporations. I know many of these people very, very well, many are friends, and you know what. Being in their personal lives and knowing them pretty well. I can tell you that it doesn't matter how rich people are on the outside. That's not gonna determine how happy they are. On the inside because a person can be mega wealthy and not be happy. I've had clients before that are famous. I mean, movie stars and they are beyond, I mean, number one, they're very wealthy. They're very well known. They're very popular and they're beyond miserable because of the quality of life that being famous can create for some people. Candidly, I'd never want that role because I think it can be soul sucking to be in that kind of role. So many people want, you know, want, they want the adulation and the recognition and all that. But think about all those people pulling those people's energy. And that can be very toxic. I know I've told a story here on the podcast about many years ago when I was a hypnotist in New York city, about 25 years ago.

And I somehow. Energetically, but I just say somehow, because I don't know how chains, you know, chains of events happen, behind the physical, other than its energy. But I found myself in the park avenue, fifth avenue, crowd of clients, and one of my clients was a therapist who worked the park avenue, fifth avenue crowd, which by the way, is the wealthiest crowd in New York city. And she said to me, she goes, you know, Jim, what I like best about working with the really, really rich people is they make therapy a lot easier for me and doing therapy because many times when I'm doing therapy, I have to convince people that money's not gonna make 'em happy. And when my clients are already very wealthy, they already recognize that it's not money.

That's going to make them happy. Happiness comes down. As, as I say, it's an inside job. It's an internal state. So, no matter what's going on in the economy, whether or not you're happy, whether or not you attract or you repel money, all comes down to an internal state. And way of being, and you could say, come on Jim. You know, I, I, I get it, but I have bills and I have obligations and I have student loans and I have rent, and I have mortgage and I have this. Then I have that. I understand all that I've been there because for many years, I beat my head against that very same wall. Always, actually even working with a shaman, it's kind of embarrassing working with a very powerful shaman and I wasn't getting it that it's not the outside. It's the inside because the outside doesn't control you. Whatsoever. And when we let the outside control us, candidly, kindly. And I mean this, because hopefully you can start getting this. If you haven't is when we're letting the outside events, whether Trump is president or Biden or what Putin is doing or what China is doing or what the economy is doing when these things affect us.

Now, I don't know that people who listen to the podcast are exclusive or any of that, but I tell you what I'm telling you right now. I see it every day, the world, the masses, the majority are paralyzed in fear because they don't know what's going to happen in the economy. And they go into shut down and emotional lockdown mentally. And you know what their lives are being driven and controlled internally. By what is outside of them. And that is not the way that we humans were designed to function. We function, which is why I call this podcast what I do. We function from the inside out. That's why it's Transform your Life from the Inside Out. That's why I often talk, especially in the first episodes of the podcast about transforming from the inside out and about your identity. And I'll tell you right now, if you're struggling with money and you're worried and you're afraid, what does that tell you about your identity and who you think you are subconsciously? Based upon the economy ponder that.

You know, I wanna share a story with you. I heard this story probably 25 years ago, and it was a story of a Saturday afternoon. This pastor was at home, and he was writing his sermon for Sunday and his son kept saying, hey dad, let's play. Let's play. I want. And the pastor had to get the sermon done. So, what he wanted to do is he wanted to keep his, his son occupied. So, he looked in a magazine, he pulled out a full page and on that full page, it was a picture of the world. And then what he did is he tore it in little pieces, and he gave it to his son, and he said, here, put this together and bring it back to me when you have it together and we'll play or a reward or whatever it was. And pretty quickly the son brought the picture back and it was correct this five-year-old boy put the map together correctly. And the dad said, how did you do that? And the son said, well, you know, dad, on the opposite side, the other page, there was a picture of a person. And I figured that if I put the picture of the person back together correctly, then guess what the map would be correct.

And the moral of a story is when we, as a person are together on the inside the world on the outside also comes together. So, as I've said, probably three times, and I'll say again, if we're in any kind of fear or worry or trepidation or anything about the economy, that's all external. We're not living as powerful beings. We're living basically as puppets to the external world. And that is not a powerful place to be. And especially if something actually significantly affected you, I mean, how powerful are you when you give up your power to something or someone outside of you? There's no power there. And talking about the map. If your inside is convoluted and distorted and anxious and fearful. So is your outside. And that's going to reflect in your money, and you continue to hold your mental state there, not an opinion. This is science it's medicine. That's going to affect your body because where you hold your thinking literally affects the biochemical factory of you and worry breaks down the body, stress breaks down the body. And that's the last thing that you need right now is a weaker body.

When I started this episode, I said, I wanted to talk about your ways of BEing what I'm going to say. I'm sure a lot of you have heard it. We are human BEings. Well, we're really not that, I mean, we're partially human, but we're mainly cosmic, you know, cosmic dust and cosmic energy, but we're partly human being, but we're not human doings. But yet most of us get caught in the trap of being a human doing. And if you're a human doing instead of a human being, you're literally negating, you're ignoring the bigger infinite part of you, which is the being part of you to live from the smallest part of you, which is the doing tangible, 3d part of you. That is the weakest part of you. And you've given the most powerful part of you, your cosmic energy and your being and your consciousness. Everything is consciousness. To your weakest part of you. How wise is that. And as I think about the economy and how many people are in fear and all these kind of things about the economy it's gonna pass. I mean, everything is a cycle. Like I said, I think on the last episode it reminds me, I had to read it back in college and I'm sure many people have read it, Victor Frankl the Meaning of Life. And basically, Frankl was saying that, you know, what is people can affect your physical world, but they cannot take away your internal world. They cannot take away your ability to think they cannot take away your ability to use the power of your mind.

And if you let things worry, you, no matter what it is, your health, your relationships, your money, no matter what it is, you've given up your power of your ability to choose your thinking to something outside of you. And again, there's no power in that. Okay so you could be thinking, all right, Jim, the $64,000 question, no pun, but we are talking about money. What does that mean? You know, you’re BEing, so my question for you listening right now is how is your BEing, how are you BEing right now? Because how your BEing is where your frequency is and where your frequency is, is exactly where you are, what you're attracting and what you're creating. I know if you listen for any amount of time that you've heard me say a thousand times, and this is so powerful that we miss it, I'm tossing myself under the bus. I missed it for a lot of. And that phrase is you are where your attention is six words. Those six words can change anything in your life. You are where your attention is. Repeat you are where your attention is today, the past hour, where has your attention been? And specifically, what has your attention been focused on what's going on at home? The argument at home, the relationship that's breaking down the health, the money. What is it because you are where your attention is and that controls you because see where your attention is? That's your emotional state. Now here's the kicker, whatever your emotional state is that's how you are. This is powerful. That's how you're BEing, where your emotional state is. That's how you're being and how you're BEing is what you are attracting. Okay. I don't know about you, but when you really ponder that and you get your mind around that's like one of those, holy shit. I mean, that's one of those statements that when we can come to know that everything changes because now as a BEing you've taken back your power from your external world. So back to the title of this episode, the title is being prosperous even and tough economies. So, the question that I have to ask you right now is how are you being in this economy?

Are you BEing prosperous in this economy? Are you worried in this economy? Are you fearful in this economy? Because that's how you're BEing and if you're being fearful, as I've said, probably twice now, and you might be thinking, Jim, why do you say things like repetitively? Because that's how we learn. That's how the brain learns. So, if you're being fearful, guess what? You've given your power away. And you're not being a strong human being. You're being a week human being not a matter of character, not a matter of your self-worth or any of that. It's a matter of how you manage your mental faculties. So, at this point, it's pretty evident being prosperous, no matter what our eyes that our physical senses tell us being prosperous has absolutely nothing to do with your external world or the economy or Putin or the pipelines, or who's the President or who's the Prime Minister or Premiere or whatever. Those things are. All external being prosperous is being happy and holding your vibration and a particular place, which affects your frequency, which is your BEing. And when you do. I promise you because it can happen no other way. Everything in your life will shift. That is physics. Before I go on, I'm asking a favor, please. If you're getting value here, please share this episode with people that, you know, because many people that, you know, or in a whole world of mental crap, and they're not hearing what you're hearing right now. And even if they like me, don't like me, that doesn't matter. What matters is that they hear the messaging and if they wanna spend years and years and years learning. They can knock themselves out. They can go read research and do different things to learn. And to discover what I'm saying is the truth. This is the way that it is. And when I say the truth, based upon both ancient wisdom and physics and science, and I tell you right there, when you start digging into that, you're gonna find the whole world that confirms what I'm sharing with you in these episodes.

Basically, I'm cutting off years of your learning by sharing this with you here now. Even if you think I'm full of shit and you don't wanna believe me, I'm okay with that too. But you know what? Don't listen to me, try it. Just try what I'm sharing with you. And you may be surprised that the outcomes that you start getting in your life. So, your homework is, and this is a life lesson for a lot of us. I know it was for me. Is the homework being about the power of moving your attention, which basically means moving your thinking, which basically means changing your thinking. See, moving your thinking if you're in a bad emotional state, then you go to a positive, emotional state. You have moved your attention because your attention was originally in the negative emotional state. Now your attention is in the positive emotional state because you have moved your attention. Quite literally that's how easy it is, but it's also challenging for a lot of us because we're so used habitually go back to the episode’s earlier episodes 1 through 5, we're habitually used to many of us staying in negative states because we've learned to live that way for many, many, many, many years. And I don't mean negative in terms of hateful or any of that, but I mean, in terms of letting our external environment worry and fear in the news and global circumstances affect us. Again, third time or fourth time. There's no power in that. And you know, I do wanna share, this has been a lifelong journey for me learning it. And I do feel I have a pretty good grip on it that I knew I could move my attention at any given time and a matter of a second by simply shifting my focus. And that in itself is moving my attention, which is moving my frequency, which is moving what I'm attracting into my life.

And when we do that, do not take my word for it. Practice, this you'll find it for yourself. When we do that and we learn to master moving our attention, everything in your life will change. This is power and this power gives your life back to you. I remember many years ago, Don Xavier was talking to me, and he calls me Jimmy, and is like, Jimmy, you live your life. Like a ping pong ball. I'm like, what do you mean. And he goes, you're all over the place. And actually, he didn't say ping pong. He said, pinball. Yeah. That's as I recall now, that's a lot of years ago and he goes, you live like a pinball, you know, Bing bong, Bing bong, Bing bong, you're all over the machine. He goes, you need to learn to center and ground yourself. And that's not what this episode's about, but one of the easiest ways to center and ground we is meditation. And one of the ways for me today, I'm sharing with you personally, one of the ways for me to stay centered and grounded with everything in the world is a phrase that I live by. I live by this phrase. I've said it in the podcast many times, there's extraordinary power in this phrase. And it's, it's a cosmic phrase because it's not looking at your 3d life. It's looking at the totality of your existence. But that phrase is everything always has been, is now and will always be fine. So, no matter what's in your physical environment, no matter what's going on in your physical body, no matter what's going on in your physical world, no matter what's going on with your money, simply move your attention because no matter what happens, everything is still going to be fine.

So, your transformational takeaway for this episode is this how you are being is what you are attracting and what you're attracting. is where your attention is. Okay. Thanks for listening. And if you would please share this episode with your friends or, and your family, people will let you know that would get benefit from this and maybe, you know, thinking in a new way to recognize that there's really no need to worry and nothing to worry about because everything always has been is now and will always be fine. And if you don't believe me about that, look at your own life 20 years ago, things that bothered you, then if you're living someone in a present. Doesn't even exist anymore. And it's all fine.

I want to remind you before you go, remember again, to go to, as I mentioned earlier, in this episode, I didn't plan on doing the BE DO HAVE series again, live, but you know what? Low and behold, the economy in this state of the world, I'm going to do it again at least one more time. And I've revised the program.

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