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EPISODE 234: “Are You Living Your Life By Convenience?”

September 7, 2022

At first read, you might reactively answer and say, “No, there is no way I live a life of convenience. After all, I’m working hard, life is challenging and I’m doing my best, there is no way I’m living my life from convenience.” 

If that, or anything like it, is your response, I understand. 

However, have you fully considered what’s causing the current inconveniences in your life? 

Inconveniences are different things for different people. 

It could be the economy, your health, a job that you don’t like, a relationship that no longer works…it can be almost anything, as we’re all different. And, when I say “inconveniences” I’m not talking about a squeaky door hinge and little annoying things like that. 

I’m talking about bigger inconveniences like maybe you drive a two-hour commute each day and you don’t even like your job but it pays well and you don’t have time to look for another one. Or, you want to be, do or have a lot more in life but so much is going on it’s just inconvenient to change things up in your life. 

Have you thought about the choices you did or did not make in the past that have contributed to your present life? 

You did not get here today by accident. You got here by choice. You got where you are by living from behaviors that are convenient. 

The truth is, most people got here or don’t have what they want in life exactly because of convenience. They don’t make the choices to create and have the life they want because those choices are not convenient for them in their current life circumstances. 

Want a new job but not convenient to look? Want better health but not convenient to go to the gym? Or, not convenient to pay for a gym membership? 

Want better health and know you should eat better quality food but the cost is not convenient? 

Have you thought about the inconvenience of bad health that may come from eating poor quality food? 

The whole point is that most of us live from convenience, even though we think it is not that. And, by doing this we create even greater inconvenience in our future.

Transformational Takeaway

The more you try to live from convenience now, the more inconvenience you’ll have later in life.

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Full Episode Transcript


You're listening to the Transform Your Life from the Inside Out podcast. This episode is titled, are you living your life by convenience? Now, when you hear that, you might be thinking, Jim, are you kidding? Are you kidding me? There's no way in hell. I'm living by convenience. I mean, I've got this challenge and I'm working hard and I'm doing my best, and there's no way that I'm living my life from convenience. Well, if you're thinking that, are you sure that you're right about that? When I ask you, are you living your life by convenience? This applies to most of us, and it's also a spiritual concept that I learned from Don Xavier, keep listening.

Hi, I'm Jim Fortin, and you're about to start Transforming your Life from the Inside Out with this podcast, I'm widely considered the leader in Subconscious Transformation and I've coached super achievers all around the world for over 25 years here, you're going to find no rah rah motivation and no hype because this podcast is a combination of Brain Science, Transformational Psychology and Ancient Wisdom all rolled into one to take your life to levels you've never thought possible if you're wanting a lot more in life to feel better, to heal, to have peace of mind, to feel powerful and alive and to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. Then this podcast is for you because you're going to start learning how to master your mind and evolve your consciousness and when you do that, anything you want then becomes possible for you. I'm glad you're here.

So, as I said in the title and introduction, you know, I'm asking you, are you living your life by convenience? You might think there's no way in hell. I'm living by convenience, and I understand that response because many years ago you could have asked me, you could have said, Jim, are you living your life by convenience? I'd have said, hell no, I'm working two jobs. I'm working, you know, 60 hours a week. I'm struggling for money. There's no way I'm living by convenience. Little did I realize I was completely living by convenience. Think about all the things in your life that are an inconvenience. Meaning if you're short on money, is that an inconvenience? If you don't have certain resources, is that an inconvenience where you live? Is that an inconvenience, some of your relationships, are they inconvenient now ponder that for a moment, especially the one about money. If you're struggling for money. Would you say that's inconvenient to be struggling for money?

So even though you can say those things are inconvenient. Let me ask you this have you fully considered what's causing the current inconveniences? In your life ponder that. Now inconveniences are different things to different people. And the definition of convenience is the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty. So back to what I was asking you, the money or the travel, or maybe the job or the relationships. Are they things that require a little effort or a lot of effort? I'm gonna tell you a truth at the beginning of this episode, I can't say that all of them, but many of the inconveniences that are in your life right now have happened. Because you were not willing to do the work at some point earlier in your life to not have the inconveniences that you have now, let me give you an example. Let's say you're struggling with money, but this can be applied to anything in your life. Now you can say not having money is an inconvenience.

Okay. I mean, maybe you've gotta balance your bills and you know, you've got to like time when you fill your car up and you have to do this and do that and stretch and all these kinds of things that you could say, you know what? I didn't deal with this two years ago when the economy was better. I mean, these things are an inconvenience to me. But have you considered that the inconveniences that you have now were created by you not doing things many years ago to change who you are at a core subconscious identity habit level, which that's working on yourself and that's inconvenient for a lot of people, have you fully considered that many of the inconveniences rather inconveniences, sorry that you have today were created by the fact that you didn't want to be inconvenienced before with an even smaller inconvenience, which is now added up and created a bigger inconvenience in your life. When I look at conveniences and inconveniences, I mean, there are different degrees.

For example, in my own home, in the primary bedroom, one of the doors from the primary bedroom to the bathroom squeaks a little bit. Now, when it squeaks, you know, squeaks at night, that's an inconvenience, but I want to point out I also have WD 40 and you know, my utility room cabinet, where I put some WD 40 on it and stop the inconvenience. But it's inconvenient for me to go under the house, which is where my mechanical room is and where I keep all the storage. It's inconvenient for me to walk outside, to go under the house, to get the DW 40, to grab a step ladder, to spray the hinge on the door, all minor things. But as a result of not doing these little bitty things, then my door squeaks. So, make a note to self I've got to fix that. I've got to actually just take care of that finally, but that's what I'm talking about. And you know, you are probably talking about bigger inconveniences in your life. Maybe you took a job somewhere, but you've got to travel a long way to get there. If it's not a virtual job and you've got to fight two hours of traffic each and every. But you took the job because of the money, because guess what? You waited to find a job and I'm just giving you examples here. You waited to find a job and then your job got downsized or whatever. So, you took a job somewhere else. That's two, you know, two hours away. And now you have the inconvenience of travel when you hated the job before, but she didn't want to go through the inconvenience of creating and looking for another job. That's really the point here is that most of us live from convenience. We do, what's easy right in front of us.

Right now. I have no room to talk because I mentioned the door and my primary suite primary bedroom sorry. When we live from convenience, generally speaking, that creates more inconvenience later in our life, because what we do is we live by convenience, live by convenience, live by convenience, and it compounds and it compounds and it compounds till we create this big challenge in front of us, which is very inconvenient, but had we taken care of it before? It wouldn't be inconvenient right in front of us right here. Right now, the truth is. Again, I can't tell us any stones, but I'm sharing this because I know this and I'll tell you how, how I've applied it in my own life is most of us will do what's convenient, but we won't do what's inconvenient. Most times we will not do what challenges us.

Most times we will not do what makes us stretch. You know, I think back to a metaphor that Don Xavier told me a long time ago, it was more of a life circumstance, situation, convenience, but he says, you know, lives like a symphony. And so many people want to play in this symphony, and they go to the conductor. And they get a position in the symphony and the conductor says, okay, we practice five days a week from 3:00 to 5:00 PM. And the person says, great, I can do that. And there is practice on Monday and practice on Tuesday. And practice on Wednesday and they're loving it, but Wednesday it's a little cloudy and cold outside and the roads are a little messy and they say, you know, I really don't want to go to symphony practice today. I don't feel like it. And so, what they do is they don't go to symphony practice. And then the next day they say, you know, I didn't go yesterday. And I really don't feel like going today. I'm not going to go today when just, you know, what, four days prior you were all excited about being in the symphony, but now that it's not convenient, you don't want to do it anymore.

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And you know me, when I look back at my own life, when Don Xavier taught me this. You know, I would think back to many years ago, when I would say, I don't want to do this, I don't want to do that. And it can be anything, many people don't want to go to the gym because it's inconvenient. Many people, they say they want to be, you know, trim, fit, and healthy, but they will not do the work of going to the gym and dieting and changing your diet. Why it's inconvenient for them to do that. It's inconvenient for people to have to pack there. You know, cook their own food or portion out their food. If they're trying to build muscle or whatever it is, it's inconvenient. And again, I'll be repetitive is that when we live by inconvenience, all of that builds up and we create one huge life of a byproduct. That's a life that's been lived and conveniently. Have you thought about the choices that you did or did not make in the past? That have contributed to your present life.

You know, you didn't get to your present life by accident. You got here by choice, and you got here by choice by what you chose to call convenient and not convenient. Because you got here by choice, which preceding that was behavior. And then you had your thoughts about the behavior and we're all kind of the same, many of the behaviors that you have choice about you didn't do the behaviors that would get you the outcome that you want. Why? Because it was inconvenient. When I look at the field that I'm in personal development, I see time and time. Many people want the change. They want the better life, but they won't do it because it's not convenient. So let me give you an example here. I have many people, I don't know, but many people have said, you know, Jim, I've listened to all of your episodes. I've listened to all the episodes. Three times. I've had people say, Jim, I listen to all of your episodes in a week, every day, which by the way is, there's no way you can possibly come to know what I'm talking about in a week. But in a lot of episodes, I talk about exercises or things that you can do.

Let's go back to the very first 10 episodes that I did here. And one of the episodes was about habits. One of the episodes was about subconscious reprogramming and I told you to get a book. Did you get the book, and did you master what's in the book or was it inconvenient for you to master what is in the book, which is about literally changing your subconscious programming? And if you had done that back then you might not be where you wouldn't be for the most part where you are today. If you're struggling with money or you're struggling with something, most of us, again, we won't do the work third time. I'm not judging. I'm not criticizing. I'm not tossing stones. I've been there. I've done it. I understand it. But I'm telling you. We cannot work from convenience and then expect to get the outcomes that we want in life. You know, many people, they don't make the choice to create the life that they want, because guess what, I'm going to use the w word that requires work, but I'm going to change the word work to that requires effort and focus and concentration and action.

Many people don't want to be inconvenience by what taking action will do for them or to them. Therefore, they don't do it. I want to give you the best example. That's at the, at the top of my mind. All right. I'm just being a hundred percent. I'm just being candid. That's plain and simple. My Transformational Coaching Programs have proven by having thousands of people go through them. You can change and you can change very quickly when you immerse yourself in what I teach and how I teach it. And the in depth, you know, the, in depthless of the program and what I take people through and the immersion in the transformation for 13 weeks, but there's an investment to get on my programs. I'm not doing it for free because it costs me a lot of money to do those programs. And like you, I deserve abundance. I mean, I deserve to make a living and pay my bills. So, there's an investment point. Many people who want to enroll will say, Jim, I need this. I want that. Oops breaks. But I can't do it, I can't afford it in that moment. That person is working from inconvenience. It's not convenient for me though. I say I want it. So, what I will do is it's inconvenient. I won't do it. I'll continue my current life. And then later we find ourselves where we don't want to be. That's only one example that I'm talking about but let me give you a couple of examples.

One of my friends, Molly, one time I've mentioned to her, her here once before I was at a very small, exclusive transformational weekend, many years ago, and there were only. Eight people there. Now, Molly was actually the assistant to the guy managing the pro the programs. And then there were by one of the coaches there, additional transformational programs offered. And I enrolled in those transformational programs. Actually, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today. If it wasn't for those programs, I'm grateful. And they cost me a lot of money. And Molly enrolled in the second set of transformational programs, and we were friends, and we could talk candidly. And I said, you know, Molly, I know that X, Y, Z, person's not paying you all that well, how did you afford this? Because that, you know, she had mentioned before her finances and everything else, this is what she told me. she said I really wanted to be in this program. It's pretty simple. I got a second job. I got a second job to create the money so that I could pay for this program. Now, the question for you listening, was it convenient for Molly to get a second job?

No. It wasn't but she did it because she wanted an outcome. Now, what I'm not doing is talking about you getting second jobs and everything else. What I'm talking about, where are you operating from when you want to make something happen in life? You make it happen no matter what, even if it's inconvenient for you, you know, you look at Michael Phelps. I saw him on 60 minutes. And I think his coach said, I mentioned it in a podcast a couple of years ago. His coach said something like he never missed a single day of practice. And I think the coach said something like four years or something like that. He didn't miss a single day of practice and he would be practicing and swimming every morning, like at 5:00 AM.

Do you think that's convenient to get up at 5:00 AM or 4:00 AM every single morning to train for the Olympics? Hell no, it's not convenient, but he did it because he was working on an outcome. You know, you going to the gym. And working out, is that convenient to pack your gym bag? Is it convenient to maybe plan your food to fill up your protein shake bottle? Is it convenient or inconvenient to drive to the gym? Is it convenient or inconvenient to work out? Is it convenient or inconvenient to create the body that you want? Most people will never do it because they won't go through the inconvenience and then they wonder why they don't have the outcome that they want. Meditation many of, you know, you should meditate. Do you do it, or do you make excuses? And the excuses are the results of seeing it as an inconvenience. Now I mean this humbly, I'm just, I mean, I'm curious. I, I mean, I'm just, I'm on, we're on the same team here. What applies to you? Because see, I learned this many years ago when Don Xavier got onto me, he goes, you know, you work with me, you're an apprentice.

You need to be doing more. This was a lot of years ago, meaning I needed to be doing more of my spiritual focus and spiritual practices. And, you know, Truth be told I was, you know, cutting corners and I wasn't doing some of them and he can tell, he can read the energy. He can tell. And he said, you're not doing X, Y, Z, that I gave you. It was a very powerful exercise to raise your consciousness. He could just look at me and tell, he looked at me physically one day and goes, you're not doing it. He can tell the energy because when you do the exercise, it changes your luminous body. And I said something like, well, I've been really busy this week or two weeks or something like that.

And he said, oh, so what you're telling me is you're working by your convenience. You're making your convenience more important than your spiritual evolution. Bam, bam. One, two to the face, metaphorically speaking. He was right. So, what I think you're getting is convenience. It's nice. I mean, who doesn't like it, but the reality is convenience is not your friend. I'm going to tell you a hard-hitting truth and I've already said it, and I think you've gotten it living by convenience today makes your life a lot easier today, but it's going to make most likely your life harder in the long run. You know, I'm running Facebook ads right now for my BE DO HAVE series that's coming up and there are quite a few responses from people that are in their seventies and thereabouts.

And they're saying things like I'm 74 years old and I'm living paycheck to paycheck or I'm living on social security. I don't have any money. You know, what am I going to do? I'm, you know, I'm, I'm budgeting my money and I'm barely getting by, and I have $74, you know, left at the end of every month. The government's not helping me. What am I going to do? I have compassion for these people. Truly. I do. And a question that I ask myself, when they were in their twenties and thirties and forties and fifties, what choices, what decisions could they have made that probably would've been inconvenient for them back then, for you create a much different experience of life for them now. Ponder that, because that probably applies to you.

And you've heard me say before that if you wanted to retire today, you would need at least 3 million in investments to retire. Do you have that? Do you have anything close to that without bringing in a paycheck? I mean, this is what you need for healthcare and to live at the standard of a hundred thousand dollars per year, do you have that? And if you're not doing things now, which may be inconvenient for you, for you to create more later in your life, I hate to tell you later in life is probably maybe most likely going to be a lot more inconvenient for you than doing the smaller inconveniences now. You know, I, I look at what people. And in the us, the us food supply is pretty much just the commercial food supply is garbage. It's toxic, especially at the commercial, you know, shopping places like, you know, Costco and, and Kroger and Albertsons and all these places, Safeway, most of the food is not food. It's chemicals. And many people will say, you know what? I, I can't afford to eat better. The truth is many people can afford to eat better. There are some people who cannot, I understand that. And they're probably not listening to this podcast. There are many people who can afford to eat better, but they'll say, you know what, what they're thinking without even knowing they're thinking this is it's a little more expensive to eat organic and healthy. So, I will just go cheaper. And eat the less, you know, the lesser quality food, because it's more inconvenient for me to pay money, you know, for better quality food. I understand that. But have you weighed the risk of what it's going to cost you later for putting poor quality food in your body? Now, many people think they can't afford now to take care of themselves.

How are you going to afford to take care of yourself if you're extremely unhealthy and you don't have great health coverage and for many people, no health coverage at all. Does that make sense to you? That's living by circumstances and living by convenience? No matter how much I say it, that doesn't work the whole point of this episode. And I know I've been a little bit strong in my, in my sharing, but the whole point is. Whether or not you recognize it or you want to recognize it. You probably live a fair amount of your life. And I would say in particular people listening to this podcast, because I know the demographic that listens most people that listen are forward thinking people, they're early adopters, they're people wanting to evolve and grow and transcend otherwise why would they be listening to this particular podcast? I know that so many of us. We have the ability to make things happen, but we don't make things happen because it's not convenient for us to do it. So please, please ponder that. What I'm sharing with you and ask yourself, am I living from convenience?

And if I am, to what degree am I living from convenience? You know, working with a shaman. I remember many years ago, somebody saying, wow, you’re really, really lucky to work with a shaman. I am, I'm grateful. I'm fortunate, but you know what to do what I do. There's also an extremely heavy price for it. And that price is that he's moved me to a place where I can feel energies and frequencies. I can hear it in people's voices. I can feel. The days we have really intense solar flares on the planet. I can feel consciousness. And let me share with you. It can be very challenging to process this and many times. When the frequencies are erratic on the planet, those days are very physically painful, painful for me and very hard, you know, just being candid with you right now. I literally did not sleep even one wink last night and I'm not an insomniac. I don't have insomnia. It's just one of the nights the energies were so intense. I literally, I've not been to bed since the day before yesterday, and I did not sleep last night and someone who works at Don Xavier, not at the level that I do, but at the next level, um, I'd say below, but this, person's not all the way in his inner circle of like 10 people who are around him all the time and family, but they're people that are working with him and they're in his life and he's in their life and assisting them in, helping them grow and heal and evolve. And they all know him, and he knows them.

But someone said to me, she's very sensitive. And she said, you know, Jim, is it always really this painful because she can feel the energies. And she says, you know, the days that are really rough energetically, she goes, what I look at is you've been doing this for what, 26 years now. And I've been doing it for one year. How have you done it for 26 years? I just do what I do. This is my life. And it's, let me tell you this. Yes. It's an inconvenience to feel bad quite often. That is an inconvenience, but I do what I do because that's my karma. That's my dharma. That's my service. That's what I'm here to do. So, I pay the price, even though I have to go through a lot of inconvenience. The question for you, will you pay the price and life now? To have a better life later. You could analyze that any way you want, but that's pretty much true. You don't pay see there's nothing free in the universe. Everything costs something, and it doesn't mean dollar bills. It means an exchange of energy and you have to pay for everything in your life.

And you could say, well, Jim, I'm not paying for your podcast. It's free. You know what? I'm paying for it. And yes, you are paying for it because you're paying for it with your time and your energy and your attention, everything costs something when you place your attention on it. So, what's it costing you to place your attention on living your life by convenience? What would you have? What would you be? What would you do if you moved your attention to doing whatever it takes, to create whatever you want in life and to create your reality, you'd have a completely different experience of this thing that we call life? Okay. You get the point. So, the transformational takeaway is the more you try to live your life from convenience now, the more inconvenient your life is probably going to become later on. I do want to add an addendum to that. I am not a fear longer. I don't get into it. I don't watch the mainstream news. I don't, I don't, you know, I'll check in to see what's going on every so often, but I don't get into it. It's a vortex. It's toxic. There are some very significant things happening. Change wise on the planet. Economically. Demographically. And even in terms of the global physical environment and the planet I'm going to share with you right now, if you will not do the inconvenient things right now, it might not be such a convenient future for you ponder that. Okay. I appreciate your listening and I'll catch you on another episode. Bye.

Okay. I want to remind you again very quickly that I recently just delivered the BE DO HAVE program over a hundred thousand people have registered for that program, and many thousands of people have been through it. And then of course, what follows after that is my Transformational Coaching Program. And open enrollment for that starts tomorrow. I do want to reemphasize that we do have a payment plan and like we've never done before. We're going to allow you to invite a best friend, a family friend, a partner, a relative someone else that you want to work with as maybe an accountability partner. And you can both start transforming your life from the inside out at a very deep and core level together. As I mentioned earlier, I've never done this before. I don't know if I will, but we're trying it as an experiment. And mainly I want to help you live the life of your dreams. Okay. Go get registered for both of the programs and specifically the BE DO HAVE program. And hopefully I can serve you best by you enrolling in the Transformational Coaching Program and helping you change your life.

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